Friday, July 23, 2010

7-23-2010 I am...needing to squish a wee bit. Nothing too big....just that dreaded, more like 5 year old feeling. I reallly hate it! Have I mentioned before how much I hate playing the age game with the parentals? yea, I thought so :(

The Dad's dementia is getting worse. Seriously worse. of all days ( shower day) he knew it was me who showered him. ugh! he usually thinks I'm a 'hired' gal who comes in....made me feel better knowing he thought that way actually...but afterwards...he asked if I resented giving "your old man a shower"....**snif-snif**... No Dad I don't..." well I'm sure glad b/c I don't know what I'd do w/o you"...** bigger sniffers**. ugh.......
I know I should shower him more often than I do, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm awful. Period. No rebuttals.

Mom is showing signs of Dementia too. :(....that'll be fun.

Wanna know what happens when I run out of my happy pills? It's sooo not pretty. I did it once before when Dad was in the hospital. Ugly time. I did it again just last week. OMG...I didn't know I'd forgotten them...I just missed that bottle when I was filling our pill cases... ( yep..we take so many that I fill the cases up weekely so I WON"T forget one.)and went abt 3 days w/o them. Then the 'gazzzittts' started in my brain. That's the only way I can describe feels like the way electrical 'arcs' go. Does that make sense?? Weird I know...but when the gazittts hit, it stops me in my tracks and I can't think or anything for a few seconds... totally weird. Then the headaches start and the tireds set in and all I can think of is jumping off a cliff. Seriously...ugh! But it's not untill then that I realize what's going on. Takes abt 2 days to get back on track.

Lovee and I had a new patio poured. It's ginormous!! bought some chaise loungers love seat and chairs...huge umbrella...and put a dining table on L.O.V.E .IT. !!!!!

Lovee and I also had our yearly vacation. Went to Texas to see #2 son, Pups and his lovely's new casa. WOW.....can you say mini-mansion. Had a great time there. Then went further south to see Farmer's Wife!!!!!!! and her clan AND DEZ....glasshalfempty gal....and her hubs. We had the mst fabulous time there. Got to ride on a go-cart w/ farmer Jr. and see lots of corn! Visited with the wee g-pig....saw lil gal in all her glory...:)...even saw the 'queen of Sheba tub' -I want one!!!! Dez is wayyyy sweet...and showed us around and took us to the beach. Loved it all. Too short a visit tho..:(
Then off to San Antinio to see some friends and go to the riverwalk....great time in all.
Sisterlittle survived. Mainly b/c we opened the pool before we left and she was in it everyday!
Good for her I say.

I'm in the pool everyday too. it's keeping me sane.....mostly.
I'll post some pics later.

hugs and loves to all.