Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coupons..... really? what the.....hummmm...

People who save $$$$$$$ on coupons baffle me. Seriously. For the life of me I just don't get it. I'm a clipper ; every Sunday, without fail, I find the coupons and clip whatever I think we'll use. I'm almost in the OCD category about it. I actually see it as throwing money away if I don't clip. UGH!! I then put them in my not-so-handy coupon keeper, put them in the car and usually forget to take them into the store with me. :( Geesh!!!!!! I need a bigger purse I think so I can stash them in there and they'll always be with me...
Great!! Now I need to buy a bigger purse.....more $$...............any coupons for Born purses out there?? I saw one online that I LOVE!! ;) lol

I've listened to the shows who have coupon experts stories on Couponmom.....I just can't figure out how they get stuff for free....or for $.79 that would normally cost $2.89. What am I missing???

Sisterlittle says.....and so do I for that matter that I'm an LD kid at heart. ( learning disabled) but really.........I just don't get it and I want to. I need a tutorial or something. A my grape can absorb it all.
Is that so much to ask for?? Is it?? Really????

My grape is really squishie today. Can you tell?
I wonder if there's a coupon for a juicer??

Have a good week :)


The Queen said...

Yea babe.. you and me both.. the Princess saves a crap load with coupon's... Prince Charming is even better at than she is..

My SIL paid for all their vacations when they were raising their kids, with the money she saved from coupons....and they had some pretty awesome camping trips...

I'm with you.. I clip.. I file.. I forget...I got one thing for free last month because I wanted it for Prince Charming for his Christmas sock next year so I put it in my checkbook... other than that.. not so good with the coupons..

If you find a class. let me know..

Watched the movie.. loved it.. no tears.. boy taking brother home came close though!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I clip coupons and use them and LOVE it when a good restaurant has a coupon. BUT, do you know how many times I, a very macho guy I know, have been standing there at the cash register and the checkout lady has already totaled things up and has to restart and then put in my coupons? I think maybe I am the only guy in town who uses coupons, so they are not accustomed to even asking.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Have you checked out
I don't use coupons nearly as much as I should, but I do keep them in an envelope in my purse, stashed in the order I usually find each item in the store.

Jay said...

We don't even get coupon fliers in our newspaper anymore. I've thought about websites with coupons, but you have to print them out and ink is expensive!

fiwa said...

Ha, I never thought about Jay's point about the ink.

I never think about couponing either - but I hear you can save a ton of money. If you figure this out - let us know.

CheekyMonkey said...

:) I went grocery shopping with the monkey yesterday, had a coupon in my HAND and forgot to use it when checking out. Yeah... there's no hope for me.

But every once in a while, I'll get crazy and go to and check out the retail coupons. Sometimes you can find some really good stuff!!! That is, if you don't forget to use it..

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I'm with kc. You so have to go to's place! He lines it out for you. He provides links to free stuff and free samples.

He shares his savings and HOW he did it. He's awesome at everything he posts, including tips to simplify cleaning, cooking great meals with limited time and do it all on a budget!


Herrad said...

Hi TT,

In the past I too saved coupons but generally left them at home.

My purse was also too small and by the time I saw the coupons again they were always historic.


Some people were not born to sucessfully clip coupons.

Diane J Standiford said...

I am coupon challenged as well. Many expited ones laying around the home. It is a job and I know $$ CAN be saved. One year I saw on Oprah about a woman who LIVED off contests. "Oh sure," thought I; but I decided to follow her advice and I won 4 contest in 6 months, mostly junk I ended up giving away as gifts, but I COULD have sold it---Geo. F. Grill, Big Cooler, Sailboat painting----it amazed me, actually; but I was working full time at a real job and gave it up. In my teens I worked at a coupon FACTORY---I added up all the money.

Dianne said...

as I read this I'm looking at my coupon thingie - most of them expired in 2007 - oh well

I'm all caught up - sorry you didn't take your camera to Denver

and I have Taking Chance on my DVR - I saw a behind the scenes special about the making of it - even that made me cry

love ya kiddo

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so love me or hate am a coupon freak :)

I live for my coupons..

As a matter of fact I am about to go use one... Buy one get one free on Sundaes and Baskin Robbins :)

Dez said...

I'm afraid I'm with you in the "trying to learn" department when it comes to coupons. Every now and then I'll get lucky at some sales, but not with coupons.
ALTHO, this past weekend, I went to dinner with 4 other relatives (including us - 6) and had 2 coupons for Land & Cattle Steak House, Buy $20.00 food, get $20.00 off. We got our meals half off! Hmm... wonder when I'll do that again? :)