Saturday, October 1, 2011

scratched and dented

ya know....usually i think of my self as being sort of like a coffee mug...not the usual kind tho;  made of rubber mostly. Like if I was dropped I'd bounce and not break...if I was run into no one would get hurt...we'd just bounce off each other....i may get a few slight dings here and there from playing with sharp objects...and after a while of being knocked around my color might fade a bit ....but otherwise....I'd stay very resilient. 

But here lately....i feel a wee change starting.  Almost like an osmosis thing is taking place.  Part of me is turning into a porcelain china coffee cup.


The whole cup thing is odd b/c I don't drink coffee....or hot not sure why I don't think of myself as a

any who...I don't feel as indestructible as I used to.  It's being chipped away...actually, some days it feels like chunks  of rubber are being hammered off leaving the fragile porcelain exposed. 
I don't like it.
 not one bit.

Just thought I'd share a thought.
needed to squish the grape.