Friday, July 23, 2010

7-23-2010 I am...needing to squish a wee bit. Nothing too big....just that dreaded, more like 5 year old feeling. I reallly hate it! Have I mentioned before how much I hate playing the age game with the parentals? yea, I thought so :(

The Dad's dementia is getting worse. Seriously worse. of all days ( shower day) he knew it was me who showered him. ugh! he usually thinks I'm a 'hired' gal who comes in....made me feel better knowing he thought that way actually...but afterwards...he asked if I resented giving "your old man a shower"....**snif-snif**... No Dad I don't..." well I'm sure glad b/c I don't know what I'd do w/o you"...** bigger sniffers**. ugh.......
I know I should shower him more often than I do, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm awful. Period. No rebuttals.

Mom is showing signs of Dementia too. :(....that'll be fun.

Wanna know what happens when I run out of my happy pills? It's sooo not pretty. I did it once before when Dad was in the hospital. Ugly time. I did it again just last week. OMG...I didn't know I'd forgotten them...I just missed that bottle when I was filling our pill cases... ( yep..we take so many that I fill the cases up weekely so I WON"T forget one.)and went abt 3 days w/o them. Then the 'gazzzittts' started in my brain. That's the only way I can describe feels like the way electrical 'arcs' go. Does that make sense?? Weird I know...but when the gazittts hit, it stops me in my tracks and I can't think or anything for a few seconds... totally weird. Then the headaches start and the tireds set in and all I can think of is jumping off a cliff. Seriously...ugh! But it's not untill then that I realize what's going on. Takes abt 2 days to get back on track.

Lovee and I had a new patio poured. It's ginormous!! bought some chaise loungers love seat and chairs...huge umbrella...and put a dining table on L.O.V.E .IT. !!!!!

Lovee and I also had our yearly vacation. Went to Texas to see #2 son, Pups and his lovely's new casa. WOW.....can you say mini-mansion. Had a great time there. Then went further south to see Farmer's Wife!!!!!!! and her clan AND DEZ....glasshalfempty gal....and her hubs. We had the mst fabulous time there. Got to ride on a go-cart w/ farmer Jr. and see lots of corn! Visited with the wee g-pig....saw lil gal in all her glory...:)...even saw the 'queen of Sheba tub' -I want one!!!! Dez is wayyyy sweet...and showed us around and took us to the beach. Loved it all. Too short a visit tho..:(
Then off to San Antinio to see some friends and go to the riverwalk....great time in all.
Sisterlittle survived. Mainly b/c we opened the pool before we left and she was in it everyday!
Good for her I say.

I'm in the pool everyday too. it's keeping me sane.....mostly.
I'll post some pics later.

hugs and loves to all.


The Queen said...

love seeing you post my dear.. hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you quite a bit lately. My own parents (divorced and in different states) have been been going through health issues, hospitalizations, rehab...
It didn't help that I went 2 days /o happy pills. The tears and anxiety were too much.
I feel so guilty when mom says she can't wait to go home, but with my own family to care for here on the opposite side of the country, I can't just drop everything and go there to take care of her.
And then I read of the battles with dementia and think, yeah, dad is getting a little bit that way, too.
I'm SO GLAD you got a vacation.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I hate this part of getting older. It makes my heart ache. But they are so lucky to have you!

Glad you got to vacate...sounds like lots of fun!

KPChicago said...

I was thinking of you today and checked out your post to tell you that and you posted! (that sounded in my head like that moment in Finding Nemo where the little octopus said "aww you made me ink!")
Anyway..I heart you and your burdens and blessings!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

YAY!!! YOU BLOGGED!!! Whoop!

Love the update! And, I was mentioned!!

So happy about your back porch/patio, sounds fabulous.

As for the parentals, it would be so hard for me to do that too. In any capacity. Geeze you are good to them...

And, ahem. What about your birthday?


Herrad said...

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