Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lookie what I got!!!

I got a package in the mail from the fabulous ETK.

She sent me my very own Flamingo which will, of course, be traveling with us on our upcoming trip. :) There was also a memo pad that says 'WOW! You make me smile...I Love You!' and a pad that says 'I don't do mornings'. Ha...

There were also some bags with a bunch of computer thing-a-mabobs, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do with'm so NOT a techie person with computers. :) I'm sure she'll give me some instructions and tell me what I can do with them....

I also went shopping with Sisterlittle and found these fabulous sandals at Dillards.. These are exactly what I was looking for when we went to Greece but couldn't find any. Of course! Anyway...looked at hundreds of purses and finally found this one at Tj Max. Only $20.00!! That makes up for the $$ I spent on the shoes. lol...I know everywoman out there will understand the logic for that.

And of course as soon as Flamingo saw the purse she immediately jumped into it!


Acrimony said...

Awesome Flamingo! :)

Love the shoes and the purse. Good finds!

ETK said...

You know - your flamingo and my flamingo are twins. Fraternal twins, of course, but apparently they both share the same love of travel and jumping into things.

LOVE YOU! Nice shoes and I dig the purse.

Jay said...

haha .. Those Flamingos are just like puppies. They just follow you around and get into everything! ;-)

Allison Horner said...

Love the sandals!!! Very nice! :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

My flamingo does the same thing!

Love the sandals!!!! They're CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I love sandals like that but they never fit my big, wide feet. :(

Cute bag to match!

Dianne said...

ahhhh - into everyone's life a little flamingo should fall :)

love the shoes!! and the bag

the closed the TJ Maxx near me :(

you redecorated didn't you?
cool :)

Diane J Standiford said...

COOL! Like the knome(?)!!!

tt said...

tali: thank you...20 dollar purse that I like is a great find for sure!

etk: I thought they looked alike...but didn't know i they were maternal or faternal..kinda like mary-kate and Ashley huh?

jay: exactly! ;)

alli: thanks sweetie..xo

rll:- Those Flamingos are Onery aren't they?!

ff: actually their quite roomy...the pic doesn't do the bag justice...I knew you'd appreciate the price since you're so good a bargain shopping ;)

dianne: thanks suga..yep, I actually screwed up my blog and had to call etk to fix it for me. She decided I needed a bit-o-pink in honor or my new arrival...Flamingo! :)

djs: the gnome is actually a plastic yard ornament...however...(she doesn't know it) ...I'm keeping her legs in the ground for when we're home. Otherwise she'll be traveling with me. :)

Gin said...

Love the flamingo! I have a couple of them that somehow (hmmmmmm?) keep popping up in other peoples yards! Wonder how that happens?? wink wink!

The shoes and purse rock! I totally get the financial end of it. You did good!