Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thoughts for today

It's Mom's Birthday.....she's 84

German Chocolate cake is done!!!

Presents are bought.

I've misplaced my brain and I really miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the tile is down. Just have to finish grouting!! Thank goodness!!!

I'm rushed today.

I love my BFF.

I love my Bloggie friends!!!!

My house is a total wreck......no exageration!!!!!!!!!

Lovee rocks my world.

CheekyMonkey went on a surprise trip....her hubby rocks!!!

Lovee and I get to serve at a wedding reception this Saturday...should be interesting :)

I'll miss the Fair that's in town :(

I'm still missing my brain but I'm happy this morning....4 advils and 2 pain pills let me wake up w/o any pain this morning!!!!!!!! ( tilng is HARD on the back and knees!!)

My crock and spoon rest are done....Gary the Potterman says it's fabulous,,I'm anxious!!!

I love all my kids.

Squiddly is off to Cuba for a year!!!!!!!!! yikes!!! Keep him in your thoughts...I miss him and the family!!!

Gotta jet..........it's paint and spackle time....woo-hoo...the universe will thank me for that :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday...woo-hoo we made it..... again

2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's it. Only 2 little ol weeks until ETK and I take Chicago by storm!!!!!!!! I'll finally get to meet Cheekymonkey and her little monkeykid and her babe. I've got bats in my belly just thinking about it.

think they'll know what hit them?? lol

Who am I kidding? snickersnort...........I don't take anything by storm these days. I may pass a little wind now and then but that's about it.
roflmao!!!!!!!!did I really say that??????
yes you did TT...you're over 50 and can say what the hell you want as long as it's not directed at your parents

It's Friday peeps......
.....that means take the Dad to the Club for golf and the Mom for her hair appt. She's getting a perm today...late in the day so I'll get home late. No biggie.
That's it. ...I think............
Well, I still need to recon for a Denny's but other than that it should be a nice day. But then again, I 'll have to explain for the 100th time to the Dad about this whole financial mess the Banks got us in.....it's a loop every day. And I'll have to talk to the Mom about why her head itches all the time....And Dad will have me look at one of the sprinkler heads.....again.....and we'll talk about why it's leaking. He refuses to call anyone to come out and fix it. I think it keeps his mind busy....which is actually a good thing I guess.

I'll pull out the laptop again( hopefully) and we'll talk about why people 'blob'. :)
Yep.......My day started about an hour ago and I can tell it's gonna be a full one. Woo-hoo!

On a side note: I got my lip and brow rip done last night. Ouchie!!!!!! It's a good thing actually, but the surprise is that my 'rip' gal has her beautician in her shop now!! I got all giddy and excited and booked an appointment for Saturday!! Yep...I did it. I took it as an omen. I've been bitching biggly complaining about my last haircut for a month now....go figure....again....and trying to decide if I can trust? her to give me just a wee trim before the Chicago trip or should I just hold off and hope that I'll still be able to fix it. I know you gals understand this....right? Well, the ones who wear their hair long don't have this worry, but the ones with short hair will totally get it.
I told 'sherry, about how I fucking loathe and detest having my hair cut opposite of what I said would rather NOT have my hair cut above my ears and that I like it a bit spiky.....and guess what???? She understood. She asked questions, fooled with it a bit and told me what she could do. I'm happy. For now ;)
We'll see. I'm eternally optimistic.
Gotta be in my line of work don't cha know.

Happy weekend ya'll.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Did you feel that???

You may have felt...oh...I don't know exactly what to call it....a slight shift in the earths axis??? or perhaps you may have thought you heard a sonic boom??? OR....maybe you just thought things just felt a wee bit off today?

Let me tell ya...it wasn't your imagination. No-sirree!!!!!!!!
At about 8:45a.m. central standard time, today, Denny's closed their doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know!!!!!! I think I'll hear your collective gasps. The audasity of those people. Don't they realize that keeping the parental units happy and content is paramount in my life??? Do they even care? Probably not. But we were just there last Saturday morning. Now, this morning they had a hand written sign on the door saying they will "close at 3 p.m. on Saturday, the 20 of September. Sorry for the inconvenience".

" what'll we do...what'll we do"..was the mantra the Dad kept chanting.

The Mom had a fasting blood test this morning for her physical next week ( that'll be another interesting day!!!) and as usual was looking forward to her extra Denny's trip. Needless to say, it caused quite a stir and made for a lot of conversation in the car whilst I looked for another suitable replacement. Conversation is actually a stretch...more like multiple loops. You know Dad....Mr. Loopy ;)
We drove to another Denny's...and ....gasp!!...it had the same sign.
Our waitress, Sharon, had actually told us last Saturday that the owner hasn't been paying the food bills which is why the note on the doors says no credit cards or debit cards. He's been trying to gather enough cash to pay the bills. She mentioned that they would run out of food ( I detest that word...food... btw....but that's another post ) by the afternoon. Guess they did.

We ended up at Village Inn. The same one Lovee and I went to, the 'morning after' our wedding,( almost 35 years ago!!!) before we left town. It was, as the Mom said"ok, but it's not Denny's". I have to agree. The French toast wasn't nearly as good and the parentals said the coffee wasn't very good. They said it was bitter. ( Hummmmm, that's how I've always describe coffee ) My iced tea was good though.
I have to recon the town later on today and see if all the other ones are closed too.
Lets hope not.
They don't like change.
and i want my world to get back to normal..or a semblence there of. :)

Note to self: check out IHOP.

It's 2:5 p.m. and they're still talking about it.
I'm thinking I need to go to the store.
gotta jet........
I'm outtie.

Prayers would be appreciated ;) Saturday is just around the corner.

SOS*********** can you see me waving my white flag???????????
anybody out there from Denny's????
Don't make me cop an attitude.
it won't be pretty!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump day spackle squishers

Man.....stuff was just running through the grape this morning. Guess I better lay off the iced tea for a bit. :)

So, here's my queries~~~~~~~

Who decides what the 'new' colors for a season are? I heard that purple is the fall color. Dark purple if your skin tone is dark....and light purple if your skin tone is light.
Really?.....why? what if you skin tone is in between? Then what???

ETK had family visiting her last weekend. That's a good thing but what wh did with her time while they were there was a novel idea to me.
She actually scheduled "me" time. Yep.....just for her to get things done w/o anyone else around!
I never in a million eons thought of doing that. Wouldn't have had the courage or nerve. Kudo's to her I say!!!

I wish we had 'smell-a-vision' on our TV. Some of the things on the Food Netword look soooo scrumpdillyishus and I know they'd smell heavenly. If I could smell it I'd stand a better chance of actually making it. lol

Mom was woeful the other morning at Dennys. she wondered what they'd do "without our TT".
ETK and I go to Chicago in about 3 weeks. I told her Lovee would take them to Dennys on Saturday and church on Sunday....but she stayed woeful....she knows Lovee is so good to them...but it just won't be the same she said.
Hummmmmm...perhaps this will be a wee bit of time for her to gain a little more perspective? We'll see.

I'm addicted to HGTV!!
I'd like to have smellavision here too! I want to be able to smell the wood being cut and the new paint being put on the walls. It's the last thing I watch before I fall asleep. Seriously!
( hear that gals......I may need to do that in Chi-town)

Tiling is bad for the finger nails! I've just about lost all of mine. I hate...absolutely loathe gloves. So, in the course of scratching off the thinset or grout, I've managed to peel away my nails too. Sometimes that's a big ouchie!
Whatever..........the tile looks great and we're in the home stretch! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Lovee and I got to go to a party last Friday evening. Woo-hoo! A friend from my 'old' place of employment...got married in Vegas and a bunch of us got together to celebrate. Fun times I tell ya. We don't get out very often....so that made it even more fun. My Margarita was especially delish!!!!!!!

And here's a biggie.
I read on Meno's blog that one should never tell ones IRL friends or family about your blog. Of course I realize that's her opinion....but I 've told everyone about mine. I thought it might be a way for them to keep up with my life if they were so inclined. i do realize i censor myself at times b/c I wouldn't want to rant about someone who reads this...but that's a minor thing to me. My urchins, or at least a couple of them do read this as does Lovee....but my friends don't. I think that's curious. Especially my so called "Best Friend". she said she prefers to get her information face to face. of course we hardly ever talk face to face so she never knows what's up. Hummm...guess she's really not that "into me". lol

What I find really interesting is that some of my blog buddies 'get me' more than my IRl friends.
So, of course that leads me to another unanswerable quesion.
If i knew my blog buddies IRL....... would we hang out together....would we still 'get' each other..would our everyday antics become a problem and drive a wedge between our friendship?

Just curious squishers.

anywhoodle...............have a great Wednesday..( why is that spelled that way instead of 'windsday')
I know .......who cares! ha

Friday, September 19, 2008

Did I paint and spackle the Karma???

So, I was driving to the pharmacy today to get some .....um.... stool softeners meds for the parentals and my grape started squishing. All over me it went...I'd even go so far to say I splashed myself. lol

Karma. Yep. That's what splashed through the ol grape. I told Lovee last night that maybe I was getting this ass whoopin parental experience because I was such a rotten kid when I was younger. Karma was paying me back. We just chuckled and talked about other stuff.
But obviously, my grape conjured it back up today. Not sure if there's a connection between the 'meds' and karma....but there it is.
So, I squished out a few thoughts about when Karma gives back....is it the 'deed' or the 'action ' or is it a combination of offenses...what??? For example, if I cut someone off in traffic and then flip them off...then wish some ill-will on some other equally crazy driver later on in the day; does that count as 3 karma infractions...or just one because it all happened in one day? Does Karma make a distinction with time?
And....here's a nucking futs question. At what age does Karma start anyway? I mean, two year olds do some shitty/funny stuff....and sometimes on purpose too....but they're too young to understand or even know about karma....
Well, ok...that was a bad example...but when does it start? Does karma recognize the legal age in the U.S. when kids are held responsible for their actions?? Is it different in other countries because legal ages vary?? is that even a factor. When can a person be held responsible in terms of karma????
I'm making my grape waayyyyyyyy to squishie with this. I could site more examples but I'm dripping grape juice on my laptop.

So, here's my other question. Perhaps I can tie it all together. Probably not though.
How long must I pay all that 'bad karma' back? Is it even possible to pay it all back before i kick it?? Will, the mom all of a sudden become angelic and say sweet things and make me proud of what I'm doing???? ( Ok, I'm proud ......but frustrated too)
Did that last line just put my bad karma at risk?
I'm stopping............it;s snowballing in my head and I fear an avalanche.


I have to stop. I'm afraid I'll stain the carpet with all the leakage....and we just had it cleaned.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Red Crocks???

So, I've been all over looking for a red crock. Yep...just a regular crock for my kitchen. i have a bunch of red things in my kitchen and I want a new container to put my utensils in. That's it. Just a red one. But can I find one?? NO!! I went to Walmart,Kmart,Pier One, Pottery Barn, Kirklands,Hobby Lobby.....no one has a red crock!!! WTF!!?????

So now what??

Well.........just as I was getting myself all worked up into a lather.....I remembered....Gary!!
So I'm gonna see if I can get one made!! How cool is that????

( please say yes...please :))

Waaaayyyyyyyy to busy!!

Good grief!!! I'm too busy to blog or even read any!!! Not good in my book. However, the business comes from tiling. THAT is a good thing!!
The kitchen proper...w/o the eating area is done. As well as the back splash. We decided to do that too. Good lawdie....snowballs in September!!! Do all projects snowball?? pfft.......This weekend...the eating area and the area by the back door should get done. Cross all your crossables!

The Mom is still good....and still talking about her German Chocolate cake. Of course, she's now talking about going on a diet too. She LOVES Oatmeal Raisen cookies too. With pecans of course. I bake her a batch about every 6 weeks. She eats two w/ lunch and two after dinner. Dad usually has either Chocolate pie, lemon pie or brownies. I bake those too! :)
I told her if she'd just cut down on the sweets she could probably get by w/o dieting. No desserts??????? You'd think I committed some sacrilege. Seriously!!! She said she'd cut down after this batch was gone. We'll see.

Lovee and I went down Monday to do their yard. When we were just about finished, Mom hurt her foot. She broke it last year...around August. So, guess what I had to do?? Yep...took her to minor emergency to get xrayed. Not broken....just strained. Thank the heavens above for that!!!! i asked her if she just wanted to skip the Emergency place and go straight to Denny's ( winkie-wink )....she paused for a few minutes..then said no....that's ok....we'll go there Saturday.
I reminded her that since they have to get fasting blood tests on Thursday that we'll be going there afterwards. You should have seen her face light up! So, she'll get a Denny's fix 2 times this week. It's nice to be in her world sometimes.

Gotta jet............
parentals are waiting.
Today is Dad's golf day.

Hopefully I'll get time to read some blogs today. I'm feeling left out. :( and a wee bit lonely not knowing what's going on with everyone. I'm missin' on ya something awful!!!! My world is getting stale....I need some excitement! Well.......Lovee provides quite a bit of that but I won't go there with ya. LOL........TMI!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The cure for Mom


Yep....she's fine today...
She was all happy and feeling good this morning, and just chompin at the bit to get to Denny's.
Wish it worked that easily for me. ;)

sisterlittle told me something yesterday that I'd forgotten. Way back in the 60's while on vacation in California...Pismo Beach to be exact....Mom,Sisterlittle and I saw a Palmist.( is that how you spell it when someone reads your palm???...)
Anywhoodle....One of the things she told the Mom was that she'd live until she was 84. Seriously! She mentioned it to SL while Lovee and I were on vacation this summer. So SL and I were wondering if perhaps she puts stock in that stuff too..you know how she believes her horoscope stars!
Hummmm...She turns 84 September 30.
All she wants is a homemade German Chocolate cake.( my specialty btw ;))
She's gonna get one.

Friday, September 12, 2008

let's stomp on some grapes...shall we??

I wonder if when you are in your mid 80's and something goes wrong.....if your thoughts go immediately to death????

I think mine would. That's what I think of whenever the parentals feel bad. I mean...being in your mid 80's is getting up there right?

Just curious.

Mom's cranky now. I guess that helps in some way. Whatever....I'm going out to smoke myself into a coma and further my own heart damage sit on the front porch and look at the blue sky and puffy clouds and take a few deep breaths.

Painted grape juice

Well, I guess our local paper was waiting for the 'after' stories about 9/11. The paper was full of them today. Still strange I think.
I'm not going to try and figure that one out. Doesn't matter really. That day has become more about personal connections and feelings. No matter where you were or what you were doing...or if you knew someone who died that day...or not.....it all affected us in a personal way. It will always be personal I think.


Just as I was leaving my house this morning, the house phone rang. I started to ignore it but for some reason decided not to. Good thing. It was the Dad.

D: TT this is your Dad

tt: Hi, Daddy, what's up?

D: Well, your mother isn't feeling too well. Are you on your way down here?

tt: I was just going out the door when the phone rang. What's wrong with her?

D: She's not feelong too well and I'm worried. Should I call EMSA? Or are you on your way?

tt: is she breathing?

D: Oh yea...but she doesn't feel well.

tt: Can she talk?

D: yea, but I don't know what to do. Are you on your way?

tt: AS soon as I'm off the phone with you, I'll be in the car. Call EMSA if she gets any worse ok?

D: Well....( pause )...ok, but hurry. I don't know what's wrong. Are you on your way?

tt: yep....I'm on my way.

D: ok, well hurry coz I don't know what to do.

Well, that was a wee bit unsettling. I got here in about 18 minutes. It usually takes about 28.
Whenever I first get here in the mornings, I always call out, "It's boogers."
To which she always responds, " Ok, boogers."
So, on my way down here I was wondering if I would hear that?
I did. she was sitting on her throne loveseat relaxing...waiting for me.
Dad was in a panicked state. She had to use her Nitro spray 4 times she said. She was feeling better..." but your father isn't...he's scared b/c you weren't here...you're his security blanket".
She told him she was doing better and he said he was glad. she asked him why he panicked and he said," well, who'd stick my finger if you got sick?"
Well, that upset her all over again. I had to explain to her...for the hundredth time....that he didn't mean anything bad by that....he's got dementia Mom...remember...his brain doesn't function the same as ours....He's afraid to loose you.....
Well, that made her feel better.
She's really not feeling well though.
I can feel a cold sore forming........ shitfuckhelldamn

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 and spackle juices

Nothing in our local paper today about this remarkable date in our history.
That surprised me.

Just like when JFK was killed....I'll always remember it.

Peace out dudes and dudettes.

Oh, and lets all get together...put our minds in gear and try and 'will' Ike into oblivion. He's heading towards my urchins and Farmer*s wife.
That's a big ol bowl of Chicken Biskets there!

Shoooooo...go away!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spackling some juice...

Just a curious thing, but I'm wondering who's lurking at my blog in Europe???
That little map I have on my sidebar....it's showing someone.
But whom???
I'm just curious by nature.
At one time I would have thought it was R.E.H....that wonderful madman over in Sweden. But we haven't heard from him in months. I'm curious about that too. Where in the Chicken Biskets is he anyway?

The Mom was curious too. Again I had to explain what a blog is. She's now wondering if it's just for really lonely people who have no friends or "frustrated writers". LOL
She wanted me to read her one so I read her Ginni's. A View from my Garden, I think is the name. It seemed the most harmless one I could read that wouldn't take so much explanation. lol

Had to give the Dad a manicure today. Thank the heavens I don't have to do a Pedi for him. the Dr. does it. Sunshine girl used to....as a favor to him I think. God Bless her.....Not sure i could have done it. He paid her though and she needed the $$ at the time. Geesh, the things we do for some green!! Sunshine...you got some major Karma points for that i think. :)

Still raining.
shitfuckdamn I mean chicken biskets! :)

Funny juices

He Said, I Said :

He said to me . . . I don't know why you wear a bra; you've got nothing to put in it.
I said to him . . . You wear pants don't you?

He said to me . . ..... Shall we try swapping positions tonight?
She said . That's a good idea - you stand by the ironing board while I sit on the sofa and fart!

He said to me. ... What have you been doing with all the grocery money I gave you?
I said to him . .....Turn sideways and look in the mirror!

He said to me. ..... Why don't women blink during foreplay?
I said to him .. . They don't have time

He said to me. . How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
I said to him .. . We don't know; it has never happened.

He said to me. . Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and Good-looking?
I said to him . . . They already have boyfriends.

I said...What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night?
He said. . . A widow.

He said to me . .. . Why are married women heavier than single women?
I said to him . . . Single women come home, see what's in the fridge and go to bed. Married women come home, see what's in bed and go to the fridge.

Just thought I might put a wee bit of funnystuff here. Some stupid...some funny.

Happy hump day ya'll :)

A wee bit O juicey juice ;)

Thanks to the O so fabulous ETk...my sidebar has a little ditty to help me remember how many days untill she and I go see Cheekymonkey!!!! Actually I think ETK told me that Cheeky found the counter thing....but ETK put it on my blog for me...I'm challenged ya know.. ;)

Mini vacation!!! yay for me!...and us... :) I visited the Chicago area wayyyy back in the 80's when we lived in Indiana. Even got to go to a game at Wrigley Field. That was wayyyy cool. It was cold as hell in the nose bleed section but I didn't care. I love baseball!

Let's see, what else is on the ol grape today?......

Gotta make a shout out to my Squiddly and his lovely. Today is their 14th anniversary! Wow...how time flies. We were stationed at Cherry Point N.C. at the time. He got married in California. His Mom flew me out there to be his present. Seriously! I remember almost every detail of that day. He was so young...it seemed. I got to finally meet his bride then....Loved her from the start! Talk about a perfect pair. Squeezers to them!!!

Parentals seem to be doing really well lately. Hope I didn't jinx that....not that I'm superstitious or anything...;) I'm just hoping...

Worked on the tile job last night. Our fridge and stove are out of their respective homes at the moment. Makes for quite a disorganized mess. But that's ok.....sort of matches my grape at times...lol....in fact...walking into the kitchen is like visiting my grape. ha ha ha ...lol....serioulsy. However, once the tile job is done and everything finds it's home again...so will my grape. Hopefully.

Pain pills are nice aren't they?! I rather like the fuzzy feeling the give me. Hummmm.....
K..that's it...no more rambles from me today..
I'm boring myself.
Can't go for a walk today cuz I might melt. Yep, it's raining. Mom always said I wouldn't melt in the rain cuz sugar melts but'shit' don't t...lol...but I'm sure I've sweetened up since then.
I must admit, at 13 I grew horns and kept them polished to a high gloss!

Think I'll sit on the porch for a while and soak up some...rain smells. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

squishin' the grape

Thank all ya'll for your very kind words about my new blog name.....AND for the really kind words about the picture of me that I put up. I was a wee bit hesitant for a while but I thought well heck...why not...I put other pics of me on this here blog...so...I picked one that I liked of course...w/o my glasses....cuz I hate wearing glasses....but that's another story. lol-ha-ha


My weekend was completely wacky. I got to read a couple blogs...early Saturday..but after I finished with the parentals I went and picked up one of our grandyoungins. It's been a while since we'd had one of them stay over night...but Lil Miss Savanna said she'd be up to going with me to take the parentals to church and she really wanted to do a sleepover, so we said yes! She didn't bring anything to wear so of course our shopping gene kicked in and off we went....for the next 4 hours! Ugh!!! During that trip we found a craft project to do which took the rest of our day. Lemme tell ya...I'm totally out of practice in dealing with an 8 year old. It's better than when she was younger, but still.......so much energy and so much talking. She wasn't too happy about sleeping by herself...and because of a storm that hit during the night, she didn't have to. Although next time....she can go in the middle of Lovee and I. I just scooted over and she crawled in next to me. And in case you didn't know...it's not good to be in the middle. lol

Anywho, I took her home after church; visited with the X DIL and her new family and got home in time to head back to Tulsa to take the parentals to dinner. Phew....by Monday morning I was a mess.

I had scheduled a Dr. appt. on Friday b/c I haven't been feeling well for quite a while. he didn't tell me anything I wanted to hear...or expected to hear for that matter. I didn't eat or drink anything in case he needed to do a blood test. That gave me a headache...and he didn't do the damn test!**chicken biscuits**
anywhoodle...seems as though my leg pain is actually from my back. Now, I've had back pain for..oooooh...25 years or so. I have degenerative disks. I've always known when my back was acting up before. This felt different though. He xrays my hips.....they're fine....I knew that....but he swears it's my back. He's going to schedule an MRI for me. Great. SFD!!! In the mean time I've got some new pain pills for when the Advils don't kick in enough.
Then I talked to him about being so flipping tired all the time. he says i probably have sleep apnea. What??!!! #$^*&^#%$#%$ really? I'm just not buying that one. He said stress can cause allot of physical symptoms.... really? who knew? but that was it. Do I need some sort of drug to help me cope with that maybe?? Evidently not. He'd hate to get me started on a cycle of pills like that? whatthefuck???
Clearly I'm having a few issues with this whole care-giver-call-girl- profession I have going on...but not wanting to me on a cycle of pills to cope??? fucking idiot

So, I spent the rest of the day, Monday, in bed. Headache from hell struck. Food wouldn't get it to go away. Nothing helped. Not even those little new pain pills. Hummmm.....Clearly I'm about to die I thought. I was naucous...dizzy...light hurt....fitfull sleep. But I woke up Tuesday feeling human. And amazed that I was still alive. Seriously.
Later on after the fog lifted, I figured it all out. I had a Migraine!!! A bleeping migraine!!
Long story short....( you're welcome).....I told the parentals I need to take better care of myself and that each day I was going out walking for a while...I'd be back when I was finished...there would be some days where I couldn't scrub the floors and tubs.....and in general that if I didn't take better care of myself then I couldn't take care of them either. They were completely understanding and agreed with everything.
Hummm....for some reason that surprised me.
I have a fear of disappointing people. ( who guessed that?)
They're not disappointed.
me either.

That's it for now.
Gotta get to work.

Ike will be here this weekend. shitfuckdamn..... just saying....

Friday, September 5, 2008

What cha think??

I'm not sure about the name..
I just couldn't get rid of the Paint and Spackle part...not completely anyway.
I'll try it on for a while and see if it grows on me.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New blog name???????

I'm thinking I need to rename my blog.
I named it Paint and Spackle b/c that was when I used to do most of my thinking. However....more often than not....that's not the case anymore. My grape gets squished all over the place anymore. Driving, doing laundry, swimming...etc. I'm usually just in a fog when I do the p & s thing lately.
So, I'm thinking of just calling it 'TT's Brain Squishers' or something along those lines. Maybe 'TT's Squishers'.....or 'TT's Grape Juice'.....or ....I don't know..............

What cha think?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Huge squish!!!!!!!!!!

You know....when Lovee was active duty in the USMC for 23 years....we moved every 2 to 3 years. I always looked forward to it as an adventure. When I was young I was all about adventure. Isn't everyone?? Well,ok...my Mother never liked it but she's not from this planet anyway. And change. I always thouht change was a good thing. It kept things from getting stale..and mundane. Guess that could be why I changed boyfriends so often...lol....
I digress..........

anywho...after the kids came along, whenever we moved, I would take 2 or 3 months before I looked for a job so I could get us adjusted to our new base and town. I would have to get a new drivers licence, learn the new town, learn where the commissary was and the medical clinic....where the schools were....the usual stuff. Adapt to the changes. I would also have to get our house set up and organized and somewhere in there build myself a new network of friends. I loved it!!! Every bit of it. I loved living away from my parents. (Geesh, I can't believe I actually put that in print.) I actually think that because we didn't have any family to run to when things got difficult between Lovee and I ( yes it happened...rarely though!) it made us stronger. There was no one else in the family to take sides with or fuel the situation.
We would visit with family, back here in Oklahoma, whenever we were driving to a new duty station. It was fun. Especially w/ Lovee's family. I adore/adored them. Unfortunately Lovee's Mom died when we were stationed in Okinawa. He flew back by himself. We couldn't afford for all of us to go. It was terrifically sad for all of us. Lovee's Dad, Mister as we all called him, passed away when we were stationed in San Antonio. We all attended that funeral...which I still have a hard time talking about. Oh how I loved that man! Everyone loved him. Lovee is looking more and more like him as he gets older. Makes me smile. ;) ( more change)

Our last move was from Texas to Cherry Point, N. Carolina. Lovee decided he would retire when the last 2 kids graduated in 1996. He said when it wasn't fun any more....as in being one of Uncle Sams Merry Children....it was time to go. We eventually decided to move back to Oklahoma so we could be near the family that was left. Lovee had a favorite Uncle left and since he was the closest person to a Dad he had left,it made sense. At that time we also made the decision that since my parentals were both still alive...it might be good to be close in case they needed our help as the got older. ( My parents scoffed at that idea btw)

Everything was going along great. We had our house built....we got good jobs.....all but 1 of our kids boomeranged a bit, but that's ok. (Sometimes it takes a while to figure things out.) I learned how to stay in one place for more that 2 or 3 years. That actually was the hardest part. Another change. ;)
I loved moving around....new places...new people....new jobs....uh, actually I hated to leave my job in San Antonio but that's a whole different story-lol.........new...new...new.... change,change,change...........

I even adjusted to living in a small town. I loved our life after his retirement. Still do. Mostly. Most days.
I'm still struggling with my present job though. I didn't anticipate the abruptness of this particular change.
Do you see where this is going?? lol

When Lovee and I talked about my parentals needing help one day....I agreed completely and was on board with the whole idea. It was my idea to quit my job and take this on after hearing of my Mom's struggles, and seeing how frail they were getting. It's in my nature to be a nurturer. That's just me.
But it's easier to nurture your young kids....or grand kids.....
Parentals want the nurturing part and all that goes with it; and they'll change some things to accommodate that....but not much.
They resist....heavily...at doing what I ask....even if it may be better....simply because it's a change. With kids, my reply would be " this isn't a democracy....do it"...or something equally cheezy....but I can't use that on the parentals. I tried, but was reminded that's not going to happen...whatever it was.

I guess what I've been trying to say........is I've always been adaptable....changable. I'm proud of my adaptability. You know....in the Marines...it's overcome, improvise and adapt.
I just can't seem to find it here. I'm met with too much resistance. It wears me out. And try as I might, they refuse to go to their room whenever I ground them!!!! So much for tt in charge.

Not sure why I posted this. I guess on some level, I'm reaffirming to myself that I'm not failing...I'm coping as best I can....and that's ok. Some things just can't be changed. No matter how much we want them to.

But please................please...............do not let this happen to my Lovee and I. That's my plea to the universe.
Hello...universe...Are you listening??????
I know all of our urchins would provide us with loving care if we needed it.....but I sincerely hope that it will never be necessary. I don't want them to change that much. They're perfect just the way they are. No need in proving it to anyone. I already know it to be true.

Please make it so.

Shout out to the Potter man!!!

Here's some fun for ya...

Go over to the Pottery man and enter his contest. He's uber talented in the pottery and cooking relm. He's got a contest for the best joke. Keep it clean though, it's got to be kid friendly. Even I had a clean joke to tell. Yep...me and my pottie/sailors mouth can be kid friendly when it's necessary. lol

Seriously...go over there now!!!!
You may even find some things to get for Christmas presents....I did.

Woot! Go Gary!!!

rambleing squishes...

The laundry room is completely finished and we've got tile and grout in the hallway. Baseboards are next. Phew!!!! This is so time consuming. Lovee pent 8 hours doing the parentals yard yesterday. Yep...eight...8...Dad wanted the grass really short. Lovee is so good about keeping our yard and theirs looking beautiful...lush green w/o many weeds.....gorgeous. But he wasn't keeping the parentals yard super short like the fairways at the Club. Now it is. Seriously. He filled something like 25 bags!!!! He had to mow it 3 or 4 times to get it that short!! I was exhausted just hearing about it. Of course all that pretty green is gone now. Anyway....he didn't get home until I had finished the hall way. Boy was he surprised. My Sunshine girl came up and helped me finish the hall. We had a blast. I did anyway.( FYI- a rubber spatula works great for getting the grout in ) It was like we were paint and spackling the floor. lol ha
I took pics but i don't have time to post them now. I did a bit of a Mosaic at the threshold from the LR to the hall. Then I'll do another one into the kitchen. Turned out good I think.
Our Kitchen is going to be a %$@*&%$!# bit harder to do. It's got 2 layers of vinyl and we have to move the fridge and stove out. We already got under the dishwasher and scraped the bugs and shit construction debris out from under there.

While I'm working on this, I get a million ideas for new posts. But by the time I'm through they're gone. Or like last week.....everyday, when I was driving to my dungeon job parentals, I had crazy shit going through my head and I would ramble to myself over and over...but by the time I got there to write it all down...it was gone.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not...but once I sort through the junk that floats though the grape and get it all sorted into nice boxes....it's gone.....Whatever....right?

Enough rambles now.
I've got a mountain of laundry to do that I didn't get done over the weekend. duh....I was busy.