Saturday, May 31, 2008

Late anniversary...;)

April 2, 2007.
That's when I started this Blog. It was supposed to be an outlet for me to vent when I started taking care of my parents. I knew at the time it was going to be unlike anything I'd ever done before. I assumed ( yea, I know what happens when you assume ;)) it would be hard at times and that getting feedback from ETK, Cheekeymonkey, Alli and Sunshine would help me keep some perspective and not loose my mind. And guess what? It's worked.

What I didn't count on was finding other Blogs that would become so important to me. I've grown attached to so many bloggers that I read that I sometimes wonder if my grape has gone a wee bit off center. lol Well, it's always been a little 'left of center' but I just didn't know what was out there waiting for me. It's crazy I tell ya.

It's actually become more of a release for me to read the blogs on my sidebar than to blog myself. That's crazy too.
Or is it?

I've always been a people person and when I first started talking about quitting my job to take care of the parentals, I was afraid I'd loose most my interaction with people. But as you know...that hasn't happened. In fact, I'd say my world has been expanded far more than I ever thought possible.

I love the Internet.
I love my 'blomies'......
I love squishing my grape....

Thank you all!!
( now, go type me something to read! ;))

Friday, May 30, 2008


Quote from the mom:

'tt, I think you're smarter than you think you are."

We were watching Millionaire and I answered a few questions she didn't know.

I tried going 55 mph this week. Ya know, it wasn't all that bad. It only added a few more minutes to my drive, which in the morning I could give a shit care less, but the roar of the cars going around me was deafening!!!!! Seriously! There were a few times I almost ducked! I mean my little Suzi-Suvee was getting shoved around by those monster gas guzzlers other vehicles I was sharing the road with, creating gale-force winds............ going 75 and 80!
So, I think I may up it to 60mph just to stay alive.
I'm just sayin' ;)

I just thought I'd do my part to be 'green' and give it a go.
I know I won't see a lot of difference at the pump but I'm fine with that. I just really hated the 'ducking' part.

End of the week whines randoms

Dad- I wanna know who used the last paper towel?
me- Ummmm Mom?
Mom- Not me. Probably tt. Why?
Dad- Because I reached for one and there wasn't any.
Mom- Did you look in the pantry for a new roll?
me- I forgot to put another roll in there.
Dad- I looked and there wasn't one.
me- Dad I forgot to put an extra one in the pantry.
Mom- TT forgot to put one in the pantry.
Dad- Well I looked in there but I couldn't find any.
Mom- what did you do? Did you get a napkin?
Dad- I got a napkin. But I wanted a paper towel. I use a paper towel to put my lunch on.
me- Did the napkin work?
Dad- yea, but I wanted a paper towel.
( tt.runs upstairs for the towels)
me- Ok....I put a new roll on and there's an extra one in the pantry.
Dad- A new what?
me- a new roll of paper towels with an extra one in the pantry.
Dad- I couldn't find any paper towels in there.
me- I just put some in there.
Dad- well, I wanted one for my lunch but i couldn't find any.

.........heavy sigh......
(singing) here we go we go we go.......................etc...........
And on we go. :)
Mom went w/ me to the grocery store this week. Big mistake!! She whined more than a newborn. Anyway, I saw some fresh cherries. I love fresh cherries. They were $4.99 a pound!!! Holy shit cow I said. I went ahead and got some though. I told the Mom I was surely worth the money.......she just mumbled and asked where the banana's were.
When we got home and I we finished putting everything away, she asked if I'd offered Dad any cherries. No, b/c they have pitts and he doesn't like stuff w/ pitts. He used to she said. So.......................
Me- Dad would you like some fresh cherries?
Dad- whaa? Huh.....oh ok...
me- they have pitts in them so be careful
Dad- Oh well then I don't want any.
Mom- Well, I spent $10.00 on them....don't you want any?
me- umm...I bought them Mom....and he doesn't like the pitts.
Mom- oh I thought I bought them
me- No you want some?
Mom- well, if he doesn't want any then I do. But only a few b/c they're expensive.
Dad- What's expensive?
Mom- the cherries
Dad- No I don't want any.
Me- I'm going out on the porch for a few...

I came back in w/ a tummy ache from eating too many cherries!
I'm gonna go pickle my liver now outside for a while.
More later.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where the Hell have I been?

Even I don't know the answer to that! I've just been stinkin' busy lately. I've managed to read everyone but not necessarily commenting b/c that takes more time than I've got.....sometimes anyway. I don't know......WTF.

The parentals are doing what they do best. Being parents. The Dad has an eye problem again. Poor guy can't even read the paper; hasn't been able to since he woke up Sunday morning. His 'good' eye was all matted shut. I took him to the Dr. yesterday and we've got 2 different antibiotic drops to put into it. Probably and infection of sorts the Dr. said but his 'pressure' is too high in that eye which isn't good for someone who's had Glaucoma surgery. His Dad was blind by middle age, so Dad is pretty skiddish about his eye site. I would be too! Anyway, we' re fixing him up as best we can.

Lovee has been busy doing yard stuff. Here at our house and the parentals and Sunshine's and Babyboys house. Phew....planting trees, leveling yards for a pool, mowing, name it he's been doing it. He took yesterday off so he could start putting in a French drain in our Back yard. Whenever we get a big storm, we get a moat around our house. He hates that. And of course, living in Oklahoma, we get ginormous storms! When we're through with them we send them on to Jay. [ Nothing personal Big Guy.....:) ]
We had some awful tornado's his fairly close to us, but we escaped. We did have to go down into our 'frady hole' a couple times. Too close for me!

Our sweet Squiddly and his lovely and urchins will be here for a wee visit in a couple weeks! Yay!! He's finishing up the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.. They're going to visit us for a couple days on their way back to the west coast. I'm excited to see them all!

I know there's been more stuff going on but my grape just can't seem to remember it.

If you haven't already been here, you may want to stop in and help Dianne celebrate her 100th post! She's awesome to say the least. I have to start my day with her.

Oh and btw............the Indy 500...........shitfuckdam!! Did anyone see how totally pissed Danica was whenever she got bumped and was taken out of the race????? I hated it! I was rooting for her and Tony and Helio..........Helio was the only one of those who actually got to finish. I'm like Cheekymonkey....I'm going to quit rooting for people cuz I think I may be jinxing them. ;(
It was great not having to go to church that day though. Is that bad to say? Hummmm....that's a whole different

Gotta go do my paint-n-spackle thing now and get to the parentals. Yay me........

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


how come I can't read Tali anymore???
I'm sniffing here......did I offend???

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Almost vacation time!!!!

Sisterlittle and I are finalizing our plans for my/our vacation!!! She may be here a week before Lovee and I are actually driving out of town!!!! She reminded me that was the plan...but I had forgotten!!! ACK!!! I forgot????WTF!!!!!!!!
I think that's proof that this has taken a huge toll on my grape! Shitfuckdamn!!!!!!!1
Anyway....I'm getting excited at the thought of leaving. We're going to visit with ETK and baby and hopefully my niece and her family in Georgia. Then up to W. Virginia to visit one of Lovee's sisters...I adore her!!!! It'll be a whirlwind trip and eat us alive with the gas $$$$ but we're doing it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo...

There is one thing that I need a wee bit of help with from my blomie friends.
Take the laptop or not???
What ya think???

Race weekend is here!!!!! so Mom is being nice?? K.

" since you're so good to come down here on your one day off so often, I think it'll be ok if we skip church this sunday so you can watch your race on TV."
Yep, the Mom really said that today. I was telling her that we may be here late to pick them up and take them to dinner b/c of the Indy 500. She suggested we just watch it here at their house. I'm so proud of myself right now. I said that wouldn't work for me b/c we tried that last year and i missed most of it due to 'people' talking and having to leave at a specific time for dinner. she said she didn't remember that. Hummmm. she asked if I'd like to skip Church and i said....YES> uh-huh...I did that!
did i just grow some 'baubles?"
anywho, I'm just happy that I can stay home and watch it w/o interruptions!!!!!!!
Seriously...i don't even answer the phone during this race! it!!!!


I'm going to a baby shower tonight after I get through here. It's at the bank where I used to work. I'm excited to go so I can visit with everyone and eat some delish food from the local bakery etc. The one bummer is that i was supposed to go with a girlfriend who just called to back out. No big deal. Under normal circumstances anyway. BUT.......this it is....!! For real. She does this every elfing time.!! The only time we made plans that she didn't back out was for my 50th Birthday surprise party. She had asked if I wanted to see a movie that afternoon and I cautiously said ok; thinking the whole time she would back out. But she didn't . I didn't even suspect anything because of it either. I should have but..I'm not normally suspicious.
Anyway............her reason to back out is always the same. She doesn't feel well, she's tired, she has to go somewhere else at the last minute. Hummm. K. Even though I argued (sorta) with Lovee that she was really going to go THIS time...and told everyone at the bank that she really was coming 'this time'....I believed her.
So, all that being said...she'll be on my 'short' list now. My friend still, but not one I'll call and ask anything of or ask her to go somewhere with me. I'm done with that. D.O.N.E.
Now the odd part. She's done this for....Oh...10 years or so! Am I slow or what??? And it's not just me she does it to. Anyone outside her family gets the same treatment.
I just find that fucked up odd.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Viola'....another 'aha' moment!

A good friend told me last night that maybe I was censoring myself on my blog. I had mentioned that I don't want to be a whine bag all the time so I just don't blog sometimes. She reminded me that one of the reasons I started this blog, in fact the main reason, was to vent and not have to hold everything in while I took care of the parentals. She's right. So, if I seem to whine a bit...either ignore it or not. Your choice. But that 's what will go on from time to time. Like it or not, I gotta bitch and moan and groan and have my own little pity parties. I've got to get it out and go forward.
[So, younger self :)]

I've started my walking again. Stop,start,stop,start...that's just what I do. I get sidetracked or 'life' just gets in my way and I forget to take care of me. I get reminded of this a lot actually, but for some reason that information just doesn't make it into one of my 'grapel' rooms. :)
I made a special room up there today. It's a 'take care of tt room. When I went to check and see how many rooms were available, I found that stupid 'glass half empty' room! Geesh! I don't remember putting it there. I think I may have a saboteur lurking somewhere and I need to find her and kick her sorry ass to the curb! Pronto!!

While I was rummaging around the old grape, I found some things I'd forgotten about. Like my having fun room. It's pretty full but not of a lot of recent things. Oh, the urchins visits are there and Lovee is ALWAYS there!...Christmas is there, blogging is there, weddings in Hawaii and Greece and the vacation/anniversary to the Grand Canyon...and Vegas ;), swimming...but not just special tt stuff. Hummmm I said. Guess I'd better do something about that. That'll be my ponder for today.
Just what is 'special fun' for tt. I'll get it. Eventually. I know it's been mentioned that we hardly ever figure ourselves out because we keep changing, but I think some things remain the same basically. That's what I've got to tap into.

The Mom hasn't been feeling well lately. That's been heavy on my mind. She's had chest pains and jaw pain. She's had to use her nitro spray too. So, she's been really tired lately and when she gets tired she gets crabby and short tempered. Hummm....I said to myself yesterday. You do that too tt. Duh....note to self...try to work on that a wee bit. :) I know it's hard to be cheerie and smiley when you're tired but, try not to let it ooze out and fuck up someone elses day ok??/k!

Ok, my allotted morning blog time is up. I've got to get busy doing my paint and spackle stuff so I can get to the parentals. Dad's playing golf today so I have to get there early. Tee time is 10 am!

ps....I think I'll drink a lot of water today.....I may need to 'pee' some **snicker-snorts**

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How's this???

Thought for the day................

Handle every stressful situation like a dog.
Pee on it and walk away.

I would but...........I don't think I have that much pee in me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

TT's Famously Easy Lemon Pie...:)

This has got to be the easiest pie recipe ever. My Mon's been making this as long as she has a memory. Well, her memory is getting kinda odd lately but so maybey I shouldn't put it that way. But she's been making it since before I was born. And that ladies and gents was eons ago!

1 Keebler Graham Cracker crust
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 C lemon juice
1 tsp. grated lemon rind
2 egg yolks

Combine the last four ingredients and mix well. Pour the mixture into the crust and bake @ 350 for 7 minutes.
Let cool and top with whipped topping or meringue. Return to fridge and let set for 2 hrs.
Store leftover portions in the fridge.
Yummy in the tummy!!

Enjoy Blomies!! ;) **wink to Fairy Flutters and meno**

this's and that's...

A lot of the blogs I love, were found by clicking on the comments that people leave on different blogs that I had at the beginning. If I like what they said to whomever, I clicked on them to find out more. I've found so many that fill whatever it is I'm needing at the time. I think that's funny. It's like the Universe knows where I am at and directs me to a blog that fills me up or helps me cope with something. I'd be lost w/o them now. Seriously. Ya'll are my I don't know what to call ya.... soesn't matter I guess. You're mine!

Does that happen to you?

I'm a people person by nature. I like meeting new people and talking with them. Most of the jobs I've had gave me a lot of interaction with the public. Usually that was a good thing but you know how the 'public' can be at times. Ugh! I used to wish I could get a job that didn't require me to have so much 'interaction'. That was usually after someone pissed me off though.

When I decided to quit my job and take care of the parentals I's your chance TT. You won't have stupid people in your face all the won't have to be 'nice' when you don' want won't get sick so much from all the germie people ( ha)...

It'll be a good thing.

Well. guess what? I miss not having a bunch of people to talk to now. Figures huh! We always want whatever it is we can't have don't we. Why is that?'s stupid frustrating. Seems like there is always something off on the horizon that we I want untill I get it. I need to figure 'me' out I guess.

I forgot to liquor myself up medicate Sunday before we went to the parentals. Mom made her usual comment about me being 'quiet' again. it was my Dad's birthday though so i wasn't dreading it as much. He's 83!!! Even he said that's old. I have to agree. Especially when you have so many health issues like them. I made him his favorite Lemon pie. We went to the Outback for dinner ...yummy!!...then home for pie. He's been wanting a cockcoo for a long time so sisterlittle and I and the Mom got him one. He's happy as a clam. ( Are clams happy Monkey?)

God...please take me in my sleep before I get to that stage. That said, I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Oops...

I've got lots of pics to post if I'd ever get Lovee to upload them for me. I've got to make some notes for myself on that. I keep forgetting how to do it. Duh tt!!


you must go see this. So cute and so sad. I'm not liking the combination.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hip-hip Horray!!!!!

It worked!!!!!!
Lovee poured my enormously strong pre-medication Sunday evening. :) Worked like a charm! We had a good time actually. Lovee cooked out on the grill, put some baked spuds and salad with that and I'm a happy person.
We got home just in time for the Survivor finale.
My world is good.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ok...I've made a decision..tadah! I'm gonna start medicating before Lovee and I go to the parentals on Sunday nights. By medicating, I mean pouring me a nice little glass of some sort of adult beverage. Yea...that's the ticket....maybe some wine....or a crown and 7, which I view as necture of the Gods!!...or if it's been a perticularly heavy-minded day, a bit of Scotch! How's that sound? sounds good to me. :) Cheers bitches!!! ( I said that with a lot of affection ya know!)


My Mom needs a LOT of attention! I don't think she cares HOW this is accomplished either. I have learned that when she was little, her Dad would drive to the local tavern and tell her to stay in the car. She was so terrified of getting out of the car that if she had to 'go'...she'd wet herself. Sometimes she'd be there for hours on end. That's sad. I'm getting the idea he was a real bastard to everyone. Especially my G-ma. They eventually divorced and my G-ma married the most wonderful man ever! My Pop. I didn't find out untill I was in my late teens that he wasn't my 'real' G-pa. By that time it didn't matter. He's was my Pop and I loved him. So much that Lovee and I named our first born son after him. He's been gone for a long time as has my G-ma.
So, I've been asking more see if I can understand my Mom better. My hope is that I will be able to understand her more so that she doesn't drive me NUCKING FUTS everyday. :)
I know...good luck with that right? ADD kicked in a bit ..sorry.
My Mom bore the brunt of caring for her family when she was still little herself. Of course this was waayyyy back in the 20's and 30's....back when times were hard enough w/o having an abusive drunk for a Dad.
She's riddled with OCD. Which I think comes from needing complete order in her life. Finding this out helps me realize it wasn't 'me' who could never do anything right when I was was actually 'her'. Unless everything was done 'her' was wrong. Period. This little bit if info actually makes a couple things easier in my mind. 'Her' problems, which she didn't know she had, ran over into my world. Sisterlittle and I would jump through hoops when we were little trying to get our rooms to pass inspection. We couldn't do anything untill the Mom was satisfied that everything had been done to her specifications. I'm talking wiping the light fixtures on the ceiling; the door frames..baseboards...towels folded and hung just so on the racks........vacuuming and dusting....every weekend. Period. No exceptions. Of course if we were sick she would do it for us. No weekend could be missed. Hummm, doesn't sound so awful when I reread it but when you're a just never gets done correctly. Period. Anyway. She still feels the need to tell me how to clean her house which drives me crazy. She tells me how to cook. Of course when we were little we didn't have to cook b/c " it's just easier if I do it myself" she'd say. Once in a while we would cook and maybe do dishes...( we couldn't do the dishes right either....darn the bad luck there!) but it was for punishment purposes only..
I say all this b/c I think her OCD ,which developed when she was little( I think) is why she does all the stupid shit right now. Make sense? I think that, she thinks, if she doesn't have full control of any given situation she'll disolve into a puddle of ooze. [ I know...I'd like to see that too sometimes ;)]
As usual I'm having a hard time putting thoughts into words....but, I'm making some progress I think.
Baby steps....


I've got some pics to post....Lovee's opening presents and using them....putting fence post in at Sunshines house....Lovee being the 'lawn Ranger'....just silly stuff. But first, I've got to get them uploaded..... duh...I know you're anxious....don't give me any shit....
That's it...
Gotta go make the parentals some dinner. With the Mom's help of course...I mean, afterall, I'm only 53 going on 12...........I still need some learnin'.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I hate whiney bitches...

last night I was talking to the ever fabulous ETK as she and Baby were driving to Hilton Head for the weekend. We got on the subject of people and how some people are half glass full and some are half glass empty. We both agree that the hge people can really drag you down and actually make you tired. Depending on how YOUR day is going, they can completely drain all of your energy making you feel like a complete slug who's not even capable of leaving any sort of a slimy trail ;....or if your day was fairly decent, up to the time of seeing the hge person they could at least drain you to the point of ....wishing you'd never seen them.
I'm not doing so well in my description but I'm sure you get my drift.
Anyway, this evening, while we were having our every.fucking.sunday.night.dinner.out.with.the.parentals meal....a thought slapped me right across the grape. I,me,tt, turn into one of those dreaded hge people. Usually on Sunday nights. Some other days or nights it occurs too but mainly Sundays. That's the day I work a split. ( seems like it anyway) I leave their house about 12:30 or 1:00...after we get back from church and do whatever chores the Mom dreams up for me. Then Lovee and I go back about 5 p.m. for our every.fucking.sunday.night.dinner.out with.the.parentals meal. I've written about this before..about how I usually just turn everything over to Lovee and I just walk around like a mute zombie..mumbling something every so often so that Lovee knows I'm alive....or answering questions from one of the parentals. Tonight was just like every other sunday. Except..... the conversation i had with ETK revisited me and I realized...I'm one of those dreaded hge people....not all the time....but deffinitely on Sundays.
The sad thing is I don't have any idea of how to change it. None. Nada. Zip. Zero...nuthin'.
I wasn't this way before i started my beck and call girl gig. It's been an evolving process.
My Mom has always been one though. Shit! is it catching? Since I firmly believe that attitudes are contageous....have I caught hers????? shitfuckdamn!!!
I feel totally helpless to stop the process.

Stop the world...I wanna get off......just for a while though....K?
K, I'm through. I'm gonna go get some cheese and crackers now to go with my whineing....
I'm empty.
Gotta refill
Lovee's calling me....
That'll help :)
Do I need some little pills maybe????