Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm back!!!

Guess what I didn't take to camera!!!
OMG!! .......seriously.......I looked all over for it for days before I left and couldn't find the damn thing! SFD!

Had a fabulous flight there and back. Completely surprised myself by being calm. Of course the fact that I had a double 7&7 before each flight probably helped. lol
Denver airport was actually fairly easy to figure out. Did you know they have a 'smoking lounge'...? yep.....used it before I left Monday! ha...imagine that!

When sisterlittle pulled up to get me the first words I said were " Hey skiny bitch"
There was a gal on the curb waiting for her ride who started laughing and said " Your sister?"
I said yep ....she said she says the same thing to her sister. LMAO..........good times.

Had the most fabulous time with her. The party Friday night to celebrate her divorce which was official on thursday...and my arrival was the bestest! She has an amazing group of supportive and caring and fun and loud when they're drunk. lol....who knew teachers were such partiers?
We shopped and shopped and ate and shopped and talked and talked.........slept a wee bit too. :) Her house is absolutely perfect for her. Exactly her style and since she was an interior designer before she became a's decorated perfectly. LOVE IT!!!

But no pictures.:(
I was going to buy a disposable one but never got around to it. Dammit! We did buy her one but she didn't have time to learn it. :(
Next time.....
We've aleady decided that I'll go back next year for the 'anniversary' party!

Lovee was wonderful to the parentals of course. He got to skip church on Sunday though. He was working on a project and asked if they would skip church so he could finish before I got home and they agreed.
We have a 3 car garage and the 3rd garage side is his workshop.....we've been talking about building a wall so all the wood dust wouldn't fly all over.....and he did! OMG.,'s perfect. He's got all his tools....tons of tools and woodworking equipment all! He's just amazing.
I sooooo missed him though. I really don't like going places w/o him. I miss him terribly. But......sometimes I gotta. Sisterlittle needed me and I needed to see her. So..........

Anywho, Im officially back.
The washing machine is humming.....pooches are running in and out...HGTV is on the television... the bed's made...bills are paid.....I'm ready to head out to the parentals....uh-O...
Oh shit!!.......I haven't done my paint and spackle yet.....SFD!
Gotta jet..........

I'll try and catch up with everyone later on .....I missed ya'll......;)

P.S. Found the camera the night I got back! It was in my sewingroom! Right where I left it after taking a pic of my Sunshine gal sewing. Imagine that! UGH! grape is so grapey at times :)


Major.Sunshine said...

welcome back!! glad you had a great trip!!! now you need to go back through my posts and see what i left you while you were gone :) lol

Gary's third pottery blog said...

fact of the matter is, sometimes you're having so much fun there is no time for photos!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

YAY! You're home!

Geeze, you're ahead of me this morning! I've got to tackle the kids rooms and baths and I'm nagging myself to hit a few errands this morning....

[I dislike errands.]

fiwa said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! Isn't it nice to come home though?

Jay said...

Welcome back. Glad you had such a good time.

And teachers are serious party animals. haha ;-)

CheekyMonkey said...

A bit bummed that you didn't get any photos, but SO happy you had such a great time! Welcome back!!! We missed you!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so you are home and when i could obviously have MET you at the CORNER CAFE in DOWNTOWN TULSA??? you were on your flipping way to DENVER????? So lets see...we need to pick a weekend and MEET HALFWAY in Stringtown :) at that skankass gas station on 67 south where i got gas and beef jerky and some toothless scary hairy man told me he liked me car :)and my car was a rental and it was a chevy

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I did the same thing on our trip to Denver (Loveland) last summer! Luckily, others had cameras and took pictures, since it was my nephew's wedding!

I'm glad you had a good trip. :)

Herrad said...

Sounds like a great trip.