Sunday, June 15, 2008

For your viewing pleasure

I thought I'd put some pics up that I've been meaning to share. Lovee and Squiddly finally showed me how :)
This is a pic of my Sunshine girl with her partner "Punky" getting all excited over their new BBQ grill. Punky put it together and we grilled hamburgers after putting up a privacy fence in their backyard.
This is a pic of Panda. We were in the 'frady' hole and she wasn't too happy.

Neither was Pebbles. She looks like a demon dog here with those red eyes. :) You can see Lovee's pj bottoms....they have Woody Woodpecker on them brought the Cheez-its along just in case....:)

This is our backyard after on of our storms!!! The water actually ended up covering the entire green grass was visible 30 minutes later. ( got the camera a wee bit wet getting this shot) Lovee's put in a French drain to help with the run-off.....geez!!!
this pic below is of my oldest Grandson and his girlfriend....I was informed this weekend that they are going to make me GREAT GRAMMY!!!! Can you say Holy shit??!! ha ha ha lol
They've been together for about 5 years and were planning on gtting married in October. Not sure when the Wedding will be now. Doesn't matter. We're all excited for them. He's just the sweetest boy and so is she...well, she's not a boy...but she's a sweetie. That baby is gonna get some major spoilin' that's for sure. Am I old enough to be a 'great' grandma??? Hummm, guess that doesn't matter now does it??? Bring on the babies!!!!! I have lots-o-love to share!!!!!

Now, this one below is of Babyboy's girlfriend at their place with the wolves. They're getting so big! Babyboy made them a shelter/den/climb-on-thingie. lol
I went out there in my grody pants thank goodness cuz they ripped them to shreds!! Just playing of course, but those nails are a bit sharp. :)

this is more .....cept you can see the Dad...Gabriel....real well. He's very protective of his babies. the Mom got Spade last week. Gabriel was completely lost w/o her there and quite anxious.

Guess that's it for now. I have more to share of the Squiddly's visit but I have to find those....... Why can't this picture thing be easier for me?????? ugh!!!!


Gin said...

I LOVE your Chi's!! They are both so cute. Tell them Hi for my little Rosie! :)

Looks like you've been having some rain too!

Acrimony said...

Great pictures! Great-Grandma huh? Wowza! How exciting! Congrats!

Jay said...

A great granny? Awesome! More kids to spoil! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well you're a very young great-grandma for sure!

Wonderful pictures and your happy personality shows in your words. What a joy you must be to your family! I'm jealous! :)

tt said...

ginni- rain,rain go away!! Panda and Pebbles say hi to Rosie!

Tali- thanks...great g-ma.... it's gonna be fun .

jay- grammy's the name...spoilin's the game...corny huh!

ff- Welcome to the family girl...the more the merrier!

Dianne said...

great grammy! so cool

and so young and gorgeous!

love all the pix!

hugs kid

Unknown said...

Congrats Great Gramma! And thanks for the kind b-day wishes on my flickr acct :)

tt said...

dianne: Thanks...I love it when you call me 'kid'

b: Thanks--looking forward to meeting you!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

LOVE DOGS! (Kids cute too.)

Brad said...

Congrats on becoming the youngest great-grandma in the world!

The eggs may look a bit red in the pic but their really brown and speckled. Just once in a while we get mini-eggs that one is about an 1" long and 3/4" wide.

The silly looking chicken is commanly known as a Polish Tophat. We have a few. They're really fun birds. A bit more personality than some other breeds. They'll come up on the back porch and look into the kitchen kinda checking they place out like "Nice Digs, can we come in ?"

Google Reader seems to be out of whack - I keep finding blog updates that haven't shown up on the feed. I hate missing blog updates - may have to go find a better RSS (RRS?) feed

Take care Dear - and again - CONGRATS ! as Jay said - more babes to love !