Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yesterday I decided to keep myself as busy as possible. I thought if I kept moving and doing stuff that 1.- the time would go faster and 2.-there'd be less opportunity for one or both of the parentals to corner me and start a chat. Isn't that awful?!
I did manage to keep all of the 'wet' cleaning done , which is cleaning 3 bathrooms, and sweeping and mopping the floors, scouring the kitchen sink went to the store, took the papers to the recycle place, took both of them to the creepy foot doctor ( that's a whole other story) picked up all the debris from in the yard from our last storm, dusted the whole house...which is actually part of my today's 'dry' cleaning and even managed to work a few crossword puzzles and smoke about a half pack of cigarettes. Actually, I just lit them and worked the they mostly burned out. Of course, lunch was in there somewhere....Mom doesn't like to eat alone so I have to at least sit w/ her; we had leftover oven-baked mac and cheese. Yummm.....The Dad always eats lunch late. He started to fix his half sandwich while I was cooking the bacon. Oh yea....about every couple weeks I have to cook 2 lbs of bacon. Uh-huh...microwave 2 lbs of bacon; he has a half sandwich w/ one piece of bacon and ketchup every-elfing-day along with milk and grapes or an orange and a pinwheel cookie; and one day a week his breakfast has bacon.
The routines for what food is eaten on what day drive me nucking futs.
Mom has a bowl of cereal everyday at lunch...unless I've made baked mac and cheese. :)

So, today is 'dry' cleaning. But since I've done the dusting that only leaves vacuuming. Of course it will take me a while cuz it's a big house. 2 story, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths( 2 w/ partial carpeting ), den, formal living and dining room, utility room and of course the extra wide double garage. It's a big house....much bigger than they need now obviously...but they don't want to move...which is one of the reasons I'm doing this.....
Dad has taken to using the bathroom in the upstairs 'suite' as Mom calls it. It was originally a Mother-inlaw's had a little kitchenette in a room between the bedroom and bathroom. That was my room a lifetime ago.

Oh yea...back to my chores for today. It's Wednesday so Dad golfs. I take him to his friends house and his friend drives them to the club. They smack a few balls and then I pick him back up and bring him home. Mom's got a nail appt. and the cable guy is supposed to come over vacuuming.....and that's it. Supposedly. Of course there's always the makeing of the bed each morning....Mom can't get dressed unless the bed is she says... and Dad will see something in the paper he doesn't understand and I'll have to try and figure out a way to get him to understand it. That's always fun. Uh-huh....

The good news is I get to go do a wee bot of tanning this morning. That's what I do for me...when I can. I've finally discovered the standup booths..soooo much easier on my old body. No climbing in and out. It's the little things. :)
Plus we've opened our pool so I've got to take a water sample in and get some chemicals. We're supposed to have another big-ass round of storms Thursday night and into Friday. Naturally...that's when Squiddly and his Lovely and the urchins ewill be here. Shitfuckdamn! So the chemicals I put in tonight will be deluted by Saturday and I'll have to start over. So it goes.....I'm not gonna bitch about that though. ( not much) Cuz I'm a fish and swimming is one of my pleasures. I'm at home in a pool. I relax in the pool. It's my summer fun. Yea for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like I've rambled long enough about my daily life.

Next week, if the weather cooperates, I'm building a whimsical thingie for the new garden bed I made for Mom in their back yard. ( I'm the gardener too) I was over at Ginni's place and saw the cutest thing. Tipsy pots! Look for them, she's got a picture to show it and tells how it's done.
Gotta jet...................gotta get ready..and go Tan then off to the parentals...
The fun never ends.



Anonymous said...

Damn you are busy! And energetic!

Made me tired just reading all you've done and will do.

You must be a really sweet person to do all that for your parents. I hope I'm never in that position w/ my ILs. They currently take care of each of their fathers who are in their 90's and far less picky than your parents sound. They have a lot on their plates!

They often complain that old people are *worse* than children. ;)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm tired too after reading all you've done in one day!

Have fun tanning!

Your parentals are damn lucky to have you!

CheekyMonkey said...

I miss you. Thanks for the update.

Jay said...

Ketchup and bacon sandwich?? Ewwww! LOL

I'm pretty worn out just reading that. I think I'll go take a nap now. haha

Brad said...

Sounds like quite the full day. I saw the Tipsy pots over at Ginni's too - I'm going to give it a go this weekend, well if the wind stops blowing -

Take care!

tt said...

fr- They are worse than children!! I've tried to send them to their room but they really talk back and Lovee says I can't spank them or God forbid..ground them. lol

rll- the tiring part is all mental! Yea, they're lucky...I guess...and I'm nuts! lol

Cheeky Monkey: back atcha...xo

Jay: I know...gross isn't it?!
Take a nap for me too please ;)

Brad: Take pics of your pots k? I love your pics...!!

Acrimony said...

Holy crap, come over and clean my place next!

tt said...

tali: I'll pencil you's that? lol

meno said...

Gad, i don't even clean my own house that well.

Sunshine said...

I always love reading your posts Ma :)

I went to Ginni's site and her dog... OMG... reminds me a lot of how Charmin used to look, huh. I miss poor Charmin :(

tt said...

Meno- me either!!! That's what's so f**k'd about some of this...LOL

Sunshine- I thought the same thing...I miss her too.

Gin said...

Hi TT, I'm flattered that you mentioned my tipsy pots! I still haven't gotten mine done, I have the plants, but it's been raining almost non-stop around these parts...maybe you've heard about all the floods here! (I'm in western Illinois right on the flooding Mississippi river...but I live up on a bluff, so all we've had was rainwater in our basement) Anyway, I hope you do the tipsy pot thing and that you post photos of it!!