Thursday, February 7, 2008


Someone told me tonight that I need to blog so SHE knows what's going on. Hummm, well...umm.....nothing is going on. I could do a bitch post but I get tired of whining and bitching. Sometimes it makes me feel better but sometimes the bitches are so petty that it's just not worth it. So, FYI....if I don't post for a few days it's either because my life has taken a very boring turn and I don't want to bore anyone else or I'm content with nothing to say or ......I just don't want to bitch. K?

So, to make 'someone' happy.....( love u).....I will tell you something I told her. I am so in awe of strong women. We were talking about how another ( blogger) gal and I seem to live a parallel life. I refer to her as my younger self because of so many similarities. But I added that she is so much more confident that I was at her age. Seriously. She writes with a confidence that I never had at her age. Not that I don't view myself as being strong. I am. It's just that they're stronger in ways that I'm not. Strong minded women are the backbone of humanity I think. Really. There are so many blogs I read that blow me away. The strength of some of these women astounds me at times. Not physical, although that's there too, but emotionally and spiritually and intellectually. Of course we all know that my sweet ETK is awsomely all is Alli as is wee-one and her too.
I wouldn't say that I'm jealous exactly but I greatly admire them for their individual strengths.
I could name some more but I don't want to scare you... :)
Nuf said..................

Now here's a question for ya..
Has anyone ever started to pull their jeans (up after going to the bathroom) but forgot to pull their panties up first???????? Uh-huh..............yep.............for some reason I did that today. I couldn't figure out what the 'hold up' was. Seriously!! I tugged and tugged and then.....oops! Oh shit.........what??? Why'd I do that?????
I cracked myself up.

Ya'll have a good weekend.
Peace out dudes and dudettes ;)


Allison Horner said...

Thanks for the kind words & laugh, tt. I needed it. It's been a busy & tiring week & a BAD night...

Tweb said...

Not to sound sappy, but I giant puffy heart you.

And yes, of COURSE I've done that too.. waiting for those pants to snap up over my big booty... but they go no where..

And you "crack" yourself up? Was that an intended pun? :)

meno said...

That's why i don't wear undies. :)

R.E.H. said...

Haha... no I've never done that! That's too funny!

tt said...

Alli: glad I could help a bit..sorry for the bad night..what happened? I guess I'll have to read you huh?
tweb: got it ...:)
Meno: Ya know....that's my next plan...seriously!
reh: what? don't you wear panties either?/ LOL- you'll think about it next time you go to pull your drawers know you will! ha