Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 days and counting!! :)

If only you could have seen how I first typed in my title!! Have you ever left out the 'O' in counting??? hahahahahha

I've got a list going for all the things I need to do before we leave on our vacation. It's not too long but I'm a list maker so I had to do it by days. Geesh.....not that I need to do it anymore. I got into the habit of doing it when I was still 'gainfully' employed. You know, so I wouldn't forget something. Now that I'm actually on vacation 'before' my vacation it's so much mor enon-stressful to get ready. Woo-hoo!!! Come on..everyone 'Happy dance' with me!!!!!!!

It's going to be a whirlwind trip though. Thats fine by me. Just get my happyass outta here for a while. :)
First lag of the trip will be to Atlanta to see ETK. She's the only one of our kids whose home we've never visited. Gasp! I know....but we didn't get to # 1 son's house untill last year, along with seeing # 2 son's and wifey house a the same time. They're in Texas so it's a wee bet closer. # 3 son lives here as does daughersunshine.
So.........after Atlanta, we'll go to Berkley Springs, W.V. to see one of Lovee's sisters. I adore all of his sisters....all 3 of them! It'll be a blast.

We're staying at a hotel that's only a couple blocks from ETK's place in Atlanta. We, unfortunately can't stay w/ her b/c she's got too many kitties for my allergies and asthma. :( Same with Lovee's sister. We're going to be in a cabin up there.!!

I'm so flippin excited! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do have one more 'Mom' duty before we leave. Mom is having another stress test on her heart tomorrow. She's been having problems lately and the Dr. thinks it's necessary. Mom is a bit nervous about it. Anyway, the Dad plays golf on Wednesdays. So, Sisterlittle will take Mom to the Dr. @ 8 a.m. and wait for her to get though with her 3 hour! test while I take the Dad to his friends house for their 10 am. golf day. Works for me. I need to go to town anyway and get the oil changed in Suzi and do a couple other errands. Like a Mani/pedi....I haven't had one in years!
# 3 son and his girlfriend/fiance'...( whatever) gave me a gift cert. on Mothers day for one. Now's a good time to use it I think.
That's it for now. I've gotta get busy with my list.


Anonymous said...

Oh, go get your mani/pedi - that is one of my most favorite luxuries to indulge in. Around here it costs $30 for feet and hands and it is so worth it! That's barely more than a $1 a digit, right? ;)

I wonder what it's like having your children all spread out and not seeing them daily. I would imagine it would hurt slightly. Does it?

tt said...

ff: just a $1 a digit....I LOVE justifying stuff...that SO works for me. thanks!! :)
It's really not too hard having the kids all over. It gives us places to vacation, gives them a break from 'their' parentals..which I know they need ( lol)...and they're all grown up and leading fabulously healthy and rewarding lives...which is what all parents wish for with their kids. We talk often and keep up with what's going on. It's all good. If we couldn't talk on the phone or email.....I'd be seriously depressed. Seriously!!!

JINKS said...

Hello P&S,

Just blog jumping around and dropped in. You have a very nice looking family and sounds like a great life. I"ll come back and read about it..enjoy!

Jay said...

Sometimes preparing for vacation and all the anticipation of vacation is almost as much fun as the vacation itself.

tt said...

jinks: Welcome..the more the merrier. I love visitors....I'll go see you too.

jay: you crack me up....and you're absolutely right! ( as usual)

Acrimony said...

Have fun with the mani/pedi. I'm jealous! What color are you going to paint your fingers/toes?

Have fun on vacation!

tt said...

tali: the color is called "No i'm not a waitress" by OPI...it's a real purty red. Yummy!! Thanks for the 'fun' wishes. :)

Brad said...

Sounds like a great trip plan - take us lots of pics. and get some relaxin' in too !

Dianne said...

I have often left the 'o' out of counting - usually when referring to my son's MIL

enjoy all the prep - it helps build the excitement

are you getting pink toes and fingers to match your flamingo?

Real Live Lesbian said...

Enjoy that manicure/pedicure! It's a bargain at $1/digit! LOL

Oh and that's one of my favorite colors too!!!!

Have fun on vacuntion! ;)

tt said...

brad: pics will abound andbe posted after I return. It'll be very relaxing just leaving town :)
Thanks buddy!

dianne:ya know, I thought about matching the Flamingo...but'no I'm not a waitress' is one of lovee's favs so I'm gonna go with that...this time...next time..day-glow pink!!! I'm loving the prep. woohoo!!!

rll:...you wickedly delightful minx you!! I caught that...you funny. Wish I could get it down to .50 a digit....I'm so ridiculously cheap! lol

ETK said...


tt said...

etk: damn skippy we'regonna have fun!!! get the dirty whatchamacallit ready! :)