Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guess what??!!

You'll never guess so I'll tell ya. Sunday after church, we had to go get gas in Mom's car. After I filled it up I asked if we could go home the way we came. Why she asked. ' Cuz I wanna go to Starbucks and get me a Frappicino.' 'Is it on the way home?'' Yes it is.' 'Ok.'
So we get to Sbux and my Dad is laughing cuz you have to go around the back of a building to get to the drive up window and he wonders how I know where I'm going...my Mom asked if I can see well enough b/c it looks like 'some tight quarters'....
I order my delicious Frap and as we're driving off I offer Mom a drink. Well, what a hit that was! Dad had a taste and thought it was pretty good too. 'Do they have a chocolate shake' he asks? he he...no daddy, you can't get milkshakes here......'Oh, well it was pretty good he says. I don't drink all of it and offer the rest to Mom before I leave and she snapped it up! The things I do for my folks!! Sheesh!
Well, there';s a grocery chain here that's been bought out and the new chain is putting in a ........you guessed it.......a Starbucks!!! My Mom got all giddy and said now it will be easier to go there and that she'd like to have one for lunch sometime.
My sisterlittle has created a monster.
Thanks sis!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fabulous time...

We had a ginormously fun time with ETK here! Bless her heart she did the Denny's breakfast trip with me and the parents. AND.....afterwards she entertained them with stories and conversation while I helped Lovee finish their yard. My parents adore her of course! She said she had a good time. But that's mainly b/c she doesn't have to do it ALL the time. She said that may be different. God love her!!
We had pizza and cake on my B-day. Actually it was a celebration of mine and Sunshine's. We got fabulous gifts! Sun and I have gift certs to ILHOFF's...it's an Aveda salon. That's gonna be so cool! Plus, little miss ETK tricked me while we were at Dillards to get her some cologne. She wanted to see " the purse" my sister and I had been talking about, the one I said I would eventually get. Well, miraculously, it was on the counter when ETK was paying for her purchases. Hummmm,....I say to myself.....not so fast chickie. We had a wee tug of war w/ the purse then I tried to distract her by tweaking her nipple!!!!!!! Yep, right there in front of the entire world....so funny...( to me anyway)...I love shock factors! I grounded her but she persisted. She's really strong! Did you know that? Wow!
So, I now have 'the' purse. It's fabulous too. Thank you EKTer's! mmmwwaaahhhhhhh!
We did some swimming and got alot of sun. Had some wine :), yummy!
My Mom invited her to go to church w/ us on Sunday but she graciously declined. Smart move!
We cooked burgers on the grill and did some more swimming before she left.
Wonder time!!


FYI- when swimming with ETK, be careful!!

She managed to get through Sunshine's legs but ran out of air? when she got to me.....

She broke my .......puter! :) Absolutely too funny!!!!!
We laughed so hard I blew snot bubbles...:) Sorry if that's too graphic but it was hilarious and painful at the same time!! Love me some ETK!!!!
More pics to follow......

Friday, July 27, 2007


Check us out

E e

Fridays are good. It's not my last work day but still it's good. On Fridays I take my mom to the beauty shop and also, for the last 2 Friday's, I've taken my dad to his golfing buddy's house. This is a HUGE thing to me and sisterlittle. Why? My Dad can't see very well. Well, that's an understatement actually. When I took him to the eye Dr. last week, guess what letter he could hardly see? Yep...the E. And if you remember it's a big letter to boot! Anyway, his 'good' eye is bothering him so I've been putting drops in both eyes. It doesn't seem to be getting better though :(. Anyway, because of that he's been letting me drive him the 2 miles to his buddy's house on Wednesdays and Fridays. His buddy drives them over to the club where they sort of golf......let's say the hit the balls around the course. It's not really golf he says. Just fun. It's really hard for him to turn loose of the driving thing. I totally get that! But I'm so glad he is letting me help. Mom has completely quit driving which is good. Her Macular Degeneration is getting progressively worse. Dad's got Glaucoma and had cateract surgery but his vision is still bad. His father was completely blind, so eye problems aren't a new thing to him. I think his diabetes has caused his eyes to get really bad. So sad really. But he's a trooper! Never complains!! Unlike my Mom but that's another story.
Have a great day!
hugs and squeezers to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's 10:47 pm ....Babyboy just left our house........I don't know how he expects me to sleep.....He and his girlfriend are getting MARRIED in FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy shit!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! We absolutely adore 'her'.
I gotta get more fruit!( reminder hint from tweb :)) That's only about 6 months away. He proposed to her last February but they haven't talked to us about it anymore. Now all of a sudden it's 6 teenie-weenie little months away. Geeze Louise!!!! I was supposed to have a year to get in shape...now I've only got 6 months?? Well, tt, that's what you get for waiting until the last minute to do anything about it. I'll calm down in a day or so and think more rationally. She has been a very positive influence on him. He's our "challenge baby"...the one w/ all the problems..( if you remember from some previous posts)..and since he's been w/ her he's gotten better. God Almighty I hope it sticks!!!!
More later-

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Is anyone watching Big Brother?????http://bigbrotherwiki.cbs.com/pageSearch?contains=big+brother+8&submit=Bi
It's absolutely delicious!!
Sorry about the HUGE link. I'm still new at this and haven't quite gotten it down. :)
Anyway, I adore reality T.V. Especially BB, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with The Stars and Amazing Race. OH,OH,OH and don't forget American Idol! I could probably get alot more done if I didn't watch those. But it's pure fluff and at the end of my day, a wee bit of fluff is exactly what I need!

I gotta go buy that new purse that Sisterlittle keeps threatening me about. :) Buying purses always puts a smile on my face. A gal can never have too many!

Paint and spackle time......
In the words of Ryan Seacrest.........tt out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

check this out!

http://runningthroughsunshine.blogspot.com/ has a great pic of her and the gals she works with. She's the cute one with my smile!!
Take a look!

When is my B-Day?

Someone has asked repeatedly when my birthday is....well.........................it's.................................
....It's the day after Sunshine's! :) tee-hee ;)
I remember my birthday that year very well. I sang" Happy Birthday to me" all the way down to the operating room to have my tubes tied! ha ha ha what a memory!
ok.....July 27th. This Friday. Sunshine's is Thursday.
ETK will be here Friday. Sunshine is picking her up from the airport and taking her to the parental units house where we will have a pizza party and cake...as soon as Lovee gets there. I sure hope my Mom behaves while ETK is there! I may have to send her to her room( as my sisterlittle says) if she doesn't. Hopefully she'll loose conscience ( did I spell that right? I doubt it!)as she says ( take a nap)and will be rested.
More on that later. Keep the fingers crossed again.

Another B-day greeting

This one from my California family. The Squidly and his adorable family sent me an E-card!! So cute they are. We have a running joke about none of us being able to remember birthdays. It's true...but they remembered! I love them biggly!
Their picture is my current screen saver. As soon as Sunshine shows me how, I'm gonna post their picture fo all to see. Love me some squids!!!!!!!!

Quick up date

I'm moving this morning and feeling alot better than I thought I would. Probably due to Lovee's tender loving care and the ice bags he put on my foot and knee. What a guy I have! Neither one of us slept too well b/c we were afraid of hitting it during the night...:(
But all's good so I'm going to go paint and spackle on my happy face and just go w/ that. :)
Ya'll have a happy one!

Oh oh oh.......FYI- I have pink flamingos floating in my pool! That would make anyone smile I think. :) wanna go splish-splash?

Monday, July 23, 2007

One week later and guess what???

I frickin fell again!!! Yep, it's official. I'm now classified as an insurance hazzard....or at least an accident waiting to happen. Same knee only this time my opposite foot was involved too.
Lovee has been painting the house this past week. Today, being my day off, I was in and out of the house, doing my chores and helping him out too. Well, the last time I went to check on him ( obviously the LAST time) I tripped over a metal yard art thingie that Lovee has taken out of the ground and layed on the ground. I had my sandals on and tripped on one of the spokes that pokes into the ground, which made me fall and I landed on my already hurt knee. The spoke dug into the top of my right foot. I fell on the left knee. I swear it took my several minutes before I could speak. Lovee came off his ladder asking what happened and where was I hurt etc...all I could do was hold up a finger as in" give me a sec". I thought I was gonna pass out it hurt so bad. But I didn't and lovee got some ointment on my foot; got the ice bags out and deposited me in a chair w/ the ottoman and played Doctor on me. Awwww, he's so attentive. He's really puzzled as to why this keeps happening to me though. And a bit frustrated too. As am I. WTF over!!!!! I still think it has something to do w/ my glasses. I can't prove it but that's my theory.
I hopes it improves soon, because as it is right now, my walks won't be happening for a few days. S.F.D.!!!
It's not funny anymore; this klutz thing.
TWEB says her feet fight like brother and sister. My whole BODY has taken sides I think.

On a high point, I did get a great Birthday card from # 1 son today. It sings Kokomo..."Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama..." Ha haha so cute. I love me some kid!

And just in case anyone wants to see my beautiful Sunshine girl go to her Blog.Running through Sunshine and see her purty face!! She cut her hair off! So cute!

I'll ramble on another day....

Peace out-------

It's takes a village

I feel like I should be singing the Patti laBelle song,'I've got a new attitude'.
Well, sort of anyway. While we were swimming last night I decided that I'll give myself a year to get in shape. Yep, a year. I didn't get fluffy just in the last few months.....oh wait....yes I did...anyway, I'll give myself a year. Next summer, hopefully, when school is out and my sisterlittle can come down here to stay w/ the parental units, Lovee and I have a vacation planned that involves hiking! Woo-hoo!! We're going to go see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse and Devil's Tower and some other place that i can't remember right now. We discovered on our vacation to the Grand Canyon how fun it is to hike. I love it! My lungs don't necessarily love it but getting in better shape will help alot I'm sure. So, I'll need to get into better shape for that. I've already started my morning walking. Only 30 in the mornings for now so I don't shock my system too much :) and make my shin splints worse :(
I think in about a couple weeks I'll up it to 45 minutes then a couple weeks after that an hour. I've got some hand weights and a few exercises to do w/ those. Now, If I can just keep my motivation. That's the usual problem. I get bored easily. Probably from my Adult ADD. ;)
Oh look, a chicken ! :)
Anyway, toss any helpful tidbits you have my way. It's gonna take a village to accomplish this and I'm counting on my select village to help. K?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm in a funk today....:(

I guess today is just an off day. Things just seem out of kilter for some reason.
I had to listen to my parents have a wee argument today before I left. That was stressful. And it was all because neither one of them can hear very well and don't communicate very well at times.
Plus, Mom isn't feeling well today. So, our Saturday morning ritual of going to Denny's was ........ let's say.....strained. See, they order the same thing every Saturday, no deviation at all! Plus they don't like new waitresses either. Well, ..here's a bit of how the conversation went.......
waitress--what can I get ya?
Mom--I want the senior french toast, no egg just extra bacon, that's 4 pieces you know; don't put the butter on the french toast, put it in a little cup and one little thingie of syrup, heated.
Waitress--And for you sir?
Dad-- I want the original grand slam on two plates, eggs over medium, all bacon and 2 things of sugarless syrup, heated.
Waitress--Ok, and for you ( looking at me )
me-- short stack please.
So, the waitress goes off and in a couple minutes she comes back with 2 plates...One she puts down in front of my dad that has 2 things of syrup and 2 things of butter. The other plate she puts in front of me and Mom and it has 4 things of syrup and 2 things of butter. I tell her thank you and as she's leaving my Mom goes " HEY!!.... wait! " Mom looks at me and says ( quite ugly and w/ a frown) " I didn't want 2 thingies of syrup and butter only one of each" The waitress hears her and very politely says" I just wanted to make sure there was enough". I thank her and she leaves. I tell mom that she's trying to do her best to serve us and she has the same thoughts as we do whenever we fix dinner. Mom asks what that is and I tell her that Daddy always says we fix too much for him and she ( mom) says it's better to have too much than not enough.
Mom--Well she's new and I don't like new ones.
Me-- she's not new
Mom--Well, she's never waited on us
Me-- Yes, she has and she's got the order right both times.
Mom--tt, don't scold me. I don't want to be scolded.
Dad--( sort of laughing) What? Who's being scolded?
Mom-- I told tt not to scold me anymore.
Dad-- ( looking at me) Well if she needs scolded then scold her!
Well, Mom shot him a got-to-hell look and I told her I was sorry that I didn't mean to scold her and asked her if she was still feeling bad.
Mom--Yes, so don't scold me anymore today.
Me-- I'm sorry Mom, I was just trying to explain stuff because I know how hard it is for you to see and all...........................
She just looked away w/ a pitiful look on her face.

There are soooo many times that my mom is rude to people. And everytime I want to crawl off somewhere and hide. In that instance, I felt like the roles were reversed and that I needed to explain how things worked to her. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. Ugh!!!!!!!
Later on, after we were home, my Dad started talking about when he has Lovee paint his garage floor, that he wants me to drive the Lexus to my house at night and drive it back the next morning untill the paint is dry enough to drive on ( a week)
Mom--Why should she do that?
Dad--So it doesn't sit out all night. Someone might vandalize it.
Mom-- well, what about the mustang?
Me-- If something happens Dad, your insurance will cover it.
Dad-- Well, that's true
Me-- But you'd feel better if it wasn't out?
Mom-- well, how's tt going to get down here?
Dad--she'll drive the Lexus
Mom-- But how will she get here to do that? Maybe tt doesn't want to drive my Lexus tht long.
Dad--( raising his voice) she'll drive here! Why wouldn't she want to drive here?
Mom--I know she'll drive here....
Me-- Lovee will drop me off ,right Dad?
Dad--Well, yeah....
Mom--Well you didn't say that.
Dad--Well, do you want to argue about this?
Mom--No. Do you?
Dad-- No.

Then she pouts.

Me-- Dad, if you want me to drive her car back and forth I'll be happy to do it.
Dad--Ok, thank you tt.
Good Grief!!!!!!!!
About that time,... I put the new drops in Dad's eyes, said my goodbyes...I'll see you in the morning for church etc.......kiss, kiss........out the door.

So as I was driving home I was thinking to my self; if I wasnt' so frickin' full I'd stop at Sbux and get me my new favorite "reward" drink. Too full....hummmm, I'll stop off at Kohl's and see if I can find me something new to wear to church or wherever. Bad idea!!!
Nothing fit. All I did was confirm to myself that 1.) I'm too fat and 2.) I'm looking really frumpy.

Funk! I hate funk.
I made an appt. w/ my regular hairdresser....yep...scarey, but I did.
I showed her a bunch of pictures and told her what I'm trying to do with it and guess what? She actually did what I asked and I LOVE it.
So, part of the funks lifted a bit...the frumpy part.....almost anyway.

Lovee was terrific of course and did his best to get me out of that funk. He kept saying " lets go shopping, I can find you some new clothes." He is really good at that....but I didn't want to relive that whole disapointed-in-myself thing all over again. So, we went shopping and found HIM some new duds! That's the way to go by the way.....He looks good in everything! So I'll just shop vicariously through him..how's that?! I'd be lost w/o him! I'm soooo glad he loves me no matter what! Fluffy or skinny. He doesn't really care ( I don't think).

I'll stop rambling now.......

The Beatles ROCK!!!

OMG!! We had a fantastic time. But, I forgot to take the camera. Sorry!! :( Bad tt, bad!)
We went to a great restaurant that has plain ol down home cookin' first. Yummy!! Got completely stuffed. My BFF and her daughter "J"rode there in J's VW convertible. It's a tradition for them. So fun. Well, while we were at the restaurant, it started raining so J rushed outside to put the top up. When we left, the rain had stopped so they decided to go ahead and put the top back down. Can you guess what happens next??? Yep, we get on the Hwy and what do we see up ahead? Rain! Buckets of it . We're going to drive right into it! I was following them and kept waiting for them to pull off under an overpass and put the top up... again, but did they? NO!! ha ha ha ha.....they just kept on going. I laughed my ass off! Fortunately, they both have short "convertable" hair. The rain stopped before we reached the concert and their hair dried some so it wasn't like they were soaked. Bff said they really didn't get too wet; the rain sort of swooshed over them. Funny!
Anyway, the concert lasted 2 hours and was a blast. Can't wait untill next year to do it again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Beatles concert.........Yay!!!!
Friday my BFF and her daughter and I get to go to "1964 The Tribute". I'm so excited. We've been almost every year since we moved back here in 1996. If you love the early Beatles you'd love this!!!!!!! I' can't wait.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm gonna break something one day!!

I am a total clutz! Completely! Seriously! Totally!
I took dance for about 11 years. I now think it was so I could learn to fall gracefully. For real.
I have been falling down since I first learned to walk. ( I wonder how that went? ) Anyway, I've fallen down or rather I should say I've triped over something every week for about 2 months now. It's getting a bit redundant. My ankle still hurts from when I tripped over one of the sprinkler heads at my parents and then went down like a rock...right in front of Suzi w/ Lovee sitting behind the wheel. That was about 2 weeks ago. I fell gracefully though. I've learned to go w/ the fall so to speak so I won't screw up my back. ( again) I just got through falling down, for the upteenth time trying to go over the dog barrier Lovee put up to keep our little carpet-pissers in the kitchen. One entrance has a child gate. That I can move whenever I go in or out. The other side is a chicken wire/wood/screws/ contraption that's about 6 feet long. It's only about knee high so it's low enough to just lift your legs over it. Usually. For some reason I've been tripping on that thing since it was first put there. shitfuckdamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, I went all the way to the floor ;landed on my knee then my hip. OUCH!! Not only does my hip hurt but so does my neck and my knee is swelling. shitfuckdoubledamn!!!!
I just layed there moaning,......the carpet-pissers came over and started worrying over me....and after about ...oh...5 minutes when the pain subsided some I got up.
I tell ya.......I'm gonna break something one day. And I don't think it'll be fun.
So, to help myself....I'm only going to use the gate. Let's see how that goes shall we?

I trip every day too. I'm walking through the Wal~mart and all of a sudden..oops....I've tripped! I don't even try to act like there was something on the floor.....it happens in succession....walk,walk,walk,trip,walk,walk trip........etc. I'm walking around the pool and ..oops!...I just stepped on MY OWN FOOT! I've been saying for a few years now that I think it's my bifocals. Not sure anymore. Especially since I've tripped over my own feet in the pool!
Guess I'll try to slow down some. Mom says I go after things like I'm fighting snakes. We'll see.


Guess who's coming to see Sunshine and I for our Birthdays????????
ETK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo-hoo for us. I can't get enough of that gurl.
I think Alli and Pups had thought about it but Alli's Dad's big 60 th is that weekend. That's a milestone so that can't be missed. Tell him to have a happy one for us Alli, K!

Anyway I hope she doesn't melt with our weather. She's really sweet afterall ...and like my Mama always sez....sugar melts but shit don't. (Oh.....I guess I'm not melting afterall. ha ha)
We'll get some pool time in for sure. Oh=Oh-Oh- and pictures!! Yep...lots of pictures.

I surprised my BFF for her B-day. Her's is 22 days before mine. I like that she goes first and tests the waters so to speak. ;) She came by to visit me at Mom's on her b-day. She brought her daughter and cutie pie grandson...too cute! 10 months old!! We had a nice small visit. I hugged and kissed her bye and wished her a happy one....and she left.
What she didn't know is that I had already arranged with the help of a co-conspiritor...her daughter...ha-ha.......to take her fav cake ( German Choc{home made of course}) and dinner from one of her Fav restaurants to her Daughters house and surprise her. It worked. We had a marvelous time. I love surprises.

Melt or drown

Yep, that's our lovely state!! Last week I was sure I felt webbing growing between my toes. It's rained for something like 36 days straight! I know I quacked a few times. Probbly while speaking to the parents.....we were drowning and flooding. We had a moat around our house for weeks. Seriously.

Today the heat index is 105 degrees!!! Actual temp is around 98 degrees and Lovee is mowing. We have to get it when we can..between the drops. But...he's melting! It's so friggin hot. I keep taking him cold towels to wipe his face and neck but they warm up so elfing fast.
If we didn't have our pool I would absolutely HATE this place in the summer. As it is the pool temp is now 94 degrees! Still lower than our body temp but not by much.

I swore I wouldn't gripe about our hot summer because our winter was so extreme....but I'm loosing that battle, quickly. Besides, isn't one of reasons for the changing of the seasons so we can gripe? What point are weather extremes if ya can't gripe?

How's your day?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

After Church conversation..w/ the Parents

So, I'm driving the folks home from church and the following conversation happens.

Mom--tt will you not put makeup on while you're driving my car.
tt--Ummm, ...I'm not.
Mom--Well, it looks like you're putting on lipstick.
tt--No, I'm cleaning my sunglasses. I thought I had a big smudge on them.
Mom--well you had your hand up to your mouth.
tt--Yes, I thought there was a glob of gunk on my glasses so I licked them and wiped it off on my shirt. Only it's not gunk it a huge scratch.
Mom--Oh,...I was going to be a smart ass and say something but I'm not.
tt-- Go ahead. I want to hear your smart assness.
Mom--I was going to say 'you must have a pretty sharp tongue to scratch your glasses.'
tt--[ thinking to myself..no Mom that's your forte' } (insert snicker-snicker)They got scratched in my purse.
Mom--Do you put them in a case?
tt--No, I put them in a pocket all by themselves usually, but I must have have put something else in there that scratched them.
Mon--If you had them in a case that wouldn't happen.
tt--You're right.
Mom-- have you tried that stuff they advertise on TV to get scratches off glasses?
tt-- No, I'm skeptical of that. It sounds to good to be true. Don't you think?
Mom--Well, it'd probably cost more than those sunglasses are worth.
tt-- Yep, I can get another pair at Wal~mart for 6 bucks.
Dad--What was that? What's that noise?
Mom--That was paper falling.
Dad--What? Paper? What paper?
tt-- the bulletin from church, it slid off the seat.
Mom-- It's not a bulletin it's a program.
Dad--It's what? Where is it?
Mom--It's in the floor of the backseat behind tt.
Dad--Well, what's it doing there?
tt--it fell off the seat when I turned the corner.
Dad-- Oh, ok.
Mom-- Well, I don't want and clitter cutter in my car so take it out when we get home.
Dad-- Any what?
tt--Any what?[ insert giggle here]
Mom-- I meant I don't want any litter clutter in my car.

So, how was Ya'll's morning?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Where is xyz town??

So, my folks were wondering where some town in Kansas was. Sisterlittle had mentioned, when I called to check on her and the where-abouts of her hubby, that he hadn't made it to I forget the name of the town xyz yet. So I dutifully report this to the folks. Dad asked where that was. Mom promptly pipes up and says" It's in Western Kansas". I say I don't know. Next thing I notice is Daddy on his knees in front of the bookcase looking at the Encyclopedia's. " whatcha doin Daddy, looking for the K?" " yea, can you find it for me?"
I get the K and just as I find Kansas Mom pipes up and says with a straight face " Look up Kansas".....uh, duh! I tell her I've got it and am looking at a map but it's from 1964 and I'm sure alot has changed. She says " I'm positive it's in Western Kansas, do you see it?"
Uh, I'm still looking Mom...give me a sec" "Well it's in Western Kansas look there"......Luckily she couldn't see the look I shot her with :)
I tell them it's not on the map....again Mom says "It's in Western Kansas". I tell them again..."It's not on this map". Mom gets up from her throne( the love seat) and pads to her room and comes out with an Atlas. Guess what she says next?..........yep, " look in Kansas".
Ok, that's a good idea I say............as i mumble some blurbage under my breath and turn to Colorado.
Dad pipes up again........."You see it?"............." Yep, here it is......in COLORADO!!" Oh, Mom says. "I thought it was in Kansas". We proceed to talk about how it wasn't in Kansas for the next, oh....say 5 minutes.

That my dear ones is pretty much how my day goes. Everyday. Hour after hour. We find the most obscure things to talk about. Pretty stimulating if you ask me. ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'll give it more thought

I think I'll just wait until I really need to 'vent' to do a post. That'll do better...and I won't feel like such a.......blob w/o a real job....
Don't get on your soapbox....I know what I'm doing is a good thing. I'm glad I'm doing it. But I think I'm beginning to understand what some ppl were talking about. The "hard" part of this job is watching the decline of my parents. Watching the monotonous periods of time go by that they call their day. Seriously. My Dad starts looking for the mailman about noon everyday. Mind you, the MM usually doesn't get there untill 2 or 3, but Dad will talk about it untill he finally gets his mail. Today, the mail came while I was having 'tea w/ the queen' so I took it in and said" here's your mail Daddy, Looks like it's really for me though". "WHAT!?!?" he says loudly......" well, there's only a shoe catalog and an Ad for investments" I say. "What??/ that's all...there's nothing else?" " Not today Daddy, sorry". He had a sad look after that. :(
Pitiful.[[ snif-snif]]
I'm pretty sure I noticed webbing growing between my toes this morning. Just a little snippet I thought I'd share w/ you.

I think I'm tired. Drained is more like it.
I miss my sisterlittle. :(
I miss.................................everyone!


I could talk about gas alot....both kinds. :) But I won't. ( you're welcome)
I drove Suzi and the green kittie to fill up this morning. I was going to do it last night but that idea got bumped when Lovee called and said his while whale was dead. I totally derailed... I lost my choo-choo.
Lovee heard that gas will be over $ 3.00 a gal by the weekend b/c of the Coffeyville refinery being out of commission due to all the foooding here. Ok.....So, I go this morning and WHAT???? $ 3.19!! AND it should go up to $3.29 later today. It's almost as expensive as a gallon of Milk!
I'm gonna show my age here so you may want to close your eyes. ~~~ha ha~~~~~
I remember when I was 16, my BFF and I could go to the corner gas station and give the 'attendent' .50 cents and we'd drive around ALL day on that. Too fun.

Gotta get ready for my day. Rain is in our forecast again......what's new?
Gotta iron today. That's it.....iron and fill syringes. Gonna be a long day.

Have a happy one ya'll...

Time slowly marches on.....soooo slowly

I'm seriously considering doing away w/ my blog. Why you ask? Well, what I originally thought would happen when I started my new 'job' ...hasn't. My world seems to have gotten smaller in that I have very few interesting things happen in my day. It's basically the same thing day after day. So, what's to write about? Not much. We'll see.

Took my sweet Dad to the eye Dr. Tuesday. His 'good' eye was going blurry so we had it checked out. Turns out he's got an infection on his lower lid. So the Dr. tells him to wash his eyes w/ baby shampoo 2x a day and to put a bead of this ointment on his lower lid afterwards.
He wants it done in the morning and at bedtime. I explained to him about 'our' situation and he says I can do the evening one before I go home. Good.
Well, I send him to his bathroom to wash his eyes and he comes downstairs with his eye completely red and he can hardly see!! " Dad! what did you do to your eye?" Well, he said to wash my eye w/ that soap...it's hard to get the soap in there" "WHAT??!!" I said. " You put the soap IN your eye?" " Well, yea...that's what he said isn't it?" " NO, Daddy, just WASH your eyes using the soap on a washrag". " He got really confused after that. I got the ointment on and reminded him we are supposed to do 'both' eyes because eye infections can spread easily.
Well, yesterday I was explaining to him how to wet the rag and THEN put the soap on it and wash....he was still confused. So i go w/ him and show him how to do it . OHHHH....he exclaimed. " I understand now, I just misunderstood what he said"
Bless his heart. I swear he only hears every third word that's said. It's hard to put stuff together that way.:(
Makes me sad to see him that way.

The day we had the funeral for my B-inlaw's G-ma, he had to take his Aunt ( his G-ma's Daughter) to a place that would evaluate her and see where she needs to be ( she can't care for herself...her MOM of 100 was doing that!!)..be it a nursing home or assisted living or whatever. Very hard thing to do. She's about 79 or so and reeeaally needs someone to look after her. The attny told them not to tell her what was going to happen just take her to this 'place' directly after the funeral. Needless to say it was very hard on everyone. I'll spare you the details.
Anyway, it upset my Mom terribly!!! She kept saying someone should have told her what was going on...that she didn't have a choice and that it was going to be good for her, etc.
Later Mom looked at me with an awful pained look and said, almost crying," Don't abandon me".
Uh.......I about lost it. She was almost in tears. I assured her that since she had always been a 'straight shooter' and always told ppl the truth...no matter what...that I would never blindside her!! She still looked worried.
Later on my Sisterlittle told me Mom almost started crying when they were talking about what happened w/ the Aunt...and told her to please not do that to her.
Geesh........talk about tearing you heart out! My Mom has always been a tough ol bird.......now she's frail and....I don't know what else......
Tore me up! She said when you get as old as her and Dad( with the health issues they have and all) that time really slows down and she keeps wondering how much longer they'll be around. She hopes not much longer. I see her point but it makes me sad...:(

Monday, July 9, 2007


I can't believe I forgot to post about my new fabric!!! I've been looking at some fabric for a few months to recover my window seat cushion. It was love at first sight!! I have to think about things for a while [usually] before I invest any $$ in it cuz I have a tendency to be a wee bit compulsive. Anyway this fabric has my favorite colors...jewel tones....and MONKEYS!!!! With colthes on no less. Sooo cute. Anyway I showed my sis to get her thoughts [ she's a fabulous interior designer...her first major was in that field}. She loved it too. So I bought all they had to make the cushion and do valances in the kitchen and one in the livingroom. Well...my adorable,wonderful,cute,fabulous,talented Sisterlittle said SHE would make the valances for me. She so great. The cushion will be a snap but the way she said to do the valances is a bit complicated for me. I love her awful! I'm so excited. I'll take a pic of the fabric and post it for all ya'll later. Tweb will love it I'm sure! I've got Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for us!!!!!!!!

So busy lately....

But it's a good thing for the most part. The good news is my Sisterlittle has been here since Thursday. The bad news is the reason...her hubby's G-ma died. We knew she was going to and in fact needed to but still............

Anyway we've had fun just messing around and shopping, eating and shopping, swimming and shopping...you get the picture. She says I'm a bad influence on her when we shop. I'm not really but when you find shoes you love and they're about 60% off!!! what part of 'naw...I really shouldn't get them'...is wrong here? Buy the suckers....you'll kick yourself in the kiester later if you don't. So we bought shoes. And she bought a fabulous Born purse. She's a Born nut. [ I was gonna say she's a Born ho...but that sounded wrong ;)- ha ha]
She's also a Starbucks fanatic! Tweb and ETK should appreciate that. Well, she got me to try something that I'm now addicted to! It doesn't have coffee so I'm good......[ Coffee and I don't get along well- doesn't taste like it smells!]..it's a Vanilla Bean Frapacino!!!!! Yummy,yummy yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo good. Love me some Frap!

Lovee and I made Kabobs last night and took them to grill at the parents. Chicken and steak. We LOVE marinated steaks. I found the absolute best marinade....Daddy Hinkles!!!!!! You've gotta try it. Any way we got Filets and marinated them.........salad dressing for the ckn............Yumm-o! Cherry pie for dessert........of course. Mom says 'you've got to have dessert'.
Gotta go get the 'lip rip' today...in about 30 minutes in fact. Then Sisterlittle is coming up and we're gonna foat around the pool. Ahhhh,.......so relaxing. She needs the destresser too. Her Hubby's siblings aren't too...........be gentle tt..............nice. That's all I'm gonna say about that. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

So many rules....and more vents ;)

I get confused at times when I'm at the parents. Their are so many rules to go by. Well, not rules maybe but ........let's call it 'their way' stuff. For example: always use the far right lane when driving, unless you're going to turn left.....um....but that's only on 51st St btwn Sheridan and Memorial. ~~~~~~You have to go out the neighborhood the 'back way' because the quick way takes too long and is too scarey.~~~~~You must go to 3 different grocery stores to get what you want....on different days.....example" Don't you need milk?' " Yes, but not from this store and we'll get that tomorrow at xyz store." Ohhhhhhhh.......k. ~~~~~~~ You must take as many backroads through neighborhoods as possible. Yes, it takes longer but it's not as crowded. "Of course YOU can go anyway you want but WE go this way".(which loosely translated means 'do it my way')~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have all day to do my 'wet' cleaning and 'dry' cleaning but it's 'best' do do it as soon as I get there.....why?....because that way we'll have the rest of the day to do 'other' stuff. What other stuff? NOTHING!!! that part drives me a wee bit crazy.
And then there's always the " Can you see to drive?"....'uh, yes....that's the reason I'm driving' "well I sure can't"........that's a daily topic( has nothing to do w/ rules but it's a daily thing)
I'm going to do this how long????????????????????????
Bless their hearts, I really am glad I'm doing this. Honestly. But I go from 12 years old to 50 years old all day long! Thank gawd for the front porch! That's my 'resting' place.
Gotta go paint and spackle now.
Ya'll have a wondermus day!

Just a wee bit of venting...

Ok, I'm on my soapbox once again. What part of "Fireworks are illegal within the city limits" do ppl not understand?????!!!! Seriously!! I know we're 'bythebook' ppl but I really just don't get it. Sparklers, snakes and little stuff that doesn't pose a hazard to neighbors or pets is ok, legally speaking. The stuff that shoots up in the air....not ok. There were so many huge 'BOOMS" last night, I honestly started thinking about what ppl in war torn countries must live w/ on a daily basis. Granted our booms were of the friendly nature and I knew that we weren't under any threat but the noise was just stupid. So I'm out in the backyard about....oh.....8 o'clock or so, not dark yet, and I see huge fireworks going off all around us. My dogs were so scared they huddled by the backdoor and wouldn't do their business. The biggest offender I noticed was our neighbor next door to our north. He's a really nice guy for the most part....he was having a get-together and shooting some BIG ones already. Not unusual but the part that struck me is he's a COP!!!
He KNOWS the ordanances, knows their illegal but he , I guess, along w/ half the town decide that law is NOT FOR HIM !! WTF-over!!!!
It really irks me.
The good news is my other next door neighbor( the weird lady w/ her stupido kid who's lazy as a sloth) didn't have her annual party. Thank God for that. Their yard is so seriously over-grown it would have been a fire hazard. I usually have to stand out in the back w/ the garden hose ready when they have ppl over. Their stuff always blows into our yard and lands in the pool or whatever. I'm always afraid one of these days our canopy over the deck will catch on fire. Lord help those ppl if that ever happens...coz the mean-tt that very few ppl have seen will crawl out and there will be hell to pay!!!!
Ok..I feel better now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sweet Nana is gone

My B-inlaw's grandmother...affectionately called Nana, passed away yesterday. I think I wrote about her getting ready to turn the big 100!!! She did it. Yay for Nana!!! But her health has been on a rapid decline as of late and she finally had a series of strokes which took any quality of life she had. So, My Sisterlittle and her hubby will be here Thursday for a Saturday funeral. I'm sorry for those left behind who will miss her but I'm certain, she's much better off now.

Yes, I read...:)

I read an article today that made me pause. It confirmed something I've been saying for, oh, 6 or 8 years now. Cell phones. Yep, our constant need to be connected.
I remember when Lovee first got us a cell phone. It was a "bag" phone that stayed in the car. You know, for emergency purposes. ( ahem) I remember telling my BFF one evening, as we were driving away from a concert, that I wasn't sure why I had it because the likelyhood of me needing it were slim to nil. At that precise moment in time, I looked into the rear view mirror and saw a pickup truck go flying through the air over a car and into a creek. No shit!! Well, while rubbing the goosebumps off my arms I picked up my "bag" phone and dialed 911 as my BFF was telling me THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE THIS PHONE! As if a 'higher power" had just given me a clue. Hummmmm.
We graduated to the standard smaller version that could actually be carried around so that "in case there's an emergency" we'd be connected right away: because, after all, I worked in a bank and of course Lovee was in Law Enforcement so he "needed" to be connected.( for emergencies)

Anyway the article said that"Cell phones turn adults into babies, constantly needing contact with their spouses, friends and children." She went on to say" This morning, not five minutes after I'd left for work, my 11-year-old called from the kitchen to ask if he could have banana bread for breakfast. Kid---I'm not there. Eat ice cream and marshmallows. Make a vodka smoothie! Go wild or be a good boy, just pretend it's 1990 and I'm unreachable. With all of us connected all the time, independence never gets a foothold."
Later on in the article she states" I have a friend whose daughter went shopping for her first college formal and sent her mon - 1000 miles away- a photo of each dress as she tried ut on. Grow up! Buy a dress by yourself! "

I did w/o a cell phone for quite a while during my " it's not necessary to be connected ALL the time" phase. It didn't last too long. I tried to be a " holdout".....you know....if I get one I'll never be able to live w/o it so i just won't get one. I think that lasted untill Lovee decided to drive a rig over the road. He NEEDED a cell phone so he could contact us any time he needed to. ( and he did!)
So, here's the pause................Have we become so used to them that some of our individual thought process has left us? Would we become aggitated if we couldn't get ahold of someone while we were driving home from work? Do we still know how to make plans ahead of time instead of "I'll call when we get close so you can give me directions". Can we not make a grocery list BEFORE we leave for the grocery store so we won't have to walk the isles holding our phones up to our ears saying" Do we have ketchup?..ummmm, how 'bout mustard....

Of course I'm totally addicted by now. I just signed a 2 year contract and got Lovee and I new phones. Now, we're contemplateing getting rid of our 'land' phone. That scares me though....not sure if I'm ready for that big step. Maybe I should call someone on my new cell phone and get another opinion... Whatdaya think? Call me?