Sunday, October 28, 2007

My life......for your entertainment.....

Here's one for the memory books.
Actually I'd like to forget my Wal~Mart experience today, but I doubt I will. On second thought I hope I NEVER forget it. If I forget it, I may repeat it and that's not a good idea.

So, after I deposit the parental units to their home after church, I decided to go to the Wal~Mart. Lovee and the kids went to see the Blue Angels in Muskogee which meant I had some free time to get at least one, if not several projects out of the way. I finished the window seat cushion yesterday and the panels that go on the front, so that meant it was time to paint the seat.
So, I went to my fav store. I'm walking through there in my Sunday best...heels clicking on the floor, feeling really good...the hair cooperated today...I've got some spare time to kill...etc. you know the drill. I get the shampoo and start looking at the shower gels and stuff and found myself doing that whole indecisive thing I do sometimes. I didn't want to get my regular shower gel because my skin has been so dry lately I wanted to try something else. The dry thing is probably another sign of this whole 'middle age' crap, although I'm sure I passed middle age about 15 years this must be part of that wonderful menopause shit we get to go through. ( I think we need to rename it 'mental'pause... you'll see why in a few years!) Whatev! Anyway...........
So, I'm picking up bottles and flipping the caps open to get an idea of the fragrance right? And you know how you can squeeze the bottle ever so gently to get a whiff of the stuff?! Well.......all of a sudden....swhoosh.....................I squeeze it too hard and it goes straight up my nose. Not a little dab a quarter cup of the stuff!!! Up my nose AS I'M SNIFFING!!!!
Let me tell ya, in case you've never had this experience, breathing soap up your nose burns like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yeah!!! So there I am, trying to wipe the stuff away as it's running out of my nose...I don't have a tissue and there's nothing around to grab and, I'm trying to act nonchalant like nothing has happened. I put it back on the shelf and notice there's soap running all down the's all over my hands from wiping my nose. I finally said screw it and wiped my hands on my slacks....alternating wiping my nose then wiping my pants.... I did, however, like the smell so I grabbed another bottle and literally through it in my cart as I was walking away.
OK, then the burn sets in! OH-MY-FREAKING-$^#$$%^*%*&%^$%#!!!!!! I'm walking back to the paints, still wiping my nose, trying to breathe through this stuff that's now starting to drip down the back of my throat; eyes watering. I see the paint and grab a can of white. Grab some brushes and start for the checkout lanes. I'm thinking, as I quickly push my cart, why is everyone staring at me? Is my nose red? Is there a soap ring around my mouth or nose? I keep wiping cuz it's literally running out of my nose and I don't want to sniff anymore b/c it's really burning my throat. I start wondering the whole time if I'm gonna get sick later and hurl. ( Lovee is grilling Fillets and I don't want to loose that!!) I decide to keep my head down as much as possible and avoid every one's looks. I keep checking my hands to see if maybe I'm bleeding or something....why the hell is everyone looking at me????????? I get to the express lane and luckily no one is there. I put my stuff on the counter as the cashier looks up. She looks at me a bit funny but then starts scanning my items. I wonder if I should ask if she has any tissue but I don't cuz I'm totally embarrassed by this point and don't want to risk having to explain why there's liquid soap all over my nose and mouth....! I pay and start waking out. All I can think of is 'Lord just get me to the car'!!! Well, as I'm walking out, something catches my eye and I look down at my chest and ,....................yep!!!!! There it is!!!! What every one's been looking at!!!! It's not my's the huge blop of white soap dripping down my shirt!. I'm not talking about a little dab. It's a huge glob of soap....looking like something else....(ahem)........if you can imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Well shit, I say out loud. I let go of the cart and start wiping it takes both hands mind you.....wipe it on my pants and leave the store. By the time I got to the car, my eyes and nose and throat were on fire!. I grabbed some napkins from the glove box and start blowing my nose like a trumpet..........honking and blowing! Coughing and gagging; trying to cough some of that shit up.
Took about 5 napkins, but I finally started feeling better.
Now, here's my question. Why didn't someone, at least the cashier say something? Like," Uh, you've got a little something on your blouse there"...or " Do you need a tissue"....
So I started wondering if I saw that on someone, would I give them a tissue or just snicker and walk on. My answer.............I think it would depend on my mood or other equally important factors. I'm sure from now on though.........I'll always have tissues in my purse and I'll be ready to hand them out in case of emergency!

P.S. When I looked in the mirror after I got home, to check the 'damage"...I noticed a red spot just under my nose. I had wiped so hard , I bruised myself!!! A little red spot about the size of a pencil!!!

The fun never stops!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'll never be too old to be....

Embarrassed!! my parents no less.
Whenever something happens to my folks, they have a question that they ask everyone they see.... some people they don't know , but they will ask...."Where were you when _______ happened?"
Case in point. My Dad went to the Dr. because his hand has been hurting for quite a while. Mom and I told him it was probably arthritis but he wanted to see the Dr.....Ok..So, the Dr. x-rays it and sure enough it's arthritis. But he gives my Dad a sort of hand splint, the kind you see bowlers wear. So now, whenever he goes somewhere he'll hold up that hand with the splint and say to.... whomever is close..." Where were you when I got this?"
Now my Mom is joining in. Because as I've already established she's an attention whore and she can't let my Dad 'one-up' her. When she was in her boot from her broken foot, where ever we went it was " And where were you when I got this?"...aarrrggghhhhh!
Of course the poor unsuspecting soul who's asked this usually stammers and says something like 'I don't know' or 'what happened ?' or just stammers. I usually just bury my head and try to shake the silliness out of my brain and mumble something under my breath.
It's like they're reverting to a toddler stage sometimes and I can't do anything about it. I once tried to correct my Mom about how she tries to get a waiters attention. She'll look in the direction of where she thinks a waiter is and holler "HEY". Quite often the person she's hollering at is a customer for cripes sake! I've told her to let me know when she needs something and I'll get it for her or get someone to get it. But, since she's got the patience of a gnat....I'm never quick enough. I'll tell her " Mom that's a customer; wait until I see the waitress"...I usually get 'the glare' and am told not to scold her. See, we are allowed to correct children because that's how they learn. But grown adults with non existent attention's not the same.'s interesting isn't it!
My 'old soul' is becoming weak and tired.
My Dad does this thing I call a 'loop'. He repeats stuff over and over. I can rephrase a question or answer to him and his answer or question is always the same. His ability to understand and his ability to reason is slipping away. Very frustrating to say the least. Because one statement from him or to him can go on for hours. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does...I can feel an energy drain. And I immediately start to wonder how long it will go on.
But, ask him how to get from A to S in Tulsa and he's right on the money! Go figure.

I'm getting tired. That usually happens by the end of the week.
But it's a good thing I do, I know. Just frustrating.
I feel for my Sisterlittle when she comes to give me my break next summer. Of course, she'll be fresh so to speak, so maybe it won't be too bad for her. I was OK for the first month or two.
We'll see. Bless her heart.
smooches and hugs to all.
Have a good Thursday. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Continuing on..........

All that being said....I think my Mom would be classified a 'new soul'. Yep...that's not a surprise to those who know her. I don't think. She's got an enormous amount of stuff to learn! She's such .....oh gee....should I say it?....actually put it in print?.....oh-what-the-hell.....she's such an 'attention whore! There!
It's all about her..always! Even when we had Dad in the hospital last weekend, she was finding ways to get the conversation back to her whenever Dad was asked a question. Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!!!! I seriously doubt she will ever change. Naturally it's a bit late in the game for that but a part of me used to have a wee bit of hope. You know, maybe when she gets older it will stop I thought. I was told that with age comes wisdom. Uh, not with my Mom.
If I hear her say how well I turned out because she raised me right, one more time, I think I'll puke! How about, I turned out ok because you only had control of me untill I was 19. How about I turned out ok because my goal was to be as different from her as possible. How about I turned out ok because ....because I'm an old soul....or at least an older soul than her. Perhaps I've had several 'past ' experiences and have learned a few things she hasn't. Possible? It's really hard for me to think that I purposely 'chose' this life though. I'm not completely comfortable with that thought process. But it's a thought.
Maybe it makes it easier for me to come to terms with my feelings for my Mom if I think that way. I dunno.
It is what it is.
nuf said.

Interesting thought process.......possibly

There are some ppl who say that we choose the life we are going to live in. Interesting yes?
Sort of ? Could be???
For instance; someone who was intolerant of poor ppl in one life may choose to come back to a life that was going to experience all aspects of being poor. someone who was intolerant of races other than his own may choose to come back to a life that was going to be hated because of his race. Someone who was very poor may choose to come back as a homeless vagrant who gets his life together and becomes successful. Someone who's never experienced sickness could choose a life that will have a lot off illness and possibly deformities. Hummm..
It is also said in some circles that ppl who are the most tolerant have had many lives. They have learned through past lives that negatives don't work very well when dealing with situations or cultures or people. That what we are to learn in our all of our lives is how to live and work and care for everyone; striving to find a happy balance in our life. If this is the case, I know some ppl who have had many lives and allot who must be just starting out.

I could go on and on but I think I'll leave it as it is for now. And let everyone's imagination wander.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Warning!! Curse words ahead!!!!!!!!!

WTF is wrong w/ ppl on the Highway???!!! I know it's time to go home. I know it's Friday. But is it reaaallllly necessary to cut ppl off?/ Is it?? WHY??????? What makes your schedule so much more important than every one else? Geesh!!
Get off my ass BUTTWIPE!!
Yea, up yours too!!!
Watch the road and quit picking your crack scabs, butt muncher!!!!!

Ok, I feel better now.
Thank you very much................
carry on....:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lightning and thunder and rain--OH MY!!!!

I love me some Oklahoma storms!!!
Lordie we had some today too. Watch out Tweb, they're headed your way!
The parents and I were watching a weather blurb on T.V. and they were talking about a wall cloud being about 3 miles from their house. Well, that's all it took to get me outside to look for it.
The wind started blowing harder and I could hear some whopper thunder and the lightning was freaking all over the place. Then, the sky got really dark and then I went...uh.....what-in-the-world-is-that???? SWHOOSHHHHHHHH ....big-o-fat sideways rain with pea size hail was all of a sudden all over us. It was a huge wall of water. I swear it was like watching a Tsunami come down the street!!! E-gads!! How flippin cool was that! It didn't last very long..maybe 15 minutes but it was fun. Well, fun is probably the wrong word. I like storms though. On a bad note, there was a house about 10 miles from my house that was struck by lightning and burned up; a spall plane clipped some power lines and crashed in flames and the humongus tent that houses the Beer Garden for Oktober Fest was blown down and hurt alot of ppl. That's the part I don't like of course. But it stirs everything up and breaks the monotony of it all.
Special ,AKA ,Sunshine called to see what was going on tonight with the weather because her power went off. That part sucks big time too. Neither one of us can sleep very well w/o a fan for noise.

Yesterday, Lovee heard that the coming storms may have some 'rotation' associated with it so we had to move fast and get the Gazebo canvas top down before it got dark. Good thing cuz I think it may have taken our deck!

Anyway. Lovee had me turn off the puter for a while. ( insert pout here )
He's sleeping and the storm's over so here I am. (snicker-snicker)
Mainly, trying to give ETK something to read.............'Hi-ya girlie'

So........the pills are kicking in now and the backspace key is becoming my off I go to join Lovee.

Lata Chica's

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just stuff........

So, yesterday was a real day off for me! Yes!!!
I did have 2 appointments though. The first one was for a 'lip rip'. My gal 'Gayla' is a hoot!!! She always had a couple stories to tell about the shop owner next door ( who is crazy) that cracks me up. I tell ya, it's not good to laugh while getting your lip ripped! too funny. It's not a good idea when it's the eyebrows turn either...:)
Then I had a Dr. appointment. I had 2 complaints. Heartburn was the major complaint with a smaller complaint of stopped up ears. Hummm, I thought they we seperate but the Dr. seems to think they're related. Go figure. He gave several senarios, all of them made sense....but the end result ws some meds for the heartburn that should clear up my ears too. Hummmmm, medicine is a facinating thing...isn't it Alli.
The really good thing is I had no h/b at all yesterday or last night! Yay for me!!!!!!!

Lovee and I rented a couple movies. Even Almighty and Superman. They were funny and didn't take too much thought which was what we wanted. It went along with our relaxing day. I even cooked dinner! Wonders never cease.

Today the Mom has a Dr. appt. Hopefully she'll get the boot off her foot. Lord help me if she doesn't!!! She'll cry for sure. Keep the finners crossed.....PLEASE!!!!!

I'm not in a typing mood right now so I'll go get some more chores done. :)
Ya'll have a wondermus day!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Smart car!!

Well, as you can probably see we went to see the Smart car and got to test drive them!
They had part of one street blocked off for the test drives. It was too cool!!!

Have you seen anything in your life so cute?? Well, ..besides a Porsche or a Cooper....??

And look how happy Lovee was!!! He probably won't wash his butt for a week now! LOL

We had to fill out a release to drive them and one of 'their' ppl had to be with you but that was ok..who cares...just as long as we get to do the driving, right?!! We had seen one of these cars in Athens and all the guys went nuts over them. They should be available to purchase in the US next year. Fact. ...There was a form to fill out if you wanted to reserve one. All you had to do was out down $ 99.00. We didn't do that but Lovee deffinitely wants one!

This was a great way to spend the afternoon!

We had a fun time Friday. My Dad spent the night in the Hospital. Nothing really serious and they never found out what was wrong but I'm glad I took him in anyway.

The tired's are after me big time so I'll go to bed now.

Ya'll have a great week!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I finally found out why the Mom keeps reminding me to do stuff and why she keeps asking me if I've done a particular task. Geez-o-pete....I did it to myself for cripe's sake!!! I once told her about how I strongly suspect that I have and have had ADD forever. I told her how my day would go at times and how I get 'distracted' from doing things. WELL..........being the conscientious Mom that she is, she feels it's justified and actually her DUTY to help me remember things. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. As if that makes it better.....NOT! ( I'm reverting back to the 80"s here ...sorry)
Yesterday, I fixed them Hotdogs for dinner. (Ummmm, ETK's favorite!!) Well, I think it tastes better if the buns are toasted so I buttered them and put them under the broiler. Mom comes in and says " both knobs have to be on broil"..."Yes", I say," I know...I did that". "Well, you forgot one time so I'm reminding you." I didn't reply to that...I took a deep breath! So a few seconds pass and she says " Did you butter them first?" Man, you shoulda seen me whip around, put my hands on my hips and duck down to eye level with her and say" No, i just threw them in there plain, I ALWAYS put them in there w/o butter.................(snidely...I go on to say with a bit of a chuckle)...of course they have butter on them Mom." " Well, I was just checking because you get distracted sometimes." OH SHIT!!! I'm the one who's created this monster.....!! So I had to explain the difference in getting distracted and forgetting things.

I think being snide made me feel better for some reason.
I think I'll keep doing that.

wahaaahaaaahaaaa she says evilishly..........:)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some Friday humor.......;)

A Love Story

I will seek and find you.
I shall take you to bed and have my way with you.
I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.
I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.
I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you.
And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days

.All my love.......,
The Flu

Now, get your mind out of the gutter and go get your flu shot!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramble-ie Snipits

Yesterday was a good day w/ the Mom. She was smiling biggly when I got there and said they missed me. She actually behaved all day. ( I'm going to wait untill she gets cranky to talk w/ her.) It felt like I was gone for a long time actually. I needed that break for sure. I left at 10 Saturday morning and didn't go back untill Sunday @ 5p.m.. Then Lovee and I left about 7 ( after dinner at Rib Crib..yummy) and I didn't go there at all Monday!!!!!!! It was a much needed break.
Lovee had to go to the Dr. Monday. Now he's got a colonoscopy scheduled in a month. Yea....he's thrilled. I told him it was the gentlemanly thing to go first. ( snicker) I'll go later....
We are over 50 ya know...............yea...yea..yea.....blah......blah....blah.....
I'm starting to work on my Christmas gift list. I LOVE Christmas!! This year will be a bit different though. We wont have any kids here with us. Not that that's a bad thing. It's just that last year we had 4 kids and their spouses. What fun that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a bit on the expensive side, but I was working then so it was no big deal. This year, however, will be a whole new situation. I'm thinking gifts will be on the skimpy side. No biggie I'm sure. I'm just gonna wrap a wee bit more 'love' inside the boxes. :)
My mind keeps wandering lately. Where does it wander you ask? Not sure really.....but I keep wondering how long I'll be in this current situation. Is that terrible of me? It's not like I have something terribly exciting to look forward to, I'm just curious. I mean afterall, when this 'job' is over, my life will take a different direction. My family will have changed it's players so to speak. Interesting to think about. Hard to imagine.
I'd be lost w/o Lovee!
Played phone tag w/ ETK yesterday.....Hope I get to talk w/ her today. She's such a bright spot!
Thought for the day.............
Attitudes are your worth catching?

Huggles to all!!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Before and After

Actually I did this wrong. ( go figure) This first picture is after we left the Fair. We spent about 5 hours there and were pooped! But, it really doesn't show that much...I don't think anyway.

This is the good one. It was when we first got there. We did look a wee bit on the 'fresh' side I think.
We had a blast as usual. I didn't get my Funnel cake though. {insert a big pout here} I saw something new, something called a 'fatball' and you could get chocolate or bavarian creme or peach or some other fruit fillings........inside it. Well, I'm a gonner for Bavarian creme so I dicided to try it. Sutpid move on my part. I understood the 'fat' part after one bite. It was simular to a creme filled donut but not nearly as good and way too greasy! Worse $ 4.00 I spent. I did get my beloved caramel apple though. Good lawdie I do love those things!
That's all I had. I was a good girl. :)
I did get my yard sticks. Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!! I got 3 of them. Bonus day for me. I have to admit, I have a thing for yard sticks. Not sure why. Maybe because they're free, plus I'm always using them which means I break them from time to time. I took three for a reason though. Last year they were out of them so I didn't get one.[insert another pout here] So when I saw the huge stack they had this year I literally skipped up to the counter with a big cheesie grin on my face! I took one for this year, one for last year and one for the pain and suffering from not being able to get one last year. LOL..........what a dork I am!
Anyway we enjoyed our time together and got caught up on the goings on of our families and such. Deb and I only get together a couple, maybe 3 times a year. Not sure why exactly. She's real busy with her job and new Grandson!! He's such a cutiepie!!!
Oh well, I guess it works out for the best.
It was actually an uneventful day but very enjoyable.
That's it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I'm rubber
You're glue
What bounces off me
sticks to you

I'm feeling 6 today....maybe 7.
I'm not sure if kids say that stuff anymore. But sometime during my frustrations about the Mom...this popped into my head.
silly I tell ya......
I think I'm on the verge of loosing it.
Stay tuned. It could get interesting.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mom and her moods.......grrrrrrrrrrr

Ya know, I have alot of different moods. We all do to some extent. But it seems to me that my Mother has cornered the market on mood fluctuations. Seriously. It boggles my mind sometimes. She is possibly the most consistantly unhappy person I've ever known. I'm sure these days her meds could be a contributing factor as could her age. But I also think that day to day life feelings can be controlled, somewhat, by your mental attitude. One can choose to be down or up. As I've said, there are alot of factors that go into how a person views their world.
That being said, if you have consistantly said that a certain person makes you feel more secure and generally happier when they are around, then why not let that feeling surround you when they are with you???
There are some days when you'd think I was just learning to cook and clean and drive. Here are some of the comments and questions I get on a weekly basis...
Did you salt the water for the spaghetti?
Did you turn the oven on for the bread?
I don't do it that way.
I only want a half glass of milk; not 3/4, not 1/3,only half.
That's a different way of doing it (followed by a heavy sigh)
Well, I guess it's alright if you do it that way, I don't though.

That's just a wee sample.

Don't put those [clean] clothes up yet; I let them hang there for a day to make sure they're not damp.
Those don't go there. Put them in here..( a couple inches left)
Are you going to change lanes?
Is there something wrong w/ your right hand? It's not on the steering wheel.
You sure are fast; did you clean everything?
I cook mine longer
I don't like you to drive fast ( uhm, the speed limit is 40 and I'm doing 35)

And of course the best one..."I like the way I do it better"

Let me tell ya, there are days when I want to let loose and scream.."Go the f**k ahead and do it then, I don't give a s**t!'
But I don't. I just do alot of deep breatheing.
Sisterlittle tells me I need to call her on some of this stuff. She's right of course. But my mind goes tumbleing back to the days of yore and all the fits she would throw and the days when she would take to her room for days on end and shut us all out. That usually was when she was overwhelmed w/ depression or didn't get her way...I think. Come to think of it, while doing their meds on Tuesday ( as always) I asked her what one of the pills was for and she said depression. I looked at her in surprise and said" You're depressed?" She said " I'm always depressed, I know I shouldn't be but I am".
Ohh....ok.....I say.........".I thought you said things were so much better with me here"
" They are but I still get depressed"
"Maybe you could try looking for bright spots to be thankful for"
" Don't lecture me tt"
End of discussion. Period.

I wish I could remember what she said yesterday, but she hinted that she thought I might be a bit "slow"...not in speed either. I must be since I can't remember what it was she actually said! She does say every now and then.." Well, your sister has a college education". To which I usually reply" Yes she does, she was always good in school wasn't she....I always envied her for that, but silly me, I decided to marry the man of my dreams and move all over the world."
"Yes you did, you were always very always wanted to do whatever I didn't want you to do."

I once asked her how come she never took Dance away from me whenever I got in trouble. I was always grounded from the phone or grounded to the yard or couldn't go play or had to stay in my room...but she never took my dance lessons away. Well, she said, " It was the only thing you were good at". Ooohhhhhhhh. Well thanks for that ...I think.

I guess I'm going to have to find a way to reply to her whenever she's being....geesh I don't even know what to cal it....uh.......well, Mom I guess. I need to confront her in a way that doesn't let her get away w/ some of the b/s she says. I know it's late in the game for doing this, but I think my sanity demands it.

Another thing that I've discovered about the Mom is, I think she has OCD. Not the ritual of having to wash her hands all the time or do something 5 times before she can move on to something else. Not that kind. Hers is all about change. If her routine gets out of whack..Katy bar the door!!!!!!!! Her day is shot. Her mood does a not so graceful swan dive into the black tarry pits of self pity. She becomes totally discombobulated and gets real antsy. Of course her lips get that thin line and she does this thing with her hands ( which defies explanation). Her routine has been off quite a bit the last week or so because of appointments and errands. Plus, I have had a little bit of time off....which she says she's glad about, but you know ,deep down she hates it. She plans out exactly how her day will go first thing every morning. If it gets a bit off track she panics. Isn't that a form of OCD?

I'm really looking forward to Lovee's and my vacation next summer but, my poor Sisterlittle will probably bear the brunt of Mon's selfishness. Sister says everything she'll do will be compared to me and she won't do anything right. That's probably true. Mom is like that. I hate that she will have to go through that. But I'm sooooooooooooooo looking forward to the time off. Unfortunately, that will be Sisterlittle's vacation. The rest of her time off from teaching will be spent getting ready for the new school year or doing her Master's stuff.

Guess I'll have to figure out a way to tell the Mom to behave while I'm gone.

Ugh!!!!!!!! Please tell me I won't be like this when I'm old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the vent. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Squishes from the grape

I love watching Dancing w/ the Stars! Mainly because I've always LOVED Ballroom dancing. But this year especially because my man Helio is on!!!!!!! He's doing fabulous I might add!!


I had a huge fit of road rage yesterday evening...during a huge storm! Some elfing-buttmonkey-stupido-freaking woman was getting ON the hwy and apparently didn't look to see that I was right next to her. I had NO WHERE to go...couldn't change lanes coz someone was right next to me. The rain was like a wall of water...I usually call them 'voids' because you can't see anything!
Anyway, I layed on my horn because she was literally inches from me! Well, as you might guess, that evidently pissed her off. She fell in behind me then sped up and cut-me-the-fuck-off...seriously! In an elfing freaking storm from hell! Then, she slowed down and I could see her shaking her fist at me! I was talking to ETK at the time....I may have scared her..not sure..cuz I started screaming at the biotch....I had to have a bit of a release......I know it didn't make a difference but I was sooooo amazed that someone would be so utterly stupid...IN A STORM!!!
Baby girl moved into her new house yesterday!!!!!!
After a few snafu's everything went smooth. Lovee helped her and Jeanne move everything. He's really sore this morning as are the girls I'm sure. He smashed a couple finners moving the fridge into the house but other than that , it went great! It was done before the storm hit thank goodness.Look at running through sunshine's blog to see pics. She's sooo proud! As she should be!

Lovee told me last night, AFTER he drove home in that storm that the Cougar needs rear brakes! So, I get to take it in today for some new shoes. I usually love shopping for shoes but this won't be as fun. :)

Mom got some sort of good news yesterday about her eyes. The lens's she had put in when she had her cateract surgery have clouded. That's what made her vision go so bad just before I started caring for them. Well, the next 2 Mondays, the Dr, is going to lazer them to fix it. YAY!
He also said that her eyes are going from 'dry' to 'wet' macular degeneration. I don't know anything about that or that they even did that. But, evidently when that happens there is a procedure that can be done to help with her vision. YAY!!!! again.
More on all this when it happens. Keep those finners crossed (and anything else you can find) that it helps.

My BFF and I are going to the fair this weekend. Should be fun...
Of course I'll have to indulge in several sins.........funnel cake, fudge,corn dogs and a carmel apple. But that'll be it. I'll think about ETK with every bite. Maybe she'll get the pleasure of it all through osmosis?!

Have a good one ya'll!