Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dog gone........

did I mention we had to find new homes for my wee Chihuahua's? sucks!!
Number 3 son and his girlfriend took them for a while but eventually had to find new homes for them. I guess having 6 wolves and 3 dogs PLUS our 2 was a wee bit much. No worries though. Pebbles is being treated like the princess she knows she is and Panda is ruling her new house. They actually live next door to each other and can run the fence together. That makes me smile.

When we moved the parentals in with us we really didn't have a choice. Both of them are blind. The thought of one or both of them tripping over a dog makes me shiver... and with my Dad's Diabetes he bleeds so easily that the smallest scratch is like a rushing river. Panda just loves everyone and always greeted Dad with paw which always made him bleed.
shitfuckhelldamn :(
The new mommies say I can visit but I think it's best that I don't. For one that dreaded throat lump would appear and two....I wouldn't want to stir up old feelings in them or make them think I was bringing them home.

The grape's not to squishy lately... and now a days when I'm doing my paint and spackle routine I'm usually so rushed that nothing is getting reshuffled up in the grape house.
Which reminds me...
i probably need to do a wee bit of rearranging up there...

Later maters...


Ron said...

Hi TT!

I really feel for you because my mother had to find a new home for her cat (which she had forever) because my brothers allergies were so bad they were starting to really affect his health, so it had to be done.

Happy to hear that you were able to find good homes for them.

Love the names...Panda and Pebbles.

Hope you had a great day!

The Queen said...

hang in there.. and.. I will send you trolls if you need them.. I have discovered a whole box of them... my latin lover was among them..

Check out the castle.. see one you like..YOu may find it in your mailbox..

sorry I don't have a shiny troll yet.. but.. I'll work on it

Diane J Standiford said...

Poor little babies. (the dogs) I wish if I had had a kid they would have cared for me in my old age as well as you care for urs.

meno said...

I'm sorry about your little babies. But i'm glad you found them good homes.

Dianne said...

hey hot stuff!!

sorry about the pups needing to move, but their new homes sound good and that must be a comfort

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It sounds like you found them perfect homes. ♥

Herrad said...

Came by to say hello and wish you a good Halloween weekend.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Awww, the puppies. I totally understand, though. And, they are happy puppies it sounds like.

Once again, you are wonderful at all you are doing and giving (which includes 'giving up') to care for your parents.

I only hope I can be so patient and unselfish enough to do the same.

Dez said...

Aw.. so sorry you had to give up your doggies, but glad they have good homes. Like FW says, I hope I can be as caring and unselfish as you are caring for parents the way you do.

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Herrad said...

Happy Christmas.

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Herrad said...

Hi TT,
Really sorry to hear about your dogs.
Must have been hard for you.

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