Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poor Lovee.....

I think we finally stumbled into bed about midnight last night. Poor Lovee had the worst toothache ever. He called me as I was driving home and asked me to stop and get him some Oral Gel coz he was hurting so bad. That didn't even begin to help so I put in a call to the after hours phone number for our Dentist. FOUR phone calls later, about 11.00 p.m. he finally called back. He had been to a basketball game for his son and then they went out later. He noticed his phone was dead when he got home and put it to charge and the thing started beeping at him...over and over he said. Ya think????? Hummm.....anyway, he was very apologetic and called in some Lortab and Penicillin for Lovee and said he's probably got a bad abscess going on. I really like this Dentist though and didn't want to change....but if he hadn't called I would have in a heartbeat!!! Most likely it'll take a couple days for the infection to become manageable enough for some work to be done. He finally fell asleep about 12:30. Poor guy! That's so miserable.
I'm thinking he's going to miss some work from this. Which is fine be me. He's got about a months worth of sick leave to take. At his work place you have to be out 3 consecutive days and have a Dr.'s note to use your sick leave. Retarded !
Then, this morning I woke up w/ a bad stomach ache. yuck! My nerves are in my stomach, so I'm hoping that's all it is. Sympathy for my sweetie.
More on this later.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to say thanks for special gifts....

  • If I hadn't shot up four sizes this would fit.
  • This is just perfect for wearing around the basement.
  • If the dog buries this, I'll be furious.
  • I love it, but I fear the jealousy it will inspire.
  • And to think I got this the year I vowed to give all my gifts to charity.
  • I really don't deserve this.

These cracked me up. We've already established how I'm easily amused though. I doubt if I'll be able to use any of these since I'm not 'gainfully employed' at the present. Sure would be fun though!

Now...get thee to the mall and shop! Only 28 shopping days left!


I'm easily amused....

Everyday,as I'm driving to work I see a a particular sign that amuses me. It's for a call center. Nothing funny there. What cracks me up is the name.....sort of. It's called West. Not so funny actually, in itself, but the part that cracks me up is, it's on the East side of the road. West is East.

Doesn't take much to amuse me does it? I think there's actually some good points to being easily amused. Ummm.....I really can't think of what that would be right now....but I'm sure there must have a sense of humor to care for ageing parents.... and pets ....and children and ......husbands.....right?

Have a light-hearted day my sweets!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is the only picture I took during our Thanksgiving feast!!!!! I got so busy after everyone got there that I freaking forgot to take any of the people there! I got the pie though. That's important right?.............yea........right!
It was good though and it turned out really pretty which is why I took the pic.
What a goober I am...............
Silly-Sassy me!

The Hair ........... ;P

Well, here it is. The long awaited pictures of the hair. I'm soooo freaking anal I swear. Anyway, it's simular to the way I used to wear it only it's a bit more spikey around the edges. Next time I go in for a cut it's gonna be more spiked. So sassy.....yes?
I look like a big ol' goober fish with my glasses on sometimes. But, at least I can see. ETK thought I looked really young in one of the pics I posted...that's because I didn't have my glasses on!! I need contacts again. Any who..........not too bad for a 53 year old, right? Lovee really likes it. He took the pictures for me. Love me some Lovee!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The neverending 'Hair' issues....

Are GONE!!!!!

yep, you read it right. Hopefully, I'll remember this lesson and forget about trying to grow my hair out. For some reason I forget that just because I like a certain hairstyle doesn't mean I can wear it. Really....ya think?!! It's like fantasies. Just because you fantasize about something doesn't mean you should actually act it out or live it or do it. Again.....ya think?!
I mean I'd really love to have Marie Osmonds hair ( or stylist like tweb told me...right again ;)) or my Sisterlittle's hair ( gorgeous!). but it's just not me. I had long gorgeous hair at one time. But that was in the past and that's where it should stay. Look to the future tt, that's where you're going.
My hair is now sassy and short and a wee bit spiked. Fabulous!! I love it!!
I'll hopefully get some decent pictures to post later on.

Just wanted to share that I'm finally over being stupido about my locks.....or lack there of. only took me, oh, 6 months to finally see the error of my ways.
You'll love it!

Happy Gobble~Gobble

This is the first year I won't be up untill midnight making pies for Thanksgiving. I'm VERY thankful for that. Dinner will be at the parents house this year since it will be so much easier on them not to have to leave their house. Dad can stay in his 'nest' chair after we eat and snooze away and Mom can get on her 'lovely' seat and do the same. I'll enlist the urchins to help with the cleanup and that'll be it.

I get to make 4 pies today. Yumm-O!!!!!! 2 pumpkin, 1 lemon and 1 Pecan. I think I'll start with desert first tomorrow. Life's short ya know. ;)We're having the traditional fare. Turkey,dressing,mashed spuds and gravey,corn,greenbeans ( no casserole this year) yams and rolls. Nothing fancy but it'll be nice to get together with some of the kids and have a good meal together.

My B-in law is here helping to settle his g-mother's estate and help his ailing Aunt. Sisterlittle didn't get to come w/ him though. She's got a lot of school work ( masters stuff). I'll miss her.
Still, I'm grateful.
I'm not living in a war torn country. We have plenty of food and shelter. Everyone is reletively healthy. I've got my Lovee of 34 years and 2+2+1+1+1+1+....etc .....urchins to love and who love me back. Aside from asking Death to take a holiday and world peace.......all of the stars are aligned and it's going to be a good day.

Peace and Love...........


Paint and Spackle time....

Ya know, the reason I named my blog Paint and Spackle is because that's where I do a lot of my thinking. It's usually quiet and thoughts just tumble around my grape whenever I do mundane things. My makeup routine hasn't changed in a looooong time so my grape is usually on auto pilot. Or.....sitting on the throne. Ha, now there's a gross mental picture for ya. ( you're welcome)I actually thought of naming it 'Thoughts from the Throne' but decided that's a wee bit TMI. :)

( An interesting side note: I usually forget whatever it was I was thinking about once I leave the Paint and Spackle room..........Geesh....what was I talking about???.....................)

Anyway, yesterday I was thinking about the book The Greatest Generation. Mainly because my folks are from that era. I've read alot of the book and the stories about individual people are really quite interesting. Then, I started thinking about my Dad. I've asked him several questions about his war time and unfortunately or perhaps not.......he remembers very little of it. Fact, he remembers very little of his life before my Mom and he were married. I did find out that his Dad played a 'horn'. He's not sure which one, possibly a tuba or another one that I can't think of the name( it's not quite as big) but it's something I never knew before a week ago. Another thing which I find interesting is, in Decatur,Alabama ,where he was raised, there's a street with his last name on it. He doesn't know why. He doesn't remember much about any of his family....except he Mom spent all his Army money he sent home to save ( for college) on herself. She was quite the self absorbed woman from what I gather. I only met her once which was quite enough. His Dad was a cabinet maker ( so was Lovee's Dad...interesting yes?) but by the time Sisterlittle and I met him he was blind. An accident took one eye and the other was...who knows.........probably what's taking Dad's sight now.
What made me start thinking about all of this is his recent diagnosis of Dementia. So far it's only his short term that's affected, but one day it will be everything. I'm thinking I need to do some research and see if I can find out some stuff. He says our last name is German. My Aunt found out his family came from Prussia. Uh.....not sure what it's called now....more research I guess.

Speaking of the Dad, the shingles are out of his eye now! YAY!! Although his head is full of dark ugly scabs that really bother him and depending on the time of day either itch or hurt. I got some creme to put on them last night before I left. Sad.....he asked me several times how to wash his head when he was going to take a shower. He finally got it. Poor Daddy...:(

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the opportunity I've been given to care for the parental units. It's by far, the hardest job I've ever had in my life, mentally. But I'd not trade a second of it. [ Most days anyway...;) ]No regrets...........that's my new regrets.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Semper Fi........ Heros!!

Ya know....I'm getting sick and tired of people bashing our military! Go ahead and bash Bush...if you must....but leave our guys and gals who are putting their precious lives on the freaking line every FREAKING day ALONE!!
What is wrong with people? Sick twisted fucks!! Go find another country to live in.

Anyone, in my book, who serves their country in some sort of dedication to the betterment of mankind,whether it's being a fireman,policeman,paramedic,Marine,Army,Navy,Coast Guard, Doctors and Nurses a hero. I will say the ones who do it for little monetary gain are in a bit more of a hero status in my book.

I miss being in the Corp. I swear the hi-lite of my year was the Marine Corp Ball. It was so fun getting all dressed up and going out for some old fashioned 'pomp and circumstance'. I still get chills whenever I hear the Marine Corp Hymn. Oooooo the chills!!! I'll get Lovee to scan some of our old Ball pics and post them.....Talk about different hair styles!!!!!...Mine hardly changed. Ha

I don't really miss spit shining the boots and polishing the brass and the 'old style' utilities that had to be so heavily starched that they stood at attention by themselves. ;) In the old days we were so poor that whenever Lovee got promoted I would sew his chevrons on myself because we couldn't afford to have it done. I actually had a little side job, non paying of course, of doing that for other Marines who were in the same boat.
Like I said....Semper Fi Marines, Semper Fi

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunshine and Jeanne's party

Obviously this id a group picture of Lovee,Sunshine & Jeanne,Moi and Baby boy
Sunshine was having a fab time....isn't she the cutest? Check those dimples!

Baby Boy and Lovee outside....someone at the party said Baby Boy looks just like me....uh....have you seen the Dad?? H.e.l.l.o......

A quick game of chess made Baby Boy think really hard. Lovee is the master.
We had a great time and they got a lot of great stuff.

Friday, November 16, 2007

It is what it is....huh??? really?........ya sure???

Why doesn't life get easier the older we get?
Remember all the 'trauma' we had as kids? Our world crashed around us when a boyfriend broke up w/ us. A 'zit' ruined our day. Our hair wouldn't cooperate for the big 'date'....( oh wait...I almost forgot, I still have THAT issue :) ha ha)

If someone had told me when I was 25 that I'd one day be taking care of my parents I would have laughed hysterically and called then insane! If someone had told me when I was skinny and 33 ( but thought I was fat) that I really would be chubby at 53, I would have been offended.

My,my, life has a way of slapping us in the face to wake us up to real issues doesn't it?

Ok...I get it.
I may not like it and I really wish some aspects of my life were different but I don't think I'd change anything if I could. I'd be afraid that in changing one thing, it would cause a snowball effect. There's so much that would need to stay the same, that I'd dare not mess with it.

Ok, now all that being said..........I'm still anal about my hair. Am I the silliest person you've ever known? LOL-LOL I'm cracking myself up- hahahahahahahaha

I can't recapture something from years ago....Wake the fuck up tt!!!!!!!! Life brings changes...even in elfing HAIR!!!
What a revelation!!!!!!!!! Who knew????

I'm done. It's getting cut off as soon as possible!
Wow.....I feel so liberated!

Viva la haircut!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have to shout this....

I LOVE ETK!!!!!!!!

I almost talked her ear off this evening...... but she let me keep ranting.
I have been blessed. I have been able to surround myself with people who rock my world and keep me sane.
I couldn't ask for anything more. Except..................naw, I won't go there. LOL

Thanks to all who love me!


I'm not gonna post any pics of the hair! If one gets taken by accident( hummmm, not sure how that would happen...) then ok. But that's all.
When will women's fashion embrace a shaved head???

Never I think. Too many women are anal like me.

I want Marie Osmond's hair!

I'd never have the patience to do it but in a perfect world that's what I'd have. Wonder how much extensions would cost??? Hummmmmmm, that's a thought.

update on the Dad....and other stuff

Well, I took Dad for an appt. w/ his Diabetic Dr.. yesterday. she is fabulous. She had scheduled a physical for him which we didn't know about but that's ok by me. Anyway, during the visit I found out several things which lead me to tell the parents that SHE should be his Primary care Dr. not the one they both use. She is so intuned to's great.
Anyway, during our talkings, I mentioned his memory wasn't very good so I'd like to be in the room when she talks to him. She asked if anyone had done a Dementia test on him.
So she did. Turns out he does have a mild case of Dementia. He's now on Aricept. It won't give him back what he's lost but hopefully it should stop the progression. Dad seemed totally unfazed at the notion. Fact, I'm not sure if he even fully understood everything. Of course the Mom is in her glory now. She has something new to worry about. Geesh! I told Sisterlittle about this last night and she said ...she can hear her now ...." Don't tell Dad about ( whatever???), he's got dementia and won't remember it anyway"........For some reason she loves to tell ppl whenever he's.....I don't even know what to call it. She likes to point out his 'flaws' so to speak. The things that most of us would never think to tell ppl is what our Mom tells! She's a piece of work I tell ya.
Anyway, I'm glad to know what's going on and sad at the same time.
His shingles are getting better. He'll keep the purple scars on his head though. Poor Daddy. His eye isn't as swollen now either and he may even play golf today before we go back to the eye Dr. We'll see. Woo-hoo!! I may try to take a pic, just so Sisterlittle can see it.

I've got pics of the Grand-yungins' to post later too.
We went to see the Bee movie. It was a really cute movie. I love cartoons with adult subliminal messages. Funny. In fact, ETK and Pups got us into watching them. Back when they were in college and came to San Antonio for a visit, ETK insisted we watch Land before Time. Fabulous movie. If you've seen the movie, must have recognized ETK as Sara! ......" yes, I am brave." ha ha

Monday, November 12, 2007


There won't be any pics of my new hair cut. I hate it! I thought I'd try something new, but it's too flat and I hate my hair flat!

That's it....I'm through trying new stuff. [ at least untill I get over this trauma] I had to use my curling iron and curl it all over.



Saturday, November 10, 2007

This won't leave my I'll squish it a has to be in print!

One day,Sisterlittle, asked the folks if they wanted anything special for their funeral. My Mom says she wants the Choir Director at their church to sing Amazing Grace at hers. My Dad said he remembered a funeral he went to where the Mans girls spoke about him. He thought that was real nice so maybe we could do that. Geesh....we wondered how we would be able to accomplish something like that at what will be such a throat-lumping time. And, what would we say? Would we take turns talking?.....write out something before hand ( as if) or be spontaneous?...what if we broke down and just couldn't follow through. How could we live with ourselves if, the last thing he asked of us,.... we failed.?....
Ever since that time, this has been on my mind. Not a day goes by that I don't think about it. Especially now that he's looking so fragile with Shingles and being so bold and strong and not complaining. That's his way. I keep wondering what has stressed his body to allow this to come on. He's not overly tired as he gets plenty of sleep. He's not having any health issues out of the norm. So, what,....... I keep asking myself. Like I said, he's never been a complainer. But he has been known to worry. I think Mom believes she has the market cornered on that but she's wrong. Dad's a silent worrier. He keeps stuff to himself. So, now I wonder what his new worry is. It could be many things. I'll never know because he'll never tell.

So, what do we say about Daddy? Do we play the 'I remember when' game?
I remember when:
1. he ran along beside me holding up my bike while I learned to ride..
2. he used to stumble into my room at night after I called out for help during an asthma attack..and how he would sit on the side of my bed until I fell asleep again..
3. he took me to the Emergency room for stitches when I sliced my heel open even though the blood made him queasy....
4. I would wait for him to come home from work and would run outside towards him to give him a big hug and hear him say " Hey,squirt"...
5. I would go up and hug him just so I could smell him. No one smelled like my Dad and I loved his smell...
6. he got so mad at me for sassing my Mom that he spanked me with a belt. Only one whack but I was crushed me that I had made HIM that mad.
7. we went to the Father-Daughter Banquet for Blue Birds. We ate cold fried chicken and bread and butter and sang the song " Let me call you sweetheart" ....the part that says 'with your eyes so blue'.....we changed to say 'with your eyes so brown'......
8. We would sing in church...both out of tune and giggle the whole time...
9. My Brother was killed in Viet Nam how sad he looked when he came to the school to get us and tell us about it....
10. He walked me down the isle for my wedding to Lovee and how he squeezed my hand as he was going to sit down....
11. waiting anxiously to see approval in his eyes when he saw my first born child... and then my second....
12. I remember when I first left home to join Lovee......the first time I remember hearing him say " I love you Babe" ........
13. I remember how he kept looking older each time I saw him......
14. the look on his face whenever he thought he was telling a dirty joke....his nose wrinkled when he laughed....

I remember so much. How will I ever condense it? How will Sisterlittle and I do it?

He's is ................I don't even have a strong enough vocabulary to say what he means to me/us.

He's ..........Daddy............pure and simple. And we love him awful!

The following was a reply from Sisterlittle, which HAS to be included!!!!

Anonymous said...
wiping away tears...add to that:

15. How he tucked us in bed at night...tight as cocoons!

16. The highlight of our summers: riding the bus downtown to eat lunch with our Daddy at a "fancy" restaurant.

17. Christmas parades...

18. Teaching me to drive a stick!!!

19. Singing to ma: "Smoke...smoke...smoke that cigarette..." as we pulled into church.

20. The tears in his eyes when I graduated college.

21. Wrestling on the floor in the den. (pissed off mother good!)Remember how we would try to blow in his ear? who knew? giggling so hard we'd fart or wet our pants!

22. the loving nicknames he gave our daughters.

23. waking us up in the mornings singing..." who's that knocking at my door,who's that knocking at my door..who's that knocking at my's little tt/Sisterlittle...

He loves his baby girls!

to be cont...

Girls day....

Sunshine and I got our hair did today. I finally had someone else besides my regular gal . Also at a totally new place. LOVE IT! I'm not crazy about the way she styled it but, I thought I'd give it a whirl. Love the cut not the style. We had a fabulous time though.

We're having to postpone our dinner party at Sunshine's house. Lovee still feels under the weather. Hummmmmmm..........

Not much going on and I'm not in the mood to think today.
Have a good weekend.

Friday, November 9, 2007

He's fine and dandy

Lovee's procedure went well. He doesn't have to have another one for 10 years! Yay!!
However, now his Dr. needs to find another explanation for his ...problem. More on that later.

On an unrelated topic, I sure hope all those ppl who are swerving in and out and changeing lanes willy-nilly are on their way to an emergency. That's what I tell myself to keep from having my own version of road 'There had better be an emergency to make them drive this stupid or I'm gonna be pissed!' LOL :as if I would ever know or would do something about it anyway.

Stupid,stupid,stupid! Get off my road nutzoid crazy people!'s Friday

So, today is Lovee's Colonoscopy(I think that's how it's spelled...doesn't really matter does it..) Anyway, for those of you you haven't had the ...ah...'pleasure' of preping for this procedure, let's just say, Lovee was up literally all night...back and forth for the bed to the John! Poor lovee! I just hope they find out what's going on w/ him. He's starved right now. The test starts at 10:30 today. Finners crossed!

~*~ Buggers......

Something I've observed for quite awhile that bugs me is the way People go out in public dressed like they forgot they were going out in public! I mean REALLY people! Must you wear your pj's and slippers to the grocery store? Where did pride go? Of course that leads me to 'where did common curtesy' go?? When did we become a society of 'it's all about me, screw you' people? And it's getting worse. And to make matters worse, I'm just as guilty of feeling that ' I'll show you" mentality as everyone else. I just don't act on it. Why? I really don't like confrontation. Especially w/ ppl I don't know b/c you never know how they're going to react. So I fume silently.

~*~ Excitement~*~

Sunday, since the parents aren't going to church, Lovee and I get to take our Oklahoma Grandkids to see the Bee movie. I'm not really thrilled about the movie, but I am thrilled to get to spend time w/ them. Our oldest grandson is 13 now. He's soooo smart! ( spoken like a doting Grandma :)) Anyway, he called and asked Lovee if he would go to his school assembly on Friday ( today) about Veterans. Awwwww.....Lovee couldn't b/c of his test. ( Made Lovee sad )
Anyway, I suggested we get together and see a movie w/ him and his Sister ( she's 6 and a Diva!) and he jumped at the chance. He said " Grammy, I'd do anything to be able to spend time w/ you and Grampy" Isn't that the sweetest thing ever!! And he's 13...a teenager....and still wants to spend time w/ us. I love me some wee ones!

~*~ Dad ~*~

He's doing a bit better. Some of the blisters are starting to open so his head looks like a war zone. Ewww! His eye is still swollen and red and raw looking but he says he's not having a lot of pain anymore. That's the good thing. His sugar is really elevated but that should go down when the infection is gone. I think his sugar worries him more than the Shingles. Lovee painted their garage last weekend and this Saturday the cars can go back inside. Dad's anxious to put this "treasures' ( read: junk) back in place. Popi is the precious one for sure!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The eye Dr says.....

Yep, it's in his eye too. Damn!!
He's actually feeling somwhat ok today. His eye is really swollen though and he said it feels like" something's in there." It is. He's got 2....whatever they are.....rashes? One at the 1 o'clock position and one at the 6 o'clock position. So, more drops for that eye. Problem is, that's already his bad eye. He's so sad and pathetic looking right now it breaks my heart so see him. He's such a trouper though. He never complains. He has to see the eye Doc every week untill it goes away. Hopefully he'll still have his sight. Finners crossed!!
I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!!!'s a love/hate relationship day.....

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. Monday's are supposed to be my day off but occasionally the parental units have Dr. appts. so I'll go in long enough to take them. Yesterday, Lovee went early to do their lawn and get it ready for winter and I went in later to take the Mom to get her eye checkup. But, when I got there as I walked in I noticed my Dad's head looked bad.
Let me back up a bit. On Sunday morning I noticed a red patch on his forehead. I really didn't think much of it because he has a lot of skin issues. Then later that night when we took them to dinner I noticed it again only it seemed to have spread. I didn't say anything though because HE hadn't mentioned it. forward to yesterday; when I got there I looked at his head and said" Daddy, what's wrong with your head?" And as soon as I said that he said" Hey tt, look at my head and see if you know what's wrong, it feels like I've hit it or something". ( he didn't hear me ask him...he's so deaf...;) ) So, I looked and noticed his left eye was swollen and the 'rash' stuff had spread to the back of the top of his head and looked real red and puffy. He mentioned it really hurt to touch it and was concerned it was contagious after I said it looked like a rash. I grabbed the phone and told Mom he needed to see a Dr. today....I was concerned because 1. it hurt and 2. his eye was swollen. Mom started to question me as to if I thought he really needed to see the Dr....I had to remind her I could see stuff again....and she said" Well, I can't see very well, so I can't tell"....Uh................DUH!!! That's why I'm here!! Why do I have to keep reminding her of that???

Anyway,they could work him in about 4 p.m.. Great I say. So I take her to the Dr..The Lazar surgery went well. She can see a bit more light but that's all. That's the best her eyes are going to get.

After I take them back home, Lovee decided to paint their garage floor like Dad's been wanting. ( No hurry Dad's been saying...which translates into I want it done yesterday. ;) ) I come back up here to do my cazillion errands then go back to get Dad to the Dr. So, we're at the Dr. and the Dr. comes in and says..." uh-o you've got SHINGLES!" I gotta tell ya, my heart sank. Lovee got that as soon as we got back from Greece and it's not fun!! Sooooo painful.On top of that, his eyebrow was bothering him so much that he kept rubbing it and popped some of the blisters and now has Impetigo there. Poor guy! So four meds later we're home. Lovee and I went and got Pizza to have w/ was late...almost 6:30.

My Mom was complaining earlier that Dad was grumpy and had grumped at her..I said it was just because he didn't feel well and not to take it personally. She said that's no reason to take it out on her! I repeated what I had already said and added that she too gets grumpy when she doesn't feel well. She said to remind her of it next time. Sheesh!!!! You bet I will. Well, after we found out what was wrong with him she said she felt bad about complaining . Uh, Mom there's a lesson here......think ya got it? Naw!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my poor sweet Daddy has Shingles on the left side of his head. The really bad part about all this is that the Dr. is afraid it's in his eye too!!!! So, today he's going to an Opthomologist to get that checked. If it is in his eye it could lead to blindness!! Crap!!! He's almost blind now! So, more on that later.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

See what Breakfast does for ya....

Are they cute or what?! LOL Actually I think Dad looks kinda like a Monkey...LOL.....
Mom says I have to let her know when I'm taking her picture, otherwise she looks mean. Hummmmm, She's always been proud of being the 'meanest Mom' ever. Guess she just doesn't want to look the part.

My sweet Daddy! He usually wears glasses but he forgot them that morning. This is his version of a smile when his Breakfast is being interrupted. LOL

And who do we have here?????? Me and my Lovee. Lovee went with me Saturday. That's why I'm smiling so big. Well, that and we just got through with a dance around the living room.
Tomorrow, I'll see if I can get pics of Pebbles and Short bus.
Anxious aren't you!

Ta-daaaaaa......toes! are my lovely wrapped toes. Don't cha LOVE the red wrapping?
I had to take the wrap off 2x a day to soak in salt water. The totally amazing thing is it never hurt to soak. The first time I had it done, the nail bed wasn't 'killed' and it burned like HELL!!! This time ...nothing but pleasure. It felt so good to get the wrap off. LOL
Lovee was so good. He fixed my soaking tub each time. Love me some Lovee!

Bubbles!!!!!!!!! It felt soooooooooooooo good!

Well, there they are. Not so bad huh!? They already feel better than they did before I had the nails removed...go figure.

All wrapped up again and ready for the day.
These are my Ecco's I found for half price. Little did I know that these would be the only shoes I would be able to wear for a while. Seriously came in handy.
Ya know...every time I post pictures there's this huge space left at the bottom that I can't get rid of.
It's aggravating the poopers out of me!
I'm so computer challenged that these things sometimes get my goat!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ok..... just as I was thinking....again....about not blogging anymore because I thought I was becomming a whiner, Alli gives me a community Blogger award. Aww, so sweet.
So, I think I may keep blogging, but try to keep the whining to a minimun....if that's possible. :)

I've got pics of the toes to put on, but that'll have to wait.
Lovee is playing some of my favorite songs and I think we need to dance for a while! It's 6:45 the morning but he's gonna dance w/ me!!!
God in heaven...I love that man!