Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ground hogs day here..............
s.o.s.d.d....................................same-old-shit-different-day :)

I'm feeling like I'm not holding up my end of the bargain. So, I'll post a few observations and thoughts....just in case anyone is interested.

1. It's elfing cold here this morning! 14 degrees!!!!!! geez-o-pete.

2. Lovee has most of his Christmas presents now. I's way too early and it's not because I couldn't wait or's because I decided to get him practical stuff and he NEEDS it now! I gave him some Carhart bibbers and a Carhart jacket. He works outside 10 hours a day and as I said's elfing cold!! And Carharts are excellent for outside stuffs...all insulated and shit. So........I caved. Gotta keep him snugly warm ya know.
PLUS..............I washed his billfold when he asked me to wash his new that meant I had to get his NEW billfold out and give that to him. Geesh............not much left to wrap. but it's ok....maybe I'll just put a bow on my head and sit under the tree....
I did that at 23..................the 'package' wasn't as wrinkled then as it is now.....but that's ok...hopefully he won't have his glasses on and won't notice. ;)

3. Last Friday, I decorated the parentals house for Christmas. I wanted to get that done so I could work on ours the next day, Saturday. Well............guess what? When I got home Friday from the Parentals.....Lovee was there, fixing dinner ( as usual) and when I asked if I could help he said no......just go sit down and relax. I protested a bit...a very wee bit...then walked into the living room and what did I see?? Decorations!!! Tree was up....mantel was decorated....festiveness everywhere!!!!!!!!! Lovee ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was absolutely giddy.
That next Sunday, Lovee and Sunshine gal and Babyboy put the lights up on the parentals house. It was colder than a well diggers ass but they did it.... while we were at church!
What a fabulous family I have!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I had a huge meltdown a week or so ago. The injustices of ageing and the mind. So not fair...but many things in life aren't fair. Dad has Dementia you know......some days are ok and others not so much. One of his toys was broken.....a little train that runs on a wee track and does funny stuff. It wouldn't work. I couldn't get him to understand why it wouldn't work and more importantly why no TOY STORE could fix it. UGH!!! Long story short.........Lovee fixed it. It took me days before I could talk to Lovee about it....I started telling sunshine about it and all I could do was when Lovee got me to tell him what was wrong....I had a huge meltdown about the whole ageing process.
Wanna know how Lovee fixed it? Batteries!!!! yep....that NEVER occurred to me. Ever!
Once Lovee rescued me. Sunshine too.......she prepped Lovee for the coming meltdown I think.

5.I'm still not too sure about blogging. Maybe it's just the time of year....or perhaps I'm tired of writing about what I live everyday. I don't know. I love to read everyone.....but writing about my days or my incoherent thoughts ( I channel Brad at times....we're twins separated at birth I'm sure!!) that I can't seem to express correctly...........too much work. I'm working on it.

6. My Sunshine gal has lost about 50 pounds so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I always thought she looked perfect just the way she was........but she decided to change some things. Mainly because of her PCOS. She was afraid she'd get to the point of having my Dad....and she doesn't get along with needles. :) So, with a very restricted carb diet.....she did it! Can you imagine having only 20 to 30 carbs a day?? neither. She feels fabulous though and LOOKS fabulous and has sold most of her shoes an clothes on Ebay.....made quite a bit of $$$.
She's a hero for sure. Taking charge of her health like that......awesome!

Ok.that's it for now.
I hope everyone has a shiney and happy week...what's left of it. And there's lots of shiney stuff out there these days....just look'll make you smile.
So, that's it for now.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Wow, TT. All I can say is it is a stressful time of year, and you have a whole lot on your shoulders. Don't worry about the blog--use it if you want to, and we'll stop in and say hello.
14 degrees in OK?????????????? About 44 here in northern NY, is there some kind of mistake????

Jen said...

I so get you on the "wonder if I'll keep blogging" thing. I used to love to do it and now I think I've gotten out of it what I've needed to. But, I've also made, whom I like to think, are new friends even if we've never met in person.

I also think that if I stop I'll find something I HAVE to write to ya'll. But I've had nothing for a while now, so . . . ?

Anyhow, I'm sorry about your dad. It made me sad to read that too. I always think of my own parents & how hard that would be if that were them. Then, to keep going for them, with them and by them. That's just tough, TT.

From the family I personally know and the one's I've read about here, you have a good one - great support & greater love. I'm happy for you about that - you need as well as deserve that strength.

And Sunshine looks beautiful - she and Pups looks so much alike! Well, Pups is handsome, not beautiful, but . . . all this to say, awesome job Sunshine. What you've done is not easy by any means and you should be super proud of yourself! You're an inspiration!

Gin said...

It's so good to "see" you again TT! I have missed your posts. I do understand tho...I'm getting to that point myself. Your Lovee sounds a lot like my Andy...always fixing meals, doing stuff for me to make my life easier and just being helpful!!

Wow! 50 lbs??? I sure wish I could do that. I do have pre-diabetes and can't seem to put down the carbs!!! I'm a carboholic and I've GOT to get a handle on it soon!! I'm aiming for January 5th! That's when I'm going back on my diet and back to reality! I have been exercising tho and that helps some.

Take care and just know, it's okay to have a melt-down once in a while. It can be very cathartic!


Jay said...

When I got in the car this morning I hit the little button to see what the outside temp was and it was 18! Totally uncalled for!

50 lbs!! Wow! That's very impressive.

And I'm just amazed at all you do for your parents. I know how hard it is. I don't know if I could do it.

ETK said...

I love you!!! Methinks you need some stress relief. Am thinking....

Dana said...

Just stopping in so that you know you are thought of often!!

CheekyMonkey said...

:) the tlee misses you. A LOT.

So squishers and mwahh's and huggers and all that crap. Seriously.

meno said...

It's a lot like taking care of kids, except without the saisfaction of knowing they will grow up. No wonder you are stressed and overwhelmed.

Take care.

Brad said...

Hey Sistah!
Do me a favor and go give Lovee a big ol manly bear hug from me for taking such good care you.

And CONGRATULATIONS Sunshine Gal - that is just AWESOME!

Type to you soon sweetheart!

KPChicago said...

I think you just need a trip to Chi-town again! Be not afraid--although it was 7 when left for work this morning!
love you love your thoughts--however scattered and far apart they are! k-

Knight said...

I love when you write. You fit so much love into everything. The rest of this month might be a monster but I'm so glad you and lovee have each other.

Dianne said...

Lovee is the best

I'm so happy to see/read ya

just say what you want, when you want

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Holding up "your end"...of "the bargain?"

Wait, was there some deal or promise or bargain I missed signing up in bloggie world?

Cuz' myyyyyyy understanding was purge, splurge, glurge, joy, cry, piss & moan as you so choose. And, at litem.

So, know frets about "a daily thought," "A daily dose," A daily "Another Bleepin-A thing to tend to" today.

Just, pop in now in then. When you have stuff we all love to hear today.

Holy Cowpies, Honey! Your Lovee? Totally rocks the world of Lovees. He should host seminars. Oh, and he's, um, purty handsomie too -- U heart throb you!

But, ya' know what? You earned him. And, he's lucky to have you. With your Big'OL heart? You remind me of my Sweet D.

I've told her forever to follow your blog, but I think when she started to you were phasing due to life over time! Me too!

Anyhow, side note: So appreciate you poppin' in and reading and supporting her there. It's hard. This will be so good for her -- a private outlet, so to speak (exception being me) ;-).

Dez said...

Wow, 14 degrees?! Don't know if I could handle that! I don't know yet who Sunshine Gal is yet, but Kuddos for her! 50 lbs! So great!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Your parents are so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter as you to care for them. I certainly understand about meltdowns. In the last 2 years I have been having those myself. I'm glad you have Lovee for support.

On a last note: Always check the batteries first! :) {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad's difficulties. Sounds like Top rescued you on that one. I'm betting he rescues you a lot. He sounds like that type of guy who does that for his girl. You picked well with that one Grasshopper. While your burdens are many, your rewards will be also. The fifth commandment comes to mind. I've said it to you before. Consider also Matthew 5:13-15 and don't fret for you do good for your parents and great shall be your rewards. As for the blog, do what you have to, we'll wait.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you had a fresh post up -- I know it's a really busy time of year (and time of life, for you, with caring for your folks) and I'm glad to read your posts whenever you have the time and inclination to write. Your family is so sweet to come together and do things for one another: decorating and lights and fixing trains. :)

I love to read about your experiences of caring for your folks. I may be in your shoes someday and you are giving me a peek through your window. Thanks!
Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent tomorrow,

Diane J Standiford said...

I wonder daily if or why I should blog again. I LOVE the LOVE your elationship is. I am a hopeless romantic. Lovee is a catch and so are you. Batteries---LOL. Solves many a disaster this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Ok.. got new laptop.. now I gotta do a crap load of catching up on my reading....and you are first on my list...

You are so like I am.. I can't wait to give him his gifts.. so we just say what we want.. and go buy it.. saves paper!!