Friday, February 29, 2008


Company's coming!!! I think anyway. I'll let you know. :)
So, I'm maybe half way through my re-organizing project. Egads we've got a lot of shit stashed round this house. I'm a 'throwawayer' myself, but Lovee does like to hang on to stuff a bit. So, I tend to hang on to stuff a wee bit longer to make sure it's ok if I toss it. All that does is take up valuable room in the grape (which I can NOT afford. I need all the grape room I can get. It gets crowded in there ya know) trying to keep it all sorted out in there. It's all catagorized in my grape storage room....full, but neatly arranged.

You'd think that by moving every 2 to 3 years while we were in the USMC we wouldn't have accumulated so much stuff. Well, that's partly correct. We haven't moved since 1997 though so there's the problem. I think Lovee has all his paperwork from his police days AND Marine Corps days. At least 35 years worth of paperwork,manuals,technical books and what-nots are stashed in various boxes around our casa. So, where to put it all? That's the question of the moment. So, to keep sane, I tell myself 'take your time-don't rush-you'll find the perfect place...........someday. :)

Anyway......The Dad is going to try and play golf today. Yep, it's only 35 degrees out right now and by 9 a.m. it should be about 40ish. It needs to be that for him to be comfortable. I hope it works. I'm glad he's feeling well enough to try it though. His partner is willing so we'll see.
While he's doing that, I'll probably have to entertain the Mom. That's not an easy thing to do. I can't wait.** insert 'sneer' here**

AND........tadah!!!!!******** I'm learning how to text! I know...I'm a wee bit slow to warm up to ideas sometimes but when I do, watch out! Sisterlittle was showing me how to text while she was here and it looked fun. I never wanted to before b/c I couldn't see the sense in it. but, turns out it's kinda fun. So, I added it to our plan and Viola'!! I'm texting. ETK thinks I've created a monster...:) does Sunshine girl and you know what? I am! LOL It's so fun. Like a new toy. It's the little things for me.

So, it's Friday and that means.............what? I don't get any whole days off untill.....let's see....ummmm.....I don't know...another 9 days or so. But that's ok, a couple 'half' days off will work for me. I've realized the 'whole' days off are very important to my peace of mind, and it doesn't really hurt the parentals if I'm not there for one day. Things are running fairly smooth these days so no guilt here. But the Dad does have a Dr. appt. Monday, hence the no full day off thing, but it's an important appt. so I'm fine with that.
I'm rambling now so I'll stop. I think I squished the grape a wee bit to hard here, because it's coming out a mushy mess.


R.E.H. said...

I think I may have been the last of my generation to own a cellphone. I didn't see the point - but once I got it, and found the joy of texting - I was hooked. Now I rarely speak to people at all... I text.

Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? hehe

Jen said...

Your first paragraph exactly describes my organizational life. I love my husband, but . . . he is a pack rat! And then I become one to make sure that it's okay to not keep it anymore! But that's okay. I can live with a bit of junk as long as I've got his love.

I feel you on this one.

Tweb said...

One of my biggest fears in life is becoming a cant-thrower-outer. My mom is a packrat. Sorta. She loves her nicknacks. Me, I like my space. Babe's mom, ugh, can't even go there. She kept EVERYTHING, including old newspapers, which ended up getting wet in the walkout basement and turning into about 2 feet deep mold. Yep, seriously. I'm sure Lovee's stuff isn't that bad! :)

tt said...

reh: You speak volumns with the written word so you're forgiven! It is fun huh!

Jen: I bet there are a lot of us out there. Frustrating at times but I totally agree. He can keep all his 'treasures' as long as I can keep 'him'!!

tweb: no he's not that bad. Thank goodness. It's all neatly stored in a few dozen boxes. :)
A walkout basement?? huh?? wha...

Anonymous said...

HA! Must be a Marine thing. I've got a whole garage full of stuff that I keep saying, "I'll find a use for that" and into a drawer or cabinet it goes. Then once a year I have to go through and try and convince myself (of the truth) that I will likely NEVER find a use for whatever it is I threw in the drawer last year. Never fear, you'll get there, eventually.

Regards to you and Top and the parental units.

Semper Fi


Allison Horner said...

I am a recovering packrat with relapses at times. ;) My worst thing right now is paperwork. I am still needing to work on that. Our office is still a nightmare and still the bane of my existence. ug.

You are more progressive than I am. I don't text message & neither does hubby. I will occasionally in response, but we do not have a texting plan and so we end up paying for each one. We have even considered blocking the text function, but probably won't as to not offend anyone. :) PLUS the new phones we got are not texting-friendly.

I do have my "cranberry" (blackberry/crackberry), but it does not have the phone option. It is for paging & messaging (and internet) only. And I am not even sure I can message people outside of work.

tt said...

FMD: Not sure if it's a Marine thing or just a 'guy' thing! :)
in fairness tho, we gals like out 'treasures' too. The garage is just a big cavernous space tho so everything ends up there. And ours is a 3 car one! We still get 2 cars in there but the 3rd one is way too full.
Semper Fi Devil Dog! Oorah!!

tt said...

Alli: you are wayyy to busy to do the silly stuff! And maybe when you're 53 you can get organized too.. ha ha :)