Friday, August 29, 2008

blogger is fucked up

Blogger is completely pissing me off!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm over at Farmers Wife's blog...cracking up and gigglesnorting at her vlogs....she drinks and talks a kazillion miles a second!!!! while twirling her hair....and talking about this being a piss and moan day.....and I try to comment......

what happened when I tried to comment? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it wouldn't let me.

She cracks me up.
Go see her.

a couple squishes....

this tile project that Lovee and I have going on is taking time away from my other activities. namely...Blogging!!!! Not that I mind.....I'm absolutely loving this project...completely!...but I'm missing so much in the blogsphere. I log on long enough to quickly..seriously quickly...skim a few lines of everyones blogs but I rarely have time to comment. :( So it goes...for a while anyway.

When I started this blog, the only other blogs I read were ETK and Alli. Then I started to read Cheekymonkey at ETK's urging and before you can say brainsquish....I started reading the comments of others and....Viola!! A monster was born. lol
Anywhoodle....where was I going with that?.............................
Oh yea...Well, now I finally get to meet Cheekymonkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep, live and in person. ETK and I are flying up October for a weekend!!!! I'm soooo excited!!!! I absolutely HATE to fly( especially alone)( how much are those little bottles of 'comfort' anyway?) and I really hate going anywhere w/o my Lovee...but....this is a must do. I get to see her little monkeyboy and meet the awesome Babe too!
I wish I could meet all ya'll. Wouldn't that be fun??!! I just shiver at the thought. :)

Yay for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops........gotta jet..........the parentals are waiting.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've been meaning to post these too ..:)

These are the flowers Pups and alli sent me for my birthday in July. Gorgeous!!!

This is Lovee on a ladder ( duh) putting some guttering on the North side of our casa. the rain was beating up my new flower bed. Couldn't have that now could we??!!

One of my small flower beds...I love my chicken..Sisterlittle gave it to me. Not sure why ;)

One of my flowers in the front of the house. It's a Hibiscus and the leaves look a wee bit like...grass....the smoking kind. {{snickersnort}}

And here is Lovee and Pebbles who's a whoppin' 6 years old now. She wanted o help her Dad mow the yard.

This is one of our Crepe Myrtles. I love these. Lovee wants a yard full of them.

This sort of speaks for it' self I think. Ever see 2 Ladybugs "doing it'???
ha :)

Me neither...I was fascinated actually. There was one lurking around and an ant showed up to see what all the commotion was about.

So, I think I'm about caught up in my picture posting for a while.
My sweet Sunshine Girl came up today for a visit and figured it all out for me. Thanks Sis!!!
Now, I've got to go help Lovee put the baseboards in.
Gawd......we've got a humongous job ahead of us....for the rest of the freaking year!!! but, It's looking great and all is well in TT and Lovee's world. Yay

The Cluster Fuck From Hell

Sunshine girl here... fixin this for Mom :) Here is the picture of Dad paint and spackling the laundry room floor.
The carpet has been torn up in the hallway going to the living room and going to the master suite. Who's that on the far left wall? Hum.....?
The hallway going to the master suite (to the left)
Carpet torn up by the back door outside of the kitchen. What a fucking mess underneath that carpet!!!! Ugh!

What a wonderful job Ma and Dad did on the tile in the laundry room!! That picture is to come. HUGE job this is.... holy geeze! K... all for now. Ciao peeps! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Miller or Coors or Shiner or Bud....

I was on my way home tonight and glansed at a billboard ad for Beer. Hummmm, I thought, that looks good.


Did I really think that? I don't even LIKE beer.
Oh, I used to drink it waaaayyyyyyyyyy back in High School. Just because everyone else know....being all cool and sh!t. :)
We'd drink then pee.......drink then pee......squatting up against a tree of course.... drink...pee...
I didn't even like it.
Then I started dating the 'big' The over 21 guys who had the hard stuff...( snicker--can't talk about that 'hard' urchins read this...T.M.I for sure!!!)
Anyhoodle....I discovered that's the good stuff there. Yummy....7&7 to be exact. Of course Scotch is yummy too.

Guess that's far enough down memory lane.................urchins and all.........ahem.......
What memories!

Gotta go have a smoke now...Oh.and get a drink of water...I'm thinking I must have been thirsty.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Igmo strikes again..

Well, I uploaded the pics....looked at them...then tried to upload them to this here blog...and guess what? I just couldn't find them. What you say? No, really.....they're there, on my Kodak thingie...but they just won't go to my blog. I spent almost 2 precious hours this morning trying to get it to work. nada!
That's the way my grape works sometimes. I just decides to squish information that I haven't used in a few days...yes, days....and I never really know where it goes. My grape has a grape of it's own! I'm used to it but my kids find it amusing and scarey at times. it used to scare me too, but obviously I got used to it.

so, Maybe Lovee can find them for me...or sunshine daughter can when she visits us this weekend. Maybe the grape will quit playing ' lets move the boxes around to another room'...or maybe not. We'll see.

I'm anxious for you to see the progress. We really did work on the tile this weekend. and I love it. Grouting may happen tonight. Yay.
That is unless the grape decides to squish without my permission....Gotta find a cure for that.
Aha! it notes............maybe?

Wonder where I put those?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Almost done :)

I am sooooo sore I can hardly type!
We had loads of fun. It took much longer than we expected though. Should have expected that . lol
Due to all the prep work we only got half the laundry room done on Sunday. I forgot we still had to go back to Tulsa and take the parentals to dinner. Yep...every-freaking-Sunday we have to take them out to dinner. It's not too bad actually. But..I thought we may get to skip this Sunday....guess not. :)
Anywho...we finished the tile works yesterday. It looks fabulous!!!! The tile we picked will hide a multitude sins..if you get my drift. **snicker**ha It's variegated colors of browns and tans. Woo-hoo!
I had to go to the store after we stopped to pick up a couple things and when I walked back in the house, Lovee had pulled up the carpet in the hallway between the laundry room and the kitchen!! We're gonna do that too!!!!
The project is growing!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS...........we're going to extend the tile partially into our living room by the back door. That carpet is up now too!!!! OMG!!! The bare concrete floor looks better than that carpet did!
I won't be dusting for a while..**cough-cough**what a mess.
I took pictures, honest....
Gotta get Lovee to upload them for me. I forgot how ...again. OY!!

We may grout the laundry room tonight if we're not too pooped. BUT..............................before we can do anything else I have to make another purchase.

Knee pads!!!!!!!!
My knees are soooo bruised. We knelt on stadium pads leftover from the kids HS days 12 years ago!! but evidently they weren't padded enough! I have serious bruises on my knees. Ouchie!

I also discovered I LOVE demolition! Tearing stuff out is so fun to me. Go figure.

Gosh the house is a mess....which normally would drive me nucking futs...........but i don't care much right now.

All is right in TT's world.
Yay for me!

Pics soon, I promise ;)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm slow but I learn...eventually


Yep...i think this may be part of the problem. Our local paper has a horoscope with stars.

5 stars = excellent
4 stars = good
3 stars = average
2 stars = so-so
(1 star doesn't exist evidently)

She greets me each morning with " How many stars do I have today?" And each morning, silly me, I read it to her. Well, from now on I'm gonna lie my ass off if it's anything below a 4!!
The days that she drove me to 'medicate'....she had 3's.
She made a comment today about how she must be having a '5' because she felt 'pretty good'. so I looked and low and behold there were only 2 stars today!! Seriously...a big huge light flashed above my head and I said "'ve got a 5 alright". She said the past few days really felt like 2's or 3's...but not today.

She puts stock in that stuff! Who knew?? Evidently not me!

She's going to have a 4 tomorrow. I don't want to make her supicious.:)
I get to take Sunday and Monday off !!!! Yay for me!!
Lovee and I are going to start the tile jpb in the laundry room sunday morning. then finish with the grouting on Monday. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.
Mom said I could have the time off since "you do so much for us that I need to help you where I can".
Generous to a fault I'd say. :)
I'll take pics. I might even get around to posting them -lol

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

you want me to do what???

Think out loud????

Yep...she wants me to think out loud from now on. Because...........ready for this?................

she can't see what I'm doing.

Yep...uh-huh...............she actually said that to me this morning.

M......"What are you doing?"

TT.....trying to fix the phone."

M....."well I can't see what you're doing so think out loud so I'll know what's going on."

I've hit the proverbial brick wall folks. Stick a fork in me. I'm charred...perhaps a wee bit crispy around the edges. The next time she says something that crawls all over me like a bad rash...we're going to have a 'come to Jesus' meeting. For real!
Not looking forward to that one.
Wish me luck.

I'm so old am I again???

You know, sometimes when I'm in the grocery store or any store for that matter, I have to stop and think a I want this size or that size....this color or that...skim or 2%..I weigh the pros and cons of whatever choice I'm making. Not on every purchase mind you, but often enough that it takes me a while to get outta there! lol
Things confuse me at times. And when I'm confused I usually like to sit back and just think things through. Quietly most of the time...but other times talking to myself will usually get the job done quicker. Of course I run the risk of my ADD kicking in but that just goes with my territory. Eventually I figure out whatever decision needs to be made and it's done.
This happens because I'm an adult and have learned a few things along the way. Seriously.
No, really...I'm an adult. I know what needs to be done on any given day, whether it be here at my home or at the parentals.
Amazing actually.

Amazing because I haven't yet figured out how to convince the Mom that I actually know how to do things.

AM I FIFTY-FUCKING-FOUR OR 12??????????????????

I didn't like being 12 when I was 12. So I sure as Hell don't like it now!!!!!!!!!
I've raised a family.......traveled all over God earth with Lovee and the kids in tow. Lived in Japan for cripes sake and managed to get around and learn the how-to's of a foreign country. Hell...I've even cooked and served Thanksgiving dinner to 30 home-cooked-meal-starved Marines. I know stuff. Amazing!! I have a brain and know how to use it. And since I don't take it out and play with it works much better..coz sometimes I put it back in upside down

The reality side of me...which I am at odds with from time to time, knows that the Mom asks me questions all the time because she can't see. And if I don't tell her every second of the day what I'm doing she feels the need to ask. Just so she'll know what's going on. I get that. Really I do.
But I've never coped well with being micro-managed. EVER!!!
I will tell her I did somethin and she'll ask...'But did you do_________?" Yes Mom I did. "Well how about _________?" Yes, Mom I did that too.
I tell her it would be nice if she would trust me enough to know that I'm doing what I know should be done. Seems simple enough to me. Not her.
Why is it not simple to her? Because she can't see!!! Did you know that? Evidently I've never caught on to that important fact because she reminds me every-single-fucking-day-without-fail!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm caring for my parents who are blind.....THAT'S WHY I'M DOING THIS!!!! HELLLOOOOOOOO!!!
I tell her I'm worried that her mind is slipping b/c she can't seem to remember she's told me that before.

This, my friends, is what happens when a control freak looses control.
It's actually a small thing to deal with unless this is your life, day after day after day........

AND...since the weather went whacky....I can't even swim.. :(
My world is in the shitter.
Thankfully, Lovee pulls me out before a big flush happens.:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

If you can't say anything nice....

don't say anything at all.

That's what I was always told. It's really hard to live by though. Take for example, Church. There are so many things I 'think' about in church that I shouldn't and I'm wondering the whole time..." hummm, I'm in a church, thinking fucked up things about people, knowing that God is omnipresent...but I'm only thinking them...does it count?"
I dunno.
Here's the deal. There is a gal, who's a wee bit on the fluffy side, in her...ohhh I'd say late 30's and she's wearing a MINI denim skirt. With 2 pleats in the front and 2 in the back. The pleats are flared out because the material is stiff and she's been sitting. (I'm being kind when I said a wee bit on the fluffy side)
But I'm sitting there, with the Mom on one side of me and the Dad on the other and I'm thinking" holy shit!! did she look in the mirror before she left home?? No one with that much hail damage on their thighs should wear a mini!"

I didn't say it out loud but I'm sure I thought it loudly. I couldn't stop myself from thinking it.
I'm bad.

Fortunately I kept my thoughts to myself.
I'm learning how to NOT channel the Mom.
I'm gonna need a new room in the grape if this shit keeps going through my mind in church.
I better pray about it. ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Lovee and I have soooo many projects to do.
Monday we started ripping up the horrid vinyl in our laundry room ....I need to get a pic of we can put down tile!!!! Yay!!! We bought the most beautiful mocha tile for the kitchen and laundry rooms. I can't wait to get started.
Plus we've got to put up some guttering on the North side of the house where my new flower bed is...the rain will come down right on top of my new plnts!~!! :( ( when we ever get rain that is!!)
Plus...we've got the back stone patio to lay, next to the deck Lovee built summers ago by the pool...I really need to post some pics!.....and another stone patio out front....and one leading off the porch to the pool pump....
Projects never end. How fun though. I love DIY things.
Of course the Mom thinks we should have the tile done by professionals....I said no...we can do it...we'll take a class and start in the laundry room where no one goes but us....and by the time that's done we'll know what we're doing. lol She's not convinced of that. Who the fuck cares??? lol

Then we've got to put some V-grooved knotty pine panels in the birdhouse room to look like the cabin we stayed in up in W. Virginia. That's going to be really cool i think. Lovee's got to get the router bit to cut the'll be cheaper to cut them ourselves; by hundreds of $$$$.

I'm afraid my blog may suffer....hope not. Projects come first least for a while....

later blomies :)

She just had to do it..didn't she!

My week was going along really well....all things considered. :)
The parentals have been keeping me busy with errands and cleaning and Dr. visits.
Well, yesterday...after I fixed their dinner, I went and had a smoke on the front porch waiting for my sunshine girl to come and follow me to the car repair shop. The parentals wanted their car tuned up and I had to drop it off the night before. So, when Sunshine got there, I went inside to tell them I was leaving and just before I walked out the door I said..........

How's dinner?

Now why did I open myself up to what I knew was coming?? I'm a glutton for punishment I think.

Mom: the meat needs more salt.
me; Well it's either too much or not enough. Sorry.

And then I left...telling them I'd be back in a bit to get my car.
When I got back, I went inside and the Mom says " I've got to talk to you"
Uh-O......what'd I do now I thought.
she said she was sorry she complained about the meat....she could have gotten the salt shaker and it's better to have it not salty enough as opposed to too salty. Then she said...when did you turn down my bed? I told her I did that while she was stirring the sweet potatoes....
She thanked me and said she didn't want me to think she was complaining. Hummmm....

You see, she's been telling everyone she can't see well enough to cook anymore...even though she cooks pancakes every fucking Sunday morning and french toast every fucking Thursday ( unless we're at Dennys )....PLUS...Saturday eves, when I'm not there, she cooks Pot Pies and Mondays, if I'm not there she cooks grilled cheese sammies and soup. Hummmm......again. I know that's usually not considered 'cooking' but she is using the stove.
When I cook, she's right there watching me.....every.fucking.step.of.the.way. That 'too salty', 'not enough salt' thing has been going on since I started taking care of them. After the first couple of times, I told her I'd have her do the salting. She gave up b/c it's too hard to see if it's on there. Hummmmmm...

Do you think it's possible for me to go a measly little week.....w/o her telling me I did something wrong or that wasn't to her liking??? Fuck no!
Fuckity-fuck-fuck ( got that from )

it's not the bitching she does that drives me so's that it bring out the little girl in me that never quite measured up to her Mom's expectations. She can't let me 'out do' her....she has to 'best' me. How petty can she get? Evidently alot!

It is what it is though.....and I came home to my Lovee and we went swiming.
Thank God for my Lovee! He saves me ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The Rook's Citizen

Congrats! Only 10-12% of the population score this!

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The Citizen is wounded easily because their hearts are on their sleeves. They have a strong sense of right and wrong but are torn between that and the overwhelming need to rescue others. This can result in a swift action – often as motherly reprimand. As a caretaker the Citizen is vigilant. The world can be seen as a hostile place, one that cannot be trusted. They serve as great protectors and are perfect for the nurturing of young in education.

The Rook's Citizen prefers living with a focus on the world around them. They take in values via the five senses in a most literal and concrete fashion. They work hard and with efficiency. They maintain great relationships because of their cooperative natures. They will keep everyone informed and attempt to reach decisions through consensus. This is another ‘Pawn’ that is needed for their providing natures foundations of society. They bring the best out in others because they value everyone’s input and needs. They are the pleasant type and make others feel good about themselves. They will find it hard to accept flaws in others because they are the kindest and most giving of individuals.

Take Which Chess Piece are You Test? at HelloQuizzy

I saw this on another blog I read... Dana, over at Amid Life's crisis. Very interesting and so me. How odd that it is so right. Hummmmmm

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Phew!! where does time go??

I was completely worn out last week. Busy,busy,busy. Nothing bad, just busy. I can't remember when I've gone that long w/o reading an writing the blog world that is. I think I'm almost caught up with things....
I've read about deaths and birthdays...watched vlogs and read stories. In tt's world....that's it. Life. Just life.

I've got a few random things peeking out of my grape rooms. I'll try and list them before I fall asleep....although, since I took a 5 hour nap today...that may not happen for a while. Yep...I told Lovee that I was just gonna rest for a couple hours....HA....I woke up at 8 p.m.!! It's been so fucking hot here lately. It just sucks the life forces out of me at times. our regular temp has been around 101 to 104. it was 103 but the heat index was 110!!!!!! As soon as I opened the door, the breath was sucked right out of me. Seriously!! Ugh! In fact, it's almost...notice I say 'almost' too hot to swim. Yea...i know...what's with that?
Actually it's the only place that I don't sweat. and let me tell ya, I sweat like a whore in church! No joke sisters!'s a few squishers:

1. do frogs get restless leg syndrome?

I'm not sure where that question came from. ...cept'-I was sitting in our backyard looking out at the bug zapper light that Lovee put out there and saw that it's surrounded by frogs! Guess it looks like a smorgasbord to them. :) ha anyway, I was watching them hop around and about then my legs took a twitch.......hence the thought I guess.

2. new pet peeve:

someone is walking out of a store....and i stop to let them go across the walkway ( I'm nice like that..teehee)....but instead of just walking straight across, they walk at a diagonal...........and it takes them twice as long to get across!!!!!! WTF! Hey, I stopped...I did my do yours.......walk directly across so I can get on with my very important but rather uninspiring life day and do whatever it is I need to do. Done. How hard would that be?

3. dreams;

Dad had a dream that he was lost downtown and couldn't find his way home. :(
He used to work downtown...and as far as I can tell, he still remembers how to get to any place you need to go. Sad.
Mom had a dream that someone broke into their house and 'manhandled' her while dragging her out of bed. Dad woke her up by patting her and asking if she needed a drink of water or something. That's love.
I had a dream that I was fixing some girls hair. Turning it into big 'Texas' hair with a flip. WTF?


it just keeps on giving. My Dad is a reader. He reads everything. Or used to....actually he still does, but it's getting harder for him. He's practically blind but he uses a helmet thingie that Mom found at the 'eye glass place'. It's basically a magnifier on a hat. ( I'll get a pic and share later) anyway...he reads the paper from cover to to the Editor...comics...all of it. It may take him a couple days to read one paper, but he does it. Of course it takes a while because he doesn't remember if he has read it. So, he goes over and over it untill the next day, when a new paper shows up. And then there's the mail....oh good Lord! He examines the envelopes like he's looking for some magic code or something. Last week he kept looking at a brown envelope....turning it over and over.

Me: What's wrong Dad?
D: What's "time sensitive material" mean?
Me: it means they want you to respond within a certain time.
D: why?
Me: Just to get your attention I guess.
D: but what does it mean?
Me:What does what mean?
D: time sensitive material.
Me: It means you've only got a certain amount of time to act on whatever it is they're trying to sell you.
D: Why?
Me: I don't know Dad....I guess they want to make it look important.
D: Is it?
Me: I don't know...why don't you open it and see what's inside.

After he opened it, it took us another 30 minutes or so to discuss why someone wants him to renew his subscription to the TV Guide and limit the time he has to make that decision.....which is confusing to him because he doesn't want to renew it.
Yeah...........I life is stimulating.

5. Procedures:

Whenever one of the parentals has a procedure or something that requires fasting....I schedule it for Thursdays. Mom still fixes French toast on Thursdays. Well, Denny's French Toast is her most favorite thing in the world. So, if I schedule stuff on Thursdays, she doesn't have to cook it.
I reminded her this past Wednesday that the next day was a 'Denny's' day. She got all perked up and started doing a little 'bobble-head' thing with a big cheesie smile and did a little happy-dance thing while sitting at the table. It's one of those things that you'd have to see to get the full effect. :) Dad had to have a blood test for his diabetic appt. next week. Then she got more excited when she realized she'd only have to wait one day after that to get it again. She says she would put up with a procedure every day if she could get Dennys afterwards. I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad. hummmmmm

Ok. I'm squished. I'm actually tired now. should be cuz it's after 1 in the freaking morning.