Thursday, January 20, 2011

new read

surprise surprise......yep it's me. I'm still alive. Ran into another uplifting site that I want to share with all ya'll. It's called Milas Daydreams and it's on my list of blogs.
Worth the trip. At least I think the 'gals' out there will enjoy them.

So, we're still going strong here....the parentals are still kicking. So am I. So is Lovee.
Nothing new really except Dememtia Dad's Dementia is getting really bad. It's just the nature of the beast.

Lovee has joined me in taking the little pink happy pills. Poor guy....He fought the good fight but it eventually got to him too. Thankfully he got on the meds and we'll be ok.

WE got new computers for Christmas. I'm on a laptop now. :) woohoo!!! Lovee got a new PC that can handle his Flight Simulator game. That's his stress reliever. So we can both do our thing whenever we want and...AND I can take this lovely gal out to the smoke hole with me. Yea...I love it!!
Our Precious bonus daughter, ETK, flew out here and hooked everything up for us. Yes, we're challenged. Isn't that what kids are for? :)

Still not in the mood to blog much anymore. I've gotten reaquainted with an old friend of mine who has turned out to be the best friend I've ever had. Seriously. So supportive...without a prompt from me....calls, visits, dreams with name it..she's there. WE are in each others corner. I love it. I needed it.

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table, looking at the 5 inches of snow we got and the sun shining down on it making everything so sparklie....just the way i like things. :0

Its all good in the grape.


Anonymous said...

TT! I'm glad you popped in to let us know how you are doing. I've been thinking about you lately. Some of it, selfishly, has been because of parental issues (both long distance, so no one is moving in with me), but it has made me think of you.
Better living through chemicals! LOL

tt said...

I often think abt you too :) parental issues no matter near or far are usually a tough one. Hang in there babe....and if need better through chemicals. lol xo

Allison Horner said...

xo :o)