Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brains....or lack there of...

I'm not sure what made me have this particular thought. I admit that my grape goes to strange and unimaginary places sometimes.....part of my charm I think ;)

But..........I was wondering about my dogs. My Chihuahua's....Pebbles and Panda. Sometimes when we go out, Lovee leaves the TV on for them. For the noise he says. My SIL puts the Animal Planet station on for her pup....we just leave it on whatever channel we were watching.
So...while I was in my paint and spackle mode this morning....which is when my grape gets really active ( don't ask...I don't know why) I wondered if...when they look at the TV...do they ever wonder about what they're seeing? Do they think " geez...I'm glad I'm not in that box cuz it's really noisy....or......those people sure yell alot, I'm glad I'm not there....or....when they see animals, do they get curious and wish they were with them?

I know...silliness maxed out!

Which made me go to another querie. My own grape. There's some scary shit up there. Really....I spent a good part of last night telling Lovee how I'm jealous of people's brains. Musicians....using both hands AND their feet sometimes...all making different motions while reading music ( something I never could do)..and singing to boot!!!...It's like rubbing your head and patting your tummy at the same time. Doesn't work for me. imagine that! My brain just refuses to go there. And don't even get me started on Professors and politicians. Not that they're similar actually, but they all have brains that function on a completely different plane than mine does. I listen to some of them....amazed that others are actually understanding what was said and I'm just shaking my head saying " wha.....?"
I can't speak with big words and make any sense....but I can dance.
I can't do fractions to save my life....but I can dance.
Dance. It's my one talent. Or was. Tap, ballet, point..........loved and love everything about it.
Can't sing but I can hum......I'm a hummer ;)
My brain....I'm glad I've got it...it's serving me well.....but really, will I spend the rest of my life with silly thoughts?
See, even that doesn't make any sense.
What was it I did in High School anyway?..........hummmm, can't remember......


Jen said...

TT, ummm. . . , you're just like the musician who can read music AND use their hands and feet! You're a dancer who listens to the music (the beat/time) and remembers choreography steps/beats while using your ENTIRE body in the right motions to create something beautiful. Politicians can speak; you speak with your body. Bodies, btw, don't lie. Professors teach; your steps teach/tell a story.

So tell me again, how your brain is different than a musician, politician or professor?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

frankly, we could see MORE of your doggies, please?

The Queen said...

If people who can pat their heads and rub their tummies.. paid a little more attention to the way your mind works..and how you live your life...THIS WORLD WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE FOR ALL OF US!


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what our animals think when the TV is on, esp. if it is on Animal Planet! Cats are nearly impossible to "read," though.

You've got me on the dancing; I have to count the ENTIRE time we are walzing or 10-stepping or whatever. If it's not counting, then it's *slow, slow, quick-quick* in my head. It's fun to dance, but I'm just not a natural. Singing and playing an instrument -- sometimes easy, sometimes hard. I suppose it's easier if you've known it a long time or you wrote it. I'm in a group that leads worship one Sunday a month, and we have some really talented guitarists, but most don't sing AND play. It's just too hard.
You, my dear, are too hard on yourself. <3

tt said...

jen: WOW...see, this is another example of how my brain works...or doesn't work....I never thought of it that way...at all! Thank you sweetie.... can I keep you too?

Gary: lol....soon,dude...soon. :)

Queen: girl...you're just prejudice..xo

KC: I know I'm too hard on myself..but it's a never ending quest of mine...a betterment of self I guess. Plus...I guess it's natural to want something you can't have. Interesting though.

Jay said...

My sister used to always leave the radio on for her dog when she and my brother in law went somewhere. One day she turned on the stereo and Al grabbed the remote and changed the station. Kell looked at him and he said "Daily (that was the dog's name may she rest in peace) doesn't like country music. haha

I don't dance. I would hurt myself if I tried to dance.

tt said...

Jay: I bet you could if you put your helmet on!! Woo-hoo....

Real Live Lesbian said...

LMAO! You crack me up. Come on over...let's hum together! ;)

CheekyMonkey said...

I imagine that when I leave the TV on for the kitteh's, they lay on the couch scratching themselves, wishing they had thumbs so they could channel surf.

Dianne said...

the cats will watch the TV is there is a lot of movement going on - they love car commercials and anything with dancing feet

when I traveled a lot I used to call the answering machine - long before voice mail - and I would sing to them and tell them I missed them

when I got home and listened to my own messages I embaressed myself ;)

I think your mind is a beautiful thing

Brad said...

Bear's been known to bark at the TV if he doesn't like what's happening on it (like if someones hiting someone else) so I know he really watches. But some how he knows it's just a box - He doesn't get up and look behind it or anything.

I think talent is really what your keen on and then have spent time practising. LOTS of time practising. Sometimes life gets in the way of things like that.

You are selling your self short about your talents. Just think of your kids! Takes a lot of talent to bring them up good!

Gin said...

The only time Rosie notices the TV is when a door bell rings on it that sounds like ours. That sets her off!

You crack me up too!!!

tt said...

rll: in harmony?? lol

CM: lol....cats are a puzzle to me...I'm not even going to start thinking about what's in THEIR grape!

Dianne: I've left msgs for my dogs too! Are we Mom's or what? And you know how I feel about your grape...Ooolala! :)

Brad: I think a parent is successful if they don't give up....which I wanted to at times but didn't. lol Also...not killing them is always viewed as being successful...haahahahaha
Not sure my talent got me there though. Bear is one smart pooch!AND...I don't think I'm selling myself short. I think I'm just being honest. :)

Ginni: Ours do that too! So funny....and they seem so dissappointed when no one else show up! ha

ETK said...

That's so funny - I have a video called "Catnip" that I put on for the cats. They LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Once it grabs their attention they will just sit and watch the whole thing. I wonder what they are thinking too.

And you are crazy - because you are smart and wonderful and caring. What is there for you to be jealous of of anyone else? I don't get it. :)

Oh, and ditsy! just kidding!!!! LOL I've missed you!

fiwa said...

I used to leave the t.v. on for my dog, but then I realized that mostly what she does is look at the window (her t.v) and sleep all day, and the t.v. was probably bothering her more than anything. I think needing the comfort of voices is a human thing. I leave on the foodnetwork almost all day for that reason. ;)


Diane J Standiford said...

I agree with Jen. Your grape could feed the world! Bow wow. Had cat that changed channels to show it liked.

Herrad said...

Glad we are all different otherwise it would be a monochrome world.

Wish we had a cat as clever as Dianne's.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Hey Gal! Where have you been?

Just missin' you, that's all. :-)

Herrad said...


Thanks for your comment on pike and Marleen's blog.

My blog is



Dez said...

Wow tt, you and I could be twins on that aspect! I seem to have the same confusions that you do! The only thing that I so totallay enjoy and can do very well at is (well ok, maybe 2 things); is: DANCE! I don't have to count, just feel the music and close my eyes and GO! I could dance for hours at a time. I really miss that. (BTW: FW was a dancer right along with me!) Hmmfff.... so WE ARE Talented! :)