Monday, July 28, 2008

7/27/1954~12:20p.m.~Tulsa, Ok

born in 1954.
today I'm 54.( Lovee pointed that out to me....ha)

Fabulous day...........

Fabulous weekend..........

Would have been extraordinarily fantastic is ALL my kids had been here.....and friends..... but I'll take what I can get.

I'm loved.....
I get it.........................................
I'm thankful.. :)

Cheekeymonkey was right....I had a fantastic weekend.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's all good in tt's world

I've got a few precious minutes before I have to go do my paint and spackle routine. But I wanted to share with everyone what I woke up to this morning. :)

I woke to the smell of coffee. That's not new because I wake to it everyday. But along with the coffee smell was bacon! Uh-huh..........and toast and scrambled eggs! Orange juice was sitting next to my morning pills. My Lovee made us breakfast this morning.Isn't that sweet. I woke up and instantly felt the day warm a good way; not from humidity. lol
Could I love this man anymore than I already do? Don't think so. :) I guess he's picked up a few little diddies along the way during our 34 years of marriage.

I slept so well last night too. Possibly because I got to swim for about.....oh...2 hours!! ( of course that meant my call from the fabulous ETK was cut short but I don't think she minded too much ) yep...fabulous! That meant I got to bed rather late but at the time I didn't care. Still don't.
I'm having a sunshiny day.....all the stars are aligned....and I'm a happy soul.

It really doesn't take much.

Saturday is Sunshine girls birthday.
Sunday is mine.
She'll be the big 30.
I'll be 54...........and sassier than ever! ha

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

procedure showed ...nothing!

So, the Dr. said he didn't see anything in moms belly that should make her nauseous or throw up. There were some lesions he biopsied but he's not expecting anything to show up. Next test will be of her esophagus. .. that means a barrium milkshake....ummm. BARF!!!^*&$@ gag-gasp^*&$#!!
Wanna know what i think?
i'll tell ya anyway......I'm no goes.

My Mom is on pain meds. Kadian 60 mg to be exact. 2x a day. ( plus Lortabs for the break through times)this is a Morphine drug. She's been on it for over a year. For the past month she's been complaining that her pain isn't being relieved like it used to. I mentioned to her that we'll be seeing the 'pain' Dr. and we'll see if he can adjust it to make it stronger. she agreed.

(******** it sounds like I'm writing out a police statement doesn't it??******** lol)

So we see the pain Dr. yesterday and he agrees, her body has gotten used to the dose so he's upping it 20 mg.. fine. I ask if her nauseous feeling and throwing up could be from her body needing more meds......and he said possibly. He'd want to see what the tummy Dr. found.

So I mention this to mom. She thinks it's possible but she's going to have the next test ......which I think she should.....but you wanna know why she quickly agreed to it??
go ahead..............


anywhoodle.......she starts the higher dose meds tomorrow. We'll see.

( Denny's was great btw ;))
So wh.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a real quick update :)

1. 1964 was a blast!!! Met BFF and her daughter for dinner first. Yummy! then off to the concert. Didn't get any pics cuz my camera sucks! should have taken Lovee's. next time. Also, the affair of the heart was awesome! I've never spent so much $$ on yard stuff ever...not to mention stuff to turn my birdhouse room into more of a cabin-esque place. I even found the Tipsy pot things Ginni!!! woo hoo. Pics of my finds will appear later. I know you're anxious :)

2. this week has been crazy busy with the parentals. Their car battery was dead Sunday when we went to take them to dinner. the Mom panicked..of course. took them in our car and all was well. lovee jumped it but, onday it was dead again. i told them I'd take care of it tuesday when i got there.

3. I had Monday off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to visit Lovee's sister. I adore her. she's taking care of her very ailing/invalid husband. She's the strongest person I know....mentally and physically.

4. Got AAA to start their car on Tuesday. Took it to the dealership where they got the last battery and had it replaced. Done! took the Dad to the eye Dr. He's all better now from the shingles pain and the post eye infection. thank god! did my 'wet' cleaning, laundry, shopping..fixed dinner....left. Good day! lol

5. took the Dad to his friends house so they could go play golf. His friend is 93 and still drives! took the Mom to the pain Dr. he upped her meds....thank god again cuz she's been in a lot of pain for the past few weeks. Took the Mom and myself to the nail salon. i had a pedi and she got a fill. Go Mom!!! she's 83 and still wears acrylics! ha
picked the Dad up from his friends and he tells me he isn't seeing the leopards and tigers anymore!!! Can I get a big 'HELL YES'??!!! guess the meds are working some. thanks goodness for small favors....cuz sometimes that's all we can get!

6. got chemicals for the pool today.....have I mentioned that swimming is one of my few pleasures....something I can do by myself or with others....but it's something I've always loved doing. anywhoodle.........I bet I've been able to swim ...maybe 5 times this summer.! WTF?? That's gonna change. I'm giving notice....from here on out.......if I'm needed, while I'm at home, I'll be in the pool or pulling weeds. House cleaning be damned! It can wait untill the weather changes. I'm gonna play!

7. It's been freaking hot here. Our heat index today was 106*!!! Lovee works outside all-freaking-day too. that scares me a bit, but he's really good about drinking enough is what it is. right?

the Mom is having her stomach scoped tomorrow morning at 7 am. that means i'm out of here by 6 am. She's been reallys sick lately. her stomach is paralized so she takes meds to make it empty. meds aren't working very well she get to get scoped. She's happy about it though. Wanna know why? Coz she get to go to Denny's afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go figure.

More later...........................gotta go swim for a couple minutes before bedtime!

Friday, July 18, 2008

WTF?? huge grape squish...

I'm feeling like a wee bit of a whiner at the moment. Actually, that should say I have, in the past, felt like a whiner. It's counter productive but it is what it is.
I've found so many blogs that give me a wake up call. So many people have had lives waayyyyy harder than i ever thought lives could be; some people are dealing with life changing and altering disease's that I can't even imagine dealing with; some have so much self loathing from some trauma that happened in their life long ago,that i wonder how they get up in the morning but they do ;..........
So why have I felt like a whiner? Because I bitch about stupid shit mostly. I guess you could say that bitching is often about the stupid stuff and that's ok. I bitch about my Mom saying stuff that pisses me what! That's what Mom's do. I bitch about being so tired of listening to my Dad 'loop' his conversations over and what! I bitch about having to go to their house 6 sometimes 7 days a week...even though it was my idea to do HELP them and make their lives better and easier. What the fuck is wrong with my grape housing group?
There are so many people who are overcoming some really horrible things in their lives or have already pulled themselves out of a heap of shit and i have the nerve to whine about how mommy talks to me.
Geesh, tt..........get grip.
I had a good childhood. No one beat me or mistreated me. My brother was killed in 1967 in Vietnam . March 11 to be exact, and my Mother was never the same. Sisterlittle and I say she 'shutdown' about then. Shut us out for a long time. what? I may have done the same thing who knows. She had a lot of guilt issues concerning him...long story that I'll go into at another time...maybe. Guilt...that I understand. I had/have that from Babyboy. Life goes on tt. don't do what you've what you know is right.

I'm an optimist. I'm patient. I'm compassionate and loving. I would do anything in my power to help someone.

So why do I whine about what I've chosen to do.

Feedback. Simple actually.
I can actually feel myself mentally growing from the blogs I read. Seriously. I get my life put into perspective at the oddest times. Always when I need it too.
I know, this may look like a post I did just a while back...and maybe it is. but I'm fucking old today and it's my blog so I'll say it a thousand times if I need to. Takes a while before things make their way into the old grape ya know. Some of the rooms up there need cleaning out. Too much is stacked in the hallways...and i can't find anything out there. I've seriously gotta make room for the new and improved boxes full of shit. Fact...I think I'll add on a bit. I know there's room up there somewhere.

So...I guess I'm saying thanks. Ya'll keep putting all that good stuff out there for me to read and think about.
YOU rock!

Is it Saturday yet???

This Saturday is going to be a busy one. Busy with lots-o-fun!!! It will start with the parentals every-funckin-Saturday-trip-to-Dennys....I'm actually, finally, after 14 months of doing this, looking forward to it. You know me, hardly ever met a stranger...which means I look forward to seeing Sharon, Our waitperson. She's got their coffee and my iced tea w/ a straw ( thankyou verymuch) waiting for us at a table when we walk in. How's THAT for service? She remembers what the parentals want everytime... and she's just a sweet person. Always ready with a smile. My Dad is actually good about tipping, but I sometimes leave her a wee something extra. :)
Then there's Linda. She's the manager. She reminds me of Flo...that character from ....geeze...I can't remember the name of that show. She always said "kiss my grits"....anywhoodle.....I adore her!!!! I'd hang with her if I could. She would be a great one to party with I think. She gives me a squeeze whenever we're there.
Of course the food at Denny's is good. Breakfast anyway.
Then..................around Noon I get to meet a friend to go to 'An affair of the Heart'. fun. I've been told there's a booth that has all the stuff one needs to make the 'tipsy pots' that I saw on Ginni Dee's blog. I'm determined to get me some of those. You may have to scroll alot to find them on her blog but they're so neat! Whimsical....which I adore.'s off to meet my BFF....(that I've actually ranted a bit about) and her daughter, my god child, for dinner and a concert!!!! The concert is......1964 The Tribute!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! If you ever have the chance to see them...GO!! Of course it would help if you were a Beatles fan, which I am and was. It's seriously like stepping back in time to 1964. Wow....I'm going to try and get some pics. Keep the fingers crossed on this one.

All in all it should be a good day. Yay......I've got fun stuff to do.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For a good time call.......

Sunshine girl!!!

While sisterlittle was here, her daughter, A ,came to visit. She's in school to be a beautician.( tops in her class...of course!!!) that spelled right??.........anywhodle...she did sunshines hair then did her partners hair( Punky)....What you gotta do is check the video that Sunshine did of the rinse 'cycle'. Our # 3 son is ....well, I just can't explain must go to her blog and scroll down and watch!!! This should be your chuckle for the day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good things..

Ok. It's done and over with. I had my root canal today. Bright and early at 8:30 this morning. I was anxious in several ways...1. to get it over with so the pain would finally go away 2. afraid it would hurt like the last one 3. the numbing meds would hurt when wearing off like last time and 4. the cost..!

Anxiety is over....pain is didn't hurt like the last one....the numbing stuff only lasted 3 hours this time( not 8 like last itme)...and the cost...Well. I couldn't do anything about that . :(

I had lunch scheduled with a dear friend afterwards. It's been well over a year since we did that so I really looked forward to it. We went to a Mexican restaruant...yummy...where the rice and beans would be friendly to my numbness. It worked.

And last but by no means...I didn't have to go to the parentals today. Lovee do somemore yard work...but not me.

tt's world is very good today.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Honeymoon is over... :(

First let me say that this vacation that Lovee and I took was exactly what we needed! We had a marvelous time( duh! ) and came back feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to get back into the daily grind. I do not recommend going 14 months without a break from your job however. That's wayyyy too long.

Anyhoodle.... the parentals were very pleased to have me back. Sisterlittle did a fabulous job with them in my absence but the Mom says she" didn't spoil us as much as you do". what? Well, she says, we had to do more for ourselves. Hummmm...again. Of course, my favorite phrase comes to mind....shitfuckhelldamn!! I created a monster..and didn't know it! Can't undo it's too late. Damage has already been done and it's permanent. Ok fine.

Things have gone very smooth since I'vebeen back to 'work'. Nothing ever came close to ruffling my feathers.......untill today. Yea...nice. I knew it would happen but I had hoped it would be later rather than sooner.'s not even anything big. I'm sure it would roll of most everyones backs if their Mom said it to them. Mom isn't like everyone elses!!!! She's a contro freak who's lost control...she's very self absorbed...she's got OCD like crazy....and she's just plain mean to people at odd times.
So, this morning, as we were driving to our every.Saturday.Denny's. Breakfast.....I was getting ready to make a left turn and was ever so slowly creeping up into the intersection, getting ready to turn (...if that stupid car will finally go past me...) and she says" DON'T CREEP UP" What I say?..."DON'T CREEP UP IT FRUSTRATES ME". So, what did i do? I jammed on the breaks, like any self respecting driver who's got someone telling them how to drive, would do. "How's that?" I ask. No reply.

She was better after she had her coffee and her senior-french toast-no egg-extra bacon-butter on the side with heated syrup breakfast.

I'm back ...officially.

happy weekend peeps!

How cute...

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

You Are a Sunflower
"When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."

I think it's interesting that I'm a Sunflower. My first, and only so far, tattoo ,is of a Sunflower with a lady bug on a leaf! How cool is that!

I borrowed this from Dana. Thanks girl!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

furkids..wolf cubs..sisterlittle and me

Talk to the butt! I can never get a good pic of these two. It's always about the butt. Geesh!
Pebbles is on the left....she was no bigger than a pebble when we got her. Panda is on the right. Looks are deceiving with these two...both are Chihuahua's and I swear they eat the same food...but Panda, affectionately called 'Love dog" coz she literally loves everyone, is twice the size as Pebbles. Pebbles is about 6 lbs. and Panda is about 15 lbs! Panda does eat more stuff...bugs...'candy' left by the cat...Ewwwwwwww-gross....whatever isn't nailed down. I think Panda ( you can probably guess why she's called that :)) is a Downs Syndrome dog. She's built just like them, ears are lower, her teeth are different, smart but not, loves everyone...she's just special.

These are the wolf cubs....they're almost as big as their Mom and Dad. Babyboy and his gf kept 7 of the 8 that were born! That's 9 wolves to feed!!! Holy cow...literally!!

Sisterlittle and me. Can you tell what my favorite shirt is? She's the beauty in the family. Beauty and brains! What a combo! I miss her already. We didn't get to spend much time together.

Maybe next year...
We'll see.

Last leg of the trip..Indiana

This was the main attraction for us in Lafayette, Indiana. This beautiful gal on the left is Ms. K. I swear....she hasn't changed in 20 years!!!!! ( how'd she do that anyway??)We first met her when she was 18 or 19 and Lovee had recruited her then boyfriend into the Marines. When we left lafayette and moved to Paris Island, SC, she followed. She lived with us for about a year...waiting for her boyfriend ( not pictured) to finish bootcamp and his formal school so they could get married. We love her one of our own. Shamelessly, it's been 10 years since we've seen her. The last time we saw her, her daughter..the little mini-me standing next to her was only 6! She's a gorgeous 16 now. Her hubby and little guy who, ironically is 6 now, are big loves! I have no words to express how good it was to see her again. We got to visit for a few hours then they were off to see fireworks and we had to get some sleep. I couldn't see them off though, when they left our hotel room.....too many tears. :( I miss her awful!
This is the park that was just across from the house we rented. # 3 son would take his little fishing pole down there and catch 'fish'....they were throw-backs...but he was so proud. Sunshine girl would feed the ducks.

This was our house. I loved this place. The basement was scarey for me as I'd never even seen one...but since the laundry had to get done I got used to it. It wasn't airconditioned back then but I noticed it is now. That's a plus! We lived on the left side. I loved the big porch. People would drive by and wave....we didn't know them...just friendly folk there.

The rest.........Back to Oklahoma. No pics for that. It seemed like an eternity passed before we got back.
So, vacation was a complete success and we got rested up and recharged.
All is good.
Next year......not sure....I'll keep you posted.

On to West Virginia....

Lovee and I continued our vacation in Berkley Springs, WV. One of his 3 sisters lives there and we love it in the mountians! His sister graciously rented this cabin for us from Berkley Springs Cabin Rentals. It was perfect. It's called the Birds Nest, which is obviously perfect for me. :) It had been completely remodeled and had everything you could want. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Just what we needed before we headed back to reality.

Fipps practically jumped out of the car and into this tree. Can't blame him actually. he found several more places to perch but I'll spare you the pics. ;)

Lovee emptied the car while I looked around. You can tell by the smile on his face he was a very happy camper. Silly me, I actually got choked up while his sister was showing us everything. Not sure why that happened,,,tired from the trip.....overwhelmed by the cabin and the serenity of the whole place.....her generosity.....I'm not sure. I do know I whispered over and over to myself that I wished we never had to leave. So peaceful.

Loee had this grin on his face the whole time. Gosh...he's just the best guy ever. Looking at this picture makes my heart sing. I Love that man!!!
This is what we woke up to each morning! was really hard to look at. NOT!! I have a thing about rocks too. Just call me Lucy. ( Lucy and Desi did a movie where she collected rocks from each place they went...**gigglesnort** I do that too! ) Lovee found me 2 fabulous rocks that were perfect. Is he special or what!
We went in the town of Berkley Springs to the local Mineral Springs bath house. We had our own private 30 minute 'bath' which was so fun. I'll spare ya'll the details. (tee-hee)
Afterwards, Fipps was thirsty, so he got a drink from the spring. Excellent water for sure.

A wee bit of info about it. It's a must visit place in my book.

We spent our last night at the cabin with Lovee's sister and her friend. Cooked steaks on the barbie...had some wine....conversation...
Perfect day!

We left on the 4th to make our way to Lafayette, In. We were stationed there in the 80's while Lovee was on recruiting duty with the USMC.
Those pics are next.

Senior moment....Oops!

Lovee had fallen asleep and the wee one, # 2 son, covered him up then crawled onto his lap to snuggle. Awwww....Their # 1 son on the left...loves him too! Too precious!

My sweet SquiddlyLovely and the boys!!

Remember in an earlier post I said we'd been to all our kids places...except ETK. For some reason....I guess I can't count. I feel awful. We've never been to Squiddly's house in California either!!! Gaaaaa tt! he was actually our 'first ever',extra piglet by surrogate. How could I forget that!!???? I'm going to blame it on a senior moment. And by that I mean that I've taken care of seniors so long that their lack mental acuity is rubbing off on me. How's THAT for justification??Sorry Squiddly! You know I love you awful!
I do have you two on my sidebar ya know.....
So, I guess on of our next trips will be to California! Woo-hoo!!!!

more......but backwards...again.. :(

this was actually the morning we left ATL. Fipps insisted on looking out the window the whole way to WV!! Kids!

Fipps...again! He was pooped from all the sightseeing we did.

This is B.....Photographer extrordinaire!!! He' a good friend of ETK and I got to meet him. He's so sweet. We were at dinner at Amore Restaurant. Yumy again!! I think the main thing we did on this vacation was eat!!

The entry at The World of Coke. That was so cool! Seriously!! They have that new video I told you about. Fun!

We took MARTA to get to the world of coke. It's a subway type thingie and....ummmm....I'm not fond of ALL!!! The escalator was sooooo long! Lovee had to get me focused on something ( I can't remember what now..) so I wouldn't fall. I get what I call 'feet tingles' when I think i'm too high and might fall. UGH!

I thought this was funny. We had a family of cameras. Big to small.

And of's my Lovee! He was carrying ETK's camera and his too. Made him look professional don't cha know.
He's so cute!!!

Are you getting tired of the pics yet? Hope not.
The next bunch will be in West Virginia.

more Pics... :)

Fipps finally gets to meet his twin. It was a fairly emotional meeting for sure. Both boys were more comfortable staying in their respective's the imfamous ETK with me. Good grief!! Fipps is such a camera hog lately. I think he was looking at his likeness on my tank top. Am I silly or what??!! ( and where did that extra chin come from)

Fipps was checking out the breakfast that ETK's 'baby' made for us. Breakfast burittos!! yummy!!

Baby is a great cook and since ETK is like a stalker paparazzi he's always ready with a smile!

Everyone was taking pictures of the skyline so I thought I'd try too. Well, as you can see my wee camera didn't want to cooperate! Figures!

We had Indian food for dinner the first night we were in ATL. Lovee and I had never had that so we were excited to try it. was soooooo good! We were all very content afterwards. If I remember right, Lovee had to roll me to the car! lol

Back in our room, Fipps decided to check things out....again. He wanted some privacy so I had to shut the door. :)

This is a better shot of our room at the Indigo Hotel. It was so charming! See the wallpaper?? Sea rocks I think. Lovee and I almost losteach other in that bed. It was huge!! Well, it was a king, but we don't have one of those.....too big....can't snuggle in those very well....we have to be touching to sleep.
ATL was getting ready for Gay Pride week while we were there. There's a huge church cattywompus accross from ETK. These guys were hanging a banner. Cool!

They were having a time of it as there was quite a bit of wind. Ummm...hello..... of course it's're up 6 stories!!!!!!

That's it for now. More later.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photos...just a few tho...

Here's ETK and Lovee...this is our Hotel in soon as I saw the wallpaper I thought of Tali. She has sea salt on her blog. I don't think this is sea salt cuz it's colored...BUT...I thought of her :). The room was fabulous!!!! More pics on this to follow.This is of course, Fipps. He's studying the menu where we had lunch with my nieces and nephews in ATL.
And here's Lovee with the N and N's. I cut one niece out of the pic...Oops! Of course Fipps is a total camera hog so he had to get into the action! lol

Should have had this one first, but I'm not too savy about posting stuff and I went assbackwards :) Fipps is 'nesting 'in our bag of goodies we packed for the road. He was quite content to ride there the whole way to ATL. Boys!!! Sheesh!

and of course the most important person EVER...Lovee. We had just started out and he and Fipps were looking at the ginormous storms that played with us all the way. We didn't care tho cuz we were on the road to our Vacation to see the Fabulous Ms. ETK and her sweetie.

More later. Reality has hit and I've got to get ready for 'work' now. :(
( I hate it when that happens)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vaca's over...

We're back in good ol Oklahoma.

It's always bitter sweet getting back from a fabulous vacation isn't it? We had such a great time everywhere we went...great food, great visits, great people. I hated for all that to end, but we were ready to get back home for some reason. I haven't quite got that figured out. We squeezed alot into not much time. It would have been better if we'd had more time to spend with everyone but, like the Mom always says, " Visitors are like fish, after 3 days the both stink". Hummmmmm...crude but truthful I guess. I actually think it depends on the visitors. :)


We didn't even get out of the garage before we had our first mishap. lol....Lovee had plugged his mini fridge ( from his OTR days in a semi) into the cig lighter the night before so we could take cold stuff with us and not have to pay out the nose for it along the way. Good idea....but it didn't pan out. Got the car loaded and were ready to leave @ 6 am .....nothing! No juice to start the car! That was the first 'wtf '.....and the last. :)
Lovee got his battery charger out and in about 15 minutes we were charged and ready to leave. Yay!! We transferred our cold stuff to a styrofoam cooler that was laying around..emptied our ice bin in the fridge and we were set. Of course it was raining....storming actually but we didn't give a flip. We were escaping in Suzi Suvee Escape and all was right with the world at that moment in time. But, just to make sure we wouldn't have any more problems with Suzi, we stopped at the Wal~mart on our way out of town and bought a new battery....just in case. :)( never did need it but that's ok...peace of mind counts a lot!)
We drove from Tulsa to Birmingham the first day! Ugh...long drive...but we were excited and the weather gave us something to talk about.
The next day we only had to drive about 2 hours to get to the Lovely and always smiling ETK and Baby. Wow...ATL is Ginormously-Hugely-Big! Etk and I were texting back and forth ,getting updates and travel info with directions. ( FYI- you can see some of her pics on her flickr account if you go to her blog :) ) WE had the most wonderful time ever. It was the first time we'd been to their condo....been to all the other kids places but not hers...Bad parentals!!!
We redeemed ourselves. Went to the World of Coke...which is all new and fabulous! The intro video " Happiness Factory tour" that's shown at the beginning is flipping hilarious!! ETK and I gigglesnorted all the way through it. Seriously!!!
Lovee and I had our first sampleing of Indian food. OMG!! I'm totally in love with it! I'm having a craving right now as a matter of fact. :)
Got to try my first Martini! I know...what's wrong with that? 50-elfing-three years old and never had one. Geesh! Anywho...I'm not to crazy about the 'dirty' one...'cept I LOVE green olives...but the Chocolate one....Yummy!!! Of course the headache I had the next morning was unplesant but 'Baby' made us breakfast burritos that helped . :)
We traveled on Marta...ATL's subway thingie...too cool. Relaxed and had some much needed chill time and talk time and people watching time. Her 'penthouse' condo had a great view.
I've got tons of pics to post. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to that.
Right now, We've got to get to the parentals and go to dinner...uh-huh....with sisterlittle and her fam....
She leaves in the morning. :(

I missed ya'll! Seriously.
More later.