Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sisterlittle and the new babies....

Ok........first off, before you do anything else you MUST to to Sunshine's blog and see the wolf cubs!!! They are too cute for sure!!! Their are 8 of them... and this is her first litter for Pete's sake ! There is one white cub and the rest are mottled like their dad, Gabriel. Celene, the Mom, is white. Way too cute.
Lovee and I are taking sisterlittle and her hubby to see them today. Sisterlittle is a bit of a scarety-cat because they also have a Rott-Pitt mix. But her name is befitting for her....Baby! She's the most docile dog ever. Fact, she's a bit like my Panda. Panda's a Chihuahua but a HUGE one! We call her 'short bus' because, well......if she were a real person I think she'd 'ride the short bus to school'...if you get my drift. I really believe she's a Down's syndrome dog. I can't confirm it but she's got all the classic signs. Her ears are lower on her head; she's quite chubby with shorter legs ( so she waddles) she's really smart about some things but just can't quite get the rest and she absolutely LOVES everyone and everything!! She's afraid of the dark but acts fearless. She adores our cat Tabby...and cries whenever she see's him cuz she can't get enough of him! She licks him and tries to snuggle on him. Sometimes he lets her and even plays with her but other times she gets on his nerves. It's really cute.
But I digress....... a lot .....sorry,
Anyway, Baby's biggest harm is possibly his tail. It wags so much and so hard it can bruise you. He's so excited to see people. She just rolls over to be scratched and will just about lick you to death! So, I told sisterlittle, I'd have Babyboy put her in another room while we're visiting so she can put her fears to rest. Poor Baby!

I'll get lots of pictures I hope. But untill then go to sunshine's blog and gaze upon their loveliness!
My Grandcubies!!


Jen said...

They are adorable! What will they do with wolf pups?

R.E.H. said...

Yeah, I gotta get over there and have a look at those baby wolves!

ETK said...

God, I wish I could have one!! :) Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend! Love you!

Allison Horner said...

The grandcubbies are soooooo cute!!!