Friday, October 31, 2008

Helloooooooooooo out there!

I wish that whomever is reading me in Europe would stop in and say Hi. I'm a people lover don't cha know.
In a few days...Squiddly will be reading me from another location....some island to our south. that'll put another yellow dot on my map. How fun. I'm such a blob whore. :) Actually I'm "head Ho".........according to cheekymonkey and ETK..... I'm officially off to go P & S...........
I told you, I'm an addict!!!!!!!!!!!!
and a Ho too !!!!
is that TMI?

Hi, I'm TT and I'm a blobaholic....

Is there an intervention program for this? I find myself analyzing why I post stuff and why I read blogs. It's addicting!!!!! I already have too many addictions as it is. Well....maybe not TOO many, but enough. Geesh.
I used to be able to get my home chores done before I drove to the adays...not so much. Thank goodness Lovee doesn't mind.

Anniversary was fabulous. Lovee had dinner ready for us when I got home. He took the day off from work and surprised me by coming into Tulsa and visiting me at the parentals. Awwwww.....
Quiet evening, alone at home...just the way we like it. :)

I had to print a sample ballot for the election to take to the parentals. So, guess what I'll be doing today? Yep.....election talk. Over and over and over...........makes me tired just thinking about it. But, at least they're still interested. That's a good thing. Dad's a registered Dem and Mom a Rep. However, I think Dad may go Rep this year. What ev..........

Lovee has a new project going. He's always got at least 1 project going at a time...usually more..
this one is in the garage. New shelving in the 3rd garage. Major project there. He has so many wood working machines and flows into the double garage. Of course now that he's doing a remodel....the only car that's in there is Suzi. She's special ya know. He's even painting the walls in It's really nice. He'll be so organized he'll probably have a hard time finding stuff. LOL Pictures will follow.........:)

Brad is back. Poor fella........he made an Oops on his I have done. I didn't offend him thank goodness. Live and learn ...that's what we do if we get to live long enough. He's such a great guy though. I heart him something awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw my Sunshine gal yesterday. She's lost so much weight that it's getting hard to recognise her! Seriously. What's with that??? I'm jealous. I looked great at 30 too though. I'm happy for her. She feels better and gets to enjoy buying clothes. What a concept. :) ( I'm not too familiar with that these days)

Gotta go paint and spackle now. Today is golf for the Dad and hair appt. for the Mom. I get to go to the bread store while Mom's in the beautification times I tell ya. :)
Tomorrow, at Village Inn...the replacement place for Denny's....I'll get to argue with the manager about their coupon. More on that later....

Have a Fridaytastic Day!!!!!!!!

Oh, and Happy Halloween..........gosh, I forgot to buy candy!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brad on Waconda road.....

I'm sad...Brad's blog says it's private....

I'm about to cry...

Was I bad???

did I offend?

I'm going to go blow my nose now.........


Pimpin a blog!!!!!!!!

I did this once before...but I got scared..i know....she who keeps saying she's not afraid....yep..I bombed. I deleted the first 'pimp' I did. (tsk-tsk-tsk)
But now, once again, I've got to pimp out a new-to-the-block blog.
Miss K...has such a raw passion for life.....and writes what she's feeling with such clarity, that I can actually feel,smell and taste what she's saying. Seriously.
She's new to the blobbing I hope everyone visits her and leaves her oodles of comments. It's worth the visit.
I had the enormous pleasure of meeting her when ETK and Cheekymonkey and I were in Chicago. She's funny and cute and I'm so grateful to have met her.
Can any of us have too many friends?
Go see her...

Random pics from the past :)

year 1995- Quantico Va. FBI National Academy...Lovee graduates!!! Me. Lovee, SIL( and FBI Agent!! )year 2003- Renewing our vows in Vegas!!! He asked again and I said yes...again!!

year 1973- The Christmas he surprised me!!!( I never have liked to have my picture taken) Don't cha love the trash can??!!

year 1995- Our last Marine Corps Birthday Ball.......Cherry Point, NC

year 1992- marine Corps Ball San Antonio,Tx

year 1977- Babyboy's first Christmas...and I was preggers with Sunshine girl :)

year 1979-Camp Pendleton Ca-2 kids down and ready to join Lovee in Okinawa....Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I sent him this picture to tantalize

year 1973- Lovee and me...Honeymoon is over and he's leaving :(

year 1973- We're engaged.....Tulsa, Ok

I Do ;)

35 Years ago today..... I married the love of my life. At precicely 7;15p.m. I became-

Mrs. Lovee :)

I met him at my front door. It was towards the end of June, 1973. I'm still not too sure of the actual day I met him....I was, at that time a wee bit on the 'flitey' side...flitting from boyfriend to boyfriend so the only dates on my mind were the ones that happened on Friday and Saturday nights. ;)
My BFF's boyfriend, brought him over to meet his girlfriends roomie. ( that would be me)We didn't want to answer the door because we had really bad sunburns from being at the lake all day. We were running around the apartment in our undies trying to stay cool and touch free. It was only after T ( the boyfriend) assured us that there really was someone else with him that we agreed to open the door. OMG!! there really is someone...and he's really cute I said.

After we dressed, quickly, we opened the door..
That's when my world he stepped inside our door....

I know there was conversation going on; returning from Ok city after taking tests necessary to join the USMC....T not having a ride back to Tulsa....Lovee giving him a ride....idle chitchat. But I don't really remember much of it. I remember thinking to myself...'OMG...he's the most handsome guy I've ever seen........look at those eyes.....and that sly grin....and those shoulders...'
Introductions were made....I'm sure...I don't really remember....I was concentrating on those eyes.
I didn't say much....just smiled. I didn't want to look like more of a fool than I already felt....sunburn and all, and I didn't want to risk saying something completely goofy. I tend to do that even now; when I'm in awe of someone. :)We all agreed to go play tennis the next day. Lovee was an accomplished tennis player and offered to help with our game...uh huh....I needed help alright! I was going on a date with Adonis and I couldn't even remember his name!!!!! When they left, I looked at my BFF and as I leaned against the door I said " Isn't he the most handsome man in the world?" She just shrugged and said " he's ok ". ( she was focused on her OWN guy!...thank goodness) :)

At one point, while we were changing sides on the court, Lovee put his arm around my shoulders. He gave me a squeeze, kissed my forehead and called me "punkin". My world went spinning out of control. A nickname...already? one ever did that before...squeezed me AND gave me a nickname and kissed my forehead!!! Uhhhh..........what just happened? Why is the ground spinning? It's who's serve??? Wha...?
After the tennis game; I don't remember who won....we all headed back to our apartment. Lovee and I decided to go for a walk to give my BFF and her fella some alone time. He was leaving for San Diego real soon.

We talked about everything you could imagine. His family and how he was the youngest of 5; his upbringing; How he'd married young; His divorce and how it effected him; his 2 young boys whom he missed more and more each day; his past jobs; what he wanted to do in the Marine he was just waiting for a waiver ( because of his kids ) so he could depart for San Diego. He had been on the Tulsa Police force...but left when he divorced....he needed a new direction for his life. He was 23.
An older guy...just my style!!!

We talked about how I grew up; my family of 1 sister and 1 brother (who died in Viet Nam in 1967 when I was 12);how I was almost I really didn't have a clear plan of what to do with my life...nursing school, maybe...who knew; my job at the Nursing home; my cool car ( 1967 Cougar )...we talked about how if he married again it'd have to last, especially if he had more kids, because not being with his kids hurt too much and divorces were painful....

I told him I'd never do that to him to him............Seriously.

I'm not sure where that came from but I remember he didn't flinch...just put his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me again.

We walked around for 4 hours! He kept switching sides I remember....I asked why and he said the man should always be on the outside, street side so he could protect the girl..... me.

I'd never heard such a thing...ever.
Wow...I remember thinking to myself....he's so handsome, so funny, so sexy, so caring. Is he for real I wondered?

When we returned to my apt., we leaned against his car and he pulled me close and asked me why I was shaking. I don't know I tell him. he pulled me close and kissed me. Really kissed me. I was never the same after that. He walked me to my door. I wrote down his name because I still couldn't remember ...:)
I gave him my phone number.
He said he'd call. God, I hope so I thought..I hoped he didn't think I was silly and dumb.He didn't. He called me at work the next day! He tracked me down. How, I'll never know.
We became inseperable. He would leave only to go back to his apt. and sleep.

I went to visit my parents and was telling my Mom about this fabulously cool guy I'd met. She said " tt, you're talking different about this guy" I told her" Well, that's because I'm going to marry this one...he hasn't asked me yet, but he will."

Four days after our first meeting he showed up late at my apt.. He had a funny look on his face and swept me up in his arms, gave me the most loving kiss I'd ever had and we melted to the floor....just sat there staring at each other. Finally he pulled a box out of his pocket. I gasped. He said he knew we hadn't known each other very long but that he really didn't have a lot of time. His waiver had come through and he was set to leave in about 3 weeks for San Diego...

Looking straight into my eyes, he said " tt, will you marry me?" as he opened the box.
I gasped again...which I still do when I'm surprised :) and threw my arms around him and said simply.."yes".

So what -we thought....
So what if we haven't known each other very long....
So what if we don't really know a lot about each other.....
We both knew one thing for sure.
We both fell in love....completely in love....the moment he walked into my apartment and our eyes locked.
We'd have plenty of time to get to know one another after we were married. I ran to my BFF's room and tried to wake her and show her....I was ENGAGED!!! She slept through it all. She was really tired :) lol
He wrote a letter to my parents, telling them of his love for me and asking permission to marry me. He's always been a letter writer :)
They said ok. Stunned at the suddeness of it all...Daddy told him to treat me right.......
I met his parents. They were also stunned. Was this a rebound thing they wondered? NO. I was from a different side of the tracks than he was. Could he make me happy? YES!Could I made him happy? YES!
We spent every moment we could together. He baked me a cake and fixed me dinner for my birthday that July...earlier than the actual date, because he'd be gone by then. My BFF was to be a surprise.
It was.
He was to leave the next day.

I drove him to the bus station and waived goodbye. Tears streaming down my face. An ache in my heart I'd never known. Little did I know it would be the first of many.
We wrote each day. I planned our wedding.
We wrote of love and missing each other....of the hardships of Bootcamp and being separated...of the joys we'd have once we were married.
Bootcamp lasted 13 LONG weeks.
He graduated Honorman of his platoon. October 25, 1973.
No one was there to see it. (This is something I've always regretted.)
He flew home and found me dressed up in my little 'hot pants' outfit waiting and squealing and jumping around the airport waiting area. He walked off the plane in his Dress Blues...I cried and ran to him!!!!
He stayed at my parents house with me. I had moved back home, after he left, to save money. We would be poor for a while but I didn't care. Hadn't I heard somewhere that people could live on love?.....
We honeymooned in Washington,D.C.. Staying with his sister and BIL taking in the sites. 2 weeks later he left again. For his formal school in Georgia. He was an M.P.
We got to be together again,that Christmas of 73. He surprised me once more....catching the last flight out going to Tulsa before a snow storm would close down our airport. The Taxi, piled high with people took the soldier home first :)
I cried and ran to him again when I answered the doorbell. We had another week together.
He left after Christmas for Camp Pendleton.
On Valentines day 1974....we were able to move into our first apartment as husband and wife...because my Mom ( bless her heart)drove with me to California to join him.

We spent our first year getting to know each other. Some days were easy...some were harder than others. The one constant we had was LOVE.
No arguement or dissagreement was as bad as the thought of being apart.
Love can conquer all.
It did.
It continues to.
it always will...with us.
Our love, somehow, grows deeper and deeper each year. How that's possible I'm not sure. How do you love someone more than you ever thought was possible?
It is...........
Forever and Always...........
He's my heart.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sads and happys = life :)

Where do my days go???????
Just wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments. Ya'll totally rock!
My friends funeral was yesterday. Lord that was hard. Her Mom hugged me so squeezed out more tears. We sit with her every Sunday in church...and I always give her a hug and smooch....I'm thinking those will take on a different meaning from now on. My friends son...who looks just like her btw...talked about how she was a loving and beautiful person....her life...and how she'll be missed. Her daughter read a poem. Beautiful. I honestly don't know how they did it. Such an outpouring of love. I felt it hit my heart. I saw sunshine .
I had a hard time finding my mo-jo yesterday. So I just went with the tide. Some days are like that.

On to brighter things :)
Lovee's and my 35 wedding anniversary is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And what have I got for Lovee? NOTHING!!!!! I know.....TT, get busy.
I have ideas, but the bulk of it may have to wait for a payday. :(

Hope you like reading ' how me met' stories...........cuz that's in the works. I'm in need of happy thoughts and that is at the top of my list right now.

I'm off to paint and spackle now. I was headed in that direction..actually just washed my face when the phone rang. It was my Sunshine gal..........she sang me the 'goodmorning' song. She's such a bright spot in my life....not sure what I did to deserve such a loving and caring gal...but I'm just going to roll with it. She's an old soul for sure.

Happy Tuesday ya'll! Let's make it count!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's in your bag???

When we're born, we don't come with instructions. We don't know exactly what lies ahead of us.
We aren't handed a nice little shiny box with everything we'll need to scatter about in making our life. It's a day by day thing.
I do think there may be a plastic bag thrown in the mix somewhere along the line. A bag with our life in it. But, because it's not in a box, neatly arranged with instructions as to when to scatter pieces of our life, some things get thrown out in a not so logical order. That is the mystery. We just reach in and grab something and toss it out and see what happens. Not on purpose mind you. It's like, we're blindfolded and can't see what's picked. If we could see, I know things would proceed more cautiously and in an order we think it should be in. That's life....chaotic and imperfect and magical all thrown in together.
We take whatever life throws at us....ever hoping for the best. Dealing with disappointments and joys and sadness, sometimes all in one day.
And so it goes.

A childhood friend of mine left us Saturday. She was only 56. A massive stroke and heart attack was the cause. I'm sure that wasn't in the plan her Mom had for her...or her children...or her brother....or her husband. I'm sure that wasn't in her plan either. The bag just emptied in an order we wish it hadn't.

We went and visited her Mom today after church. The first thing she said to my Mom was" Oh my, how'd you ever let your baby boy go? I just don't know how to do it. It's not supposed to be this way."
It has brought my brothers death to the front of Mom's mind. Mom did the best she could to comfort her...but really, what can be said.

She was only 2 years older than me. When we were small I wanted to be her. She was so pretty and popular. She didn't have that awkward stage that most of us have. She was always pretty. Sad, usually, but pretty.
Depression fell out of her bag early on. It grabbed hold of her and never quite let go. I think she forgot to grab more things out of that bag....depression puts blinders on you ...
I think sadness was all she saw.

So, I looked into my very worn bag today to see if I could get a glimpse of what may lay ahead. I saw so many possibilities. Some shiny things are there along with everyday stuff...laundry and chores...but I saw hugs and kisses......smiles and giggles....Lots and lots of love....rainbows and frogs and ladybugs.....laughter and and wiggles....and comfort. I saw enough to make me hopeful.

That's what I wish for everyone. I hope your bag is filled with enough hopefulness to make the corners turn up everyday.

I hope I get to empty my bag before I have no more tomorrows. I know for sure, I'm going to do my best to accomplish that. If I succeed, yay for TT. If not, I hope someone grabs what's left of it and pours it out to be caught in the wind. Maybe the shiney parts will land in someone elses bag that needs it more than I did.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pics of Love!!! you can see, although don't look too close cuz it's late and I'm looking a wee bit rough and have 'hairfuck' ..;) Lovee surprised me yet again!! I have some new 'bling' hanging from my ears and neck!!!! RUBIES!!!! My birthstone....and my final anniversary present. I know....our anniversary isn't until the 29th of October....but Lovee....he just can't sand to wait. Am I upset about that?? Hell NO!!
these are the earrings! There are 2 hearts. Lovee said his heart was on top of my larger heart...I beg to's as plain as the freckles on my face who has the larger heart....I don't really care...I see 2 hearts...OURS!!

This is the necklace. Rubies encircling a diamond heart. Wanna know what he said when he gave this one to me? Of course you
he said I captured his heart when we met 35 years ago!!!!!!!! Does it get any better than that??? Not in my book.

This is a pic of the two of them....they came in these cute velum bags w/ red tissue paper...Lovee and I both love red. Hummmmmmm...go figure. :)

Another surprise was this black 'paint' box he gave me yesterday. Seriously!!! he's just full of surprises. He just marches his handsome self into the Ulta stores all the time. No joke. You should see him whenever I or Sunshine need to go Bra shopping.....lemme tell ya....he's the 'gogetmethissize' guy...and never bats an eye and even chooses others....anywhoodle...
He knows what a Paint and Spackle whore kind of gal I am...and indulges me.
I find myself wondering just what I did to be so lucky. I know we're both just makes me wonder...
That's my guy!
He loves me awful!!
I love him awful..........forever and always.

Grape dumping on the light side

Let's see...where to begin?

Got together with my BFF Friday evening after 'work'. The company she works for has a corporate house so we met there. She brought dinner from our fav restaurant AND dessert!!!! We just spent time together, talking and laughing...sharing....leaking....quality time. Our evening started about 6:45. The next time I noticed the time it was about 11pm. The next time we looked, it was about 2 AM!!!! Saturday morning.... Seriously!! We've always been that way. Ever since we were 16. We can talk for hours about everything and nothing. Fortunately, there were no adult beverages involved so only getting about4 hours sleep wasn't too bad the next morning. I did manage to get in a wee nap in the afternoon...for about an hour....then hit the rack about 8 that night. Pooped. lol..........That makes 2 Fridays in a row for me to be up waayyyyyy later than my body likes. I gotta allow for fun times time limits on that.
And just for the record....she gets me! I'd be lost without her.

Yesterday I got to add plumber to my Beck andCall girl resume'. The handle on the downstars toilie has been wacky for a while now....I finally broke it all the way yesterday. At least that's what the Mom said. So...what does an uberly skilled B&C do??? Goes to Lowe's and buys a handle. Yep........I think the Mom was scared. She kept telling me to call Lovee to do it. but, did I? hell no!!!! I do have a brain....I'm capable of doing some things I don't normally do. Hello!!!
I told her if I couldn't fix it, it would only be because I don't have a lot of strength in my hands. but guess what?? I did it!!!! I did the happy dance and 'woo-hoo'd' myself.
so, take that MOM! ha

I forgot to tell you....the other day when Lovee gave me an early anniversary present...the bracelet...he also gave me some new smelly. Well, we call it'd probably call it cologne. lol Love it!!!!!
And then this morning, before he left for work, he gave me ANOTHER present. I tell ya...that man is doing some major spoiling on me. This time it's some more Paint and Spackle!! He loves shopping at Ulta and has managed to supply me with so much'll take years for me to use it all up!! Seriously!!! It's in a black case and if full of gorgeous colors. OOO la-la!
I'm a 'container' person. I love containers. Boxes of all shapes and that odd??? hummm.........don't care.
Paint and boxes.....can't go wrong there.

My sweet gal, ETK and her love, had to call their Grand Canyon vacay short. They were there with # 2 son and his lovely, Alli. A death in the family. Sadness. Such sadness.

It's raining here today. That means Dad won't be golfing. Mom will be relieved b/c she has a 'pain' Dr. appt. today and she was afraid it would interfere with me picking Dad up. You know...she's not happy unless she's got something to worry about. Well, chicken biskets....that means she won't be happy today....nothing to worry about.........Oh wait....yes she's raining...that means all her achy spots will be hurting really bad and she'll worry about that. Thank goodness.........we gotta keep her happy...don't cha know.

Gotta new paint set is calling me.
Pics of the case..........later.
Happy hump day!! ;) yea, I'm bad like that

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sending loves and hugs to Char!!!!

I think some of you may read or have read Char.....She lives in Arkansas and is taking care of her Mom and Dad. Her Dad's really had a time of it lately....and lost his battle.

Char is made of some really tough stuff.....she's lost 2 husbands and built a house to care for her parental her precious Dad is gone.

If you're so inclined, you may want to just pop in there to hand her a little drink or twelve...give her a big ol squeeze....or a slap on the hiney.....just to let her know she's not alone in this.

Thanks're the bestest!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Lighter side of life...:)

Guess who made me dinner yesterday????? Uh-huh....Lovee! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! A big ol fat juicy roast,spuds and carrots... a man in the kitchen..just makes ya feel loved doesn't it!Thought I'd show you the finished product of our kitchen redo...a wee actually started the beginning of the year....but now it's DONE!!! I've got Monkey valences....:)....and on the window seat that Lovee built....old 'red handle' stuff on the other treasures and junk , the new beadboard Lovee put on the wall and you can see some of the tile.

I found this on the table yesterday. Our Anniversary is soon and it just drives him nucking futs to have a gift for me and not give it....ha ha....this wasa Brighton charm's got a purse,martini bling glass,ladybug, a 'T' with a heart on the bottom, a teardrop with a dove and peace. Wayyyyyyyyyy cool and groovy! He loves me something awful and I'm the happiest woman around....
This is a closer version....he wrote me a'll have to squint to read it. ;)....

And Sunshine gal came over for dinner thursday.....i had to take a picture of her bad self!! Lawdy...she's getting so dang skinny....she's down 30 POUNDS!~~~ Seriously!! Hussy. She's a cutie pie though! ...with big dimples ...

I had to take a pic of her and Lovee too......she's such a Daddy's girl. Hummmmmmm, wonder where she got that??.....ha ha

Thank all of you who commented about my Daddy post. Some days are easier ya know....some days just beat me to the ground. It's all good though. I've been at this for about a year and a half and I'm finally coming to terms with it. I'm a slow learner.
but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything....
Well............maybe a gieffingnormous bar of Chocolate..............maybe?...with nuts maybe...possibly......lemme think about it for a while

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Daddy story

The other day while I was giving my Dad a hair cut he asked me a question. The following is how that went.

tt: I'm not going to buzz your hair b/c it's getting chilly and you'll need a bit of hair covering your head.
D: (chuckling) ok, whatever you think's best. Am I sitting right?
tt: we go.
minutes pass....................................................................
tt: Sorry Dad, I've got to get this bit of hair out of your ears.( he winced)
D: that's ok. Do you do this to Lovee?
tt: no, he cuts his own. I just check it afterwards.
D: Oh..........( pause )
D:, do you have hair under your arms?
tt: Ummmmmm,( chuckling ) yes, why?
D: You do?
tt: yea, Dad why?
D: well, because I do too. How do you get rid of it?
tt: What? I...uh.......shave.
D: You shave? you use and electric shaver?
tt: No, I use a safety razor. Why are you so interested in underarm hair Dad?
D: Well I noticed all this hair and I don't like bothers me....I don't think it should be there.
tt: It's ok Dad. You're a guy and guys are allowed to have hair under their arms. It's only women who shave.
D: Really? Why's that?
tt: It's just the way things are. Guys can go outside w/o their shirts and they only have to shave their faces. Women have to wear a shirt, shave their legs and underarms and be more covered up.
D: really? ( looks confused)
tt: Yep, that's just the way things are, so you don't need to worry about shaving under your underarms.
D: Well, ok...but it bugs me.
tt: There, we're all finished...does it feel better to get those eyebrows cut too?
D: Yea, now I won't have to push them out of my eyes anymore. Not an electric shaver but a safety razor?
tt: yep.....but you don't need to do anything. It's perfectly ok for you to keep that hair under your arms.
D: Well, ok, but I don't think it should be there.
tt: I think Millionaire is on. Lets go watch it ok?
D: oh yea....your mother likes that. Thanks babe. Is the hair off of me now?
tt: yep.....
D: Ok...put my necklace back on then you can relax.
tt: ok, thanks Dad.
D: you're welcome babe...and thank you.

( he's worn a gold necklace for 20 years or so)

He shuffled off into the den, sat in his chair and started reading the paper. Again. The subject never came up again. I however, have been mulling it over and over.....
He no longer sees his leopards and tigers..........but is confused about body hair. At least he smiled when he talked about his animal friends. The hair...not so much. Total confusion.

I went upstairs later and saw his can of deodorant sitting on the vanity and got this whole mental picture thing about what probably happened. I'm thinking when he lifted his arm to spray, for some reason, he noticed the hair and got confused. He wondered how it got there. And whenever there's a question, ask tt. She'll know.

Mental decline is hard to watch. Especially when it's my Dad. Sisterlittle and I are both Daddy's girls.

Whenever we talk, his most frequently used line is " I just don't understand..............".
Mom doesn't understand a lot anymore either. Dad will often ask me to read an article in the paper. Mom wants me to read it outloud so she can hear it too. She's more blind than him and can't read anything anymore. So, I read. Afterwards, Dad often says " So, what does that mean?" We'll discuss it. He'll ask Mom what she thinks and she'll say" I don't know, my comprehension is really bad." Dad will mumble something about how his is too, about some

It makes my heart hurt.

Lovee thinks it's only a matter of time before they'll want me to stay with them all the time. That's not an option for me to even think obout right now. I need to go home at with my Lovee and be able to 'take my pack off'. I need the down time. I need time to let MY brain absorb everything that went on during the day. You know how my grape is.....I've got to put things in my graple storage boxes......sort them out....find space for all the nonscence stuff...
One day...........maybe...........but let's hope it's later rather than sooner.

Dad is playing golf today. It's Friday. He and his's 92 and the other is 9 holes. No one keeps score anymore. It's just for fun. :)
Mom gets her hair done while that's going on.
I sit and read magazines...wander around the shopping center....and think.

Hearts can take a beating can't they?
Yet, they keep going.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early morning rambling grape squishers

1. I HATE having my picture taken. All I see is my Mom...not me. and my smile is way crooked. Not to mention I'm a wee bit too fluffy for my eyes to handle.

2. Mom was smiling from ear to ear yesterday. Why? Because I was back. Lovee says I'm their security blanket. Probably so.

3. I had a dream the other night that my Dad died. In the dream he told my Uncle " If you're hurting this much you might as well be dead" he died.

4. Brought the Parentals up to see the finished tile project....they've been anxious to see it. That's all they talked about yesterday. Seriously. That and what's our next project going to be.
Made me tired just thinking about it. My fingernails are just beginning to adjust.

5. Christmas is almost here. Have I shopped? No. Pfft.....................

6. I get my tatah's squished Monday. life is full of fun times.

7. People drive realllly fast in Chicago.

8. I get quiet if I'm out of my comfort zone. Must not happen very often b/c I just realized this. I'm how old?????

9. I'm going to be a greatgrandma in November! Seriously. # 1 sons-first wife's oldest son is going to be a Daddy. Yep...I live in Oklaeffinghoma. Life is grand. Really...I'm excited.

10.My back is killing me this morning. I have Degenerative Disk Desease. Pain pills aren't an option when I'm in the 'Beck and Call Girl" mode. SHITFUCKDAMN It's gonna be a looooooonnnggggggggggg day.

11. ETK and her sweetie are going on vacay to the Grand Canyon with our #2 son and his lovely, Alli today. We LOVE the GC!! Lovee and I went there for something anniversary.

12. Our 35th wedding anniversary is this month!!!! The 29th! Woo-hoo!!!!!!
And 'they' said it wouldn't last. Ha! Fooled them huh!

13. I don't like this number.,..silly I know.

14. Our neighbors to the south........suck!

15. I've gotta go.......Dad plays golf on Wednesdays....( I cute is that!)

16. Where the heck did R.E.H. go anyway ? It totally bugs me that he seems to have been swallowed up somewhere. I hate loose ends.

Have a good 'humpty' day ya'll.
Remember to think good thoughts.........
it's all good if you wake up on this side of the grass. ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shout out to Farmer*s wife...

Just a thought this morning......something for Farmer*s Wife to try......Yea, I'm like that...I wake up thinking about her. :)
Try this. You won't regret all!!!!!!

I'm just saying ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

For a good time go to.............

For the REAL story of our weekend in Chicago, I highly suggest you go to Cheekmonkeys blog right here. She did a fabulous wrap up of our time. She may be a wee bit biased in her views of things and happenings but...that's ok.......

I'M NOT AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!

Girl weekends are the bestest ever............especially when you drunk dial this wonderfully fabulous woman here. I mean, seriously......who's up in the very wee hours of the morning???? ....she is....not because she's waiting for the drunken Ho-bitches ladies to call....but because she's having a really hard time with her broken ankle.! That totally sucks! I heart her something awful !! Seriously!!! ETK and Monkey are doing some serious stalking on her....Go wish her a speedy recovery and drop her some love!!

AND..........if you go ETK's can go to her Flickr account and see ALL the drunkin-Ho-I'm not afraid-bitch pics wonderful pics she took with her fabulous camera.
I'm not afraid..............don't you be!!!!!!!!!!!! got that right....

ETK showing me some love :) I thought she was asleep...that's what she does when she's in a car after taking an antihistamine don't cha know.....but I guess not.

Guess what???

Guess who got carded at the bar????????? Sure as hell wasn't me!!!!!!!! ;)

A few more..... :)

We're all set to hit the town!!! Wanna know the best way to get me to change my clothes? Of course we you do....just say" Are you wearing that?" Yep...that'll do it. :) I did. Thank gawd!!! Aren't they the cutest??!!We had fabulous Indian food...after the cab driver dropped us off in BFE!! We finally fond our destination and let me tell you....Fipps and Mingo were very happy to see each other!!
After some liquid refreshments at the restaurant....we found a busy bar ( busy is an understatement!) Fipps was kind enough to share with Cheekymonkey....he's like that don't cha know. Aren't they cute...beak to beak..........{[gigglesnort}}

The fab youngins'!!!!!! This was at the end of our night...somewhere around 2:30 or so!!!!!! SFD!!! This one of the few shots I have that weren't blurry! Can you believe that?? Not sure what happened to my camera ;) Fipps was happy as you can tell. Doing a bewbie snuggle.
Fortunately a passer-by person...I'm not really remembering that part very clearly.... took our pic. Friends of CM met us at the bar and we had a terrific time....Ms C and her sister Ms K were a HOOT!!!!!!!! I totally adore them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole Fam Damily....the Cheekymonkeys!!!!!!!! WE went to a Punpkin farm....too fun!!!
There's a monkeyboy in there somewhere... my version of 'Where's Waldo'...(gigglin') He had soooo much fun looking for just the right one.

Mr. Hottie himself.....that would Mr. Cheekymonkey to ya'll! Looking all buff in the wagon . Can you tell how much fun he was having?? He's a great guy!! Seriously!!!!!!!
Afterwards we changed our clothes....again........SFD.......I forgot a couple a couple of blouses I was going to I looked a wee bit matronly and frumpy for the rest of the trip! rugged for our dinner and bar hopping trip later on....Oh was still fun. For real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A wee teaser :)

Geesh........where to start??!!

First off, the flight up to Chicago was great. No problems at all. Of course I visited a pub in the airport for s bit of liquid courage the form of a double. HA! And then on the plane, Fipps helped me consume another...what a guy! If you ever have to fly on an Express flight...where there's 1 row of seats on the pilots side and 2 on the co-pilots side....opt for the pilots side!!! Great place to sit. IMO of course. :)

Lovee has gone to p/u the parentals to show them our finished tile project. They're chompin' at the bit to see it and they're here....gotta go.

More later.........patience peeps!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This will be real quick. Cuz I've got to spend some Lovee time don't cha know!!!
We had a most fantabulous time in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll do a proper post later on complete with drunkin Ho pics and stories.

Came home to my lil pkg from Farmer*s wife!!!!!! Yay-raw!!!!!!!!! I was soooo craving chocolate all the way home today....on the plane no less and we all know they don't carry the really necessary stuff...well...those little bottles are in that category but they should come with chocolate too! Anywhoodle...she sent me a CD of George Strait AND Taylor Swift!!! PLUS............the chocolate bar which is sitting comfortably in my tummy now and a Texas A&M koozy!!!!!! Do I feel special??? Hell yes!!!!! I'm on top of the world now!!

I Missed my Lovee something awful! ETK and I had a marvelous time with Cheekymonkey and her lil monkeyboy and her Babe!!!!!!!! I already miss them!

SOoooo, gotta jet.............Lovee is looking all sexy-smokin-hot and I gotta go get me some of that!

There's no place like home!
Hola bitches..........I'm not afraid!( new mantra ;))

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One last grape squeeze...

before I head off for my mini vaca to see ETK and Cheekeymonkey......

First off, ETK did a great job talking about friendship that I think may be of interest to all. If you have the time, go read it. She says it very well. :)

the other day, Dad asked me what something was. I looked to see he was holding a Dime.
Dad: what's this? I found it but I can't tell what it is.
Me: That's a dime Dad.
Dad: A what?
ME: A dime know, 10 coin.
Dad: A dime?
Me:'s small and probably hard to see but that's a dime.
Dad: Oh.....a dime?....I knew it was some sort of metal but I couldn't figure out what it was. It's a dime?
ME: yep....want me to put it in your coin purse?
Dad: No....( looking confused ) I'll just put it here on my table until I figure out what to do with it.

:(....made me sad. His tigers and leopards are gone but he's getting more confused on other things.

Brighter note. Lovee and I went to see a movie Saturday!! Actually, dinner AND a movie. Woo-hoo for us. Date night!!!!!!!!
After we finished at the wedding reception, which I forgot my camera!! :(.....we had us some fun. We saw Road to Rodanthe. Gracious..........Kleenex was in order about half way through. Everyone was sniffing when we left. If you love romance stories...go see it. But, bring lots of tissues!!!!!! Richard Gere is a H.O.T.T.I.E!!!!!!!

I'm still so tickled about my Crock not a cock dianne ;) Gary the Potterman is so very talented. I'm thinking everyone may be able to find some gifts for Christmas over there. Be sure and check him out if you haven't already.

So,ya'll know about my trip to Chicago right? Did you also know that I don't like to fly? Nope...not one bit. Eons ago, when Lovee and I and the kids flew back from Japan ( we were stationed there for 3 years!!) we got all the way to St. Louis w/o any mishap. After our plane took off...maybe 15 to 20 minutes into the flight...the plane hit a wind shear. Seriously!!!!! I was sitting with my Sunshine gal and Lovee was with babyboy. I remember I had a death grip on the armrests and Sunshine was saying how pretty the lights on the ground looked!!!!!!!!!! Holy fucking shit was going through my grape We were headed for the ground!!!!!!!! Grab your ass and hang on was taking up too much room in the grape! Lovee and I yelled our 'I Love yous' to each other. Moments later the Hero ....our control and we headed on into Tulsa. I've hated to fly ever since. Lovee won't be with me this time to keep my fears in check...but with the help of those little bottles ;).....I think I'll be ok. After all.........I found my Lovee in this lifetime.....I can find him in another if need be....right? right!!!!!!! He's my rock. I'll miss him awful....but I know us girls will have a blast! I mean, I'm finally getting to meet cheekymonkey.....who wouldn't be excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heart my blobbies!!!!
I think about all ya'll all the time. Wondering what you're doing and how things are in your world....Hoping one day I get to finally meet every one of you.
I won't have my LT but ETK will so hopefully I can dictate she's my 'go to' galslave don't cha know and she will type a quick post to tell ya'll how much fun we're having!!!!! woo0hoo............

Enjoy your weekend blobbies!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tile pics....

I'm not sure if I've shown these before....but I thought I'd give ya'll a wee sample of our tile handywork.. :) this top pic shows the mosaic I did going from the laundry room into the hall way. We wanted to change the pattern and needed something to let the space do that. It's groovey!!!!!!!!This one is the laundry room..That was our starting point and first attempt. I think we kicked ass!!!!!! Of course the entire project is done now...but I haven't taken those pictures yet.
Am I lazy or what??? (don't answer that!)
Maybe after I get back from Chicago I can put up the finished product. I've gotta show the baseboards that Lovee's put in....he worked like a dog to get this all done. Oh sure, I helped...I mean I DID have knee pads and all............ Monica's not the only one who knows how to use those don't cha know..hahahahahah But Lovee, cuz he's all buff and strong like an ox and still wears a Speedo when he swims!!! yea baby!! and multi-talented.....did most of the work. He's awsome. :)

Lookie!!! Lookie!!! it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what was sittng on our table when I got home tonight????? Yep!!!!! My package from Gary the Potterman!!!!!! crock is here. Plus a couple extra tidbits thrown in just because Gary is the greatest Potterman in the UNIVERSE!!! Lovee did the honors of snapping a few pics for me to share. If you'll look out our window there on the'll see the bird sanctuary that Lovee and I's hard to see....I'll have to get a better pic of that for sure. Need to take care of our feathered friends too.:)
Of course the first pic is of the box.... duh tt...

This pic is all about the tape. Seriously....they guy LOVES tape. It took me several minutes to cut through all the tape on the OUTSIDE!! Gary, you got stock in tape??? It always helps if the tongue is sticking out....evidently....
Yep...still trying to get into the box................I was determined that's for sure!!!!

Ta-dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inside was a note from Gary...awwwww....he's so sweet.... I'm not sure who the fluffy lady is in these can't be Moi!!!

And here's My Precious!!!! The Beagle on the top is fabulous....just like Penny!

One of my surprises was one of those wee little pots! Soooo cute....I'm wondering if toothpicks will fit in there....I'm just thinking about it cuz I don't have any....Lovee had an accident in the garage with ours. don't ask!!! snickersnort

'And still another surprise!! Pig on a Pin in a Pig on a pencil... yea, that's it. Soooooo cute! I did a little 'Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'....just for Farmer*s Wife :)

And, what's in here???? My spoon rest of course!!!!!!!!!!! Only took me 2 or 3 minutes to get that opened. Geesh....the man LOVES tape. Were you afraid it would escape from the box???? teehee ;) More tongue action.....I didn't realize I did that so often. Most of the pics Lovee took I had my damn tongue out..What's with that???? who knows............

And viola!!!!!!!!!! The final products!!! Crock with Beagle , that would be a cock for Dianne :) spoon rest, wee pot and oinker on a pencil!!

did I make a haul or what???????

I LOVE THEM..LOVE THEM...........LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Gary..........You rock!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A rushed post....

3 more days and ETk and I will be in Chicago. I'm so blasted excited I can't focus on anything..

Tile project is 99% finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures after I return from Chi town.:) I know you're anxious. I'm waiting on the final special crock from Gary. You MUST see it completely done! ha And it's not done untill it's here.

I'm anal....I know..what;s new right?

Dad wondered what a piece of metal was doing on his side table...
it was a dime. He didn't recognize it...even after I told him what it was. He said it looked like some sort of coin but wasn't sure. He's still not sure.

I'm gonna miss my Lovee something awful!!!!!!!! I don't like being away from him...but this was such a special trip that I had to do it. But I'll miss him terribly!!!!!!!!!!! ( sniff-snif )

I'm on my naturally Mom needs me...
Go figure...........
tis my life......
gotta go......

I'm so behind in reading everyone....
What;s going on????????
I'm feeling left out...and I Hate that!!!!!!!!!!

She becons again.......
I'm outie...
missin' all ya'll.......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Save your tatas!!

I don't think I have an original thought bone in my I'm going to follow the crowd this time and go PINK.

We've got to be mindful of the Big C.

And in honor if the occasion....I'll share a little something with ya'll.
I haven't had a mamo since I was 34!! Seriously. That was.....hummm, a long time ago. ;)
I've now got one scheduled for later this month
I'm gonna bite the bullet and go get squished.
Better to bite that bullet than one more serious. Right?

Schedule your please.

It's ready!!!!!!!

Guess what???

My red crock is ready!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS a spooon rest to match. I can't wait to get them. Should be here next week.

I was just over at the Pottersman's blog to see the finished product. He's put a cute little beagle...whom I will always call Penny!! on there and it has dots!! Yea...dots. Red with dots....

what's that you say??? Sounds like a Ladybug???

Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Yea baby!! You know I have a Ladybug tattoo, sitting on a leaf of a sunflower...on my ankle.

I'm sooo excited. my on the hyperlink...and go see it. If you run through his blog you'll meet the Missus and Spike le cat and Buster and of course Penny. Great family there for sure!!!

This is going to be a great day.
The Mom has a physical scheduled for today....But I'm still going to think positive. Last year, during a specific procedure, she screamed out "Jesus"....rather I'm hoping we won't have a repeat of that. Trust me you don't want to know what the procedure was. It's hard enough for me to be in the room with her during that w/o hearing her holler.

The dryer is buzzin..........
I'm dreaming of a crock..........
it's all good.