Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Grape Juice' makes Dad feel better????

Today, sitting in church waiting for all the festivities to start the Mom looks at me and says:
" Did you turn off your cell phone"
I started laughing. And answered her question with a question. I know I shouldn't do this because it's totally backfired on me before came out before I knew it...
" Do you only remember the wrongs I do?"
Well........her answer gave me pause. Seriously........
" No, it's just that they are so few that they stick in my mind. You do too many wonderful things for me to remember."

What????? did she just compliment me? I think so. A bit of a backhanded compliment but none the less, a compliment.
I just smiled and said yes it was off.
Thanks Mom.

Not sure what's going on with her lately. She will come up to me...out of the blue... put her arms around me and give me a big ol squeeze. Usually from behind so it takes me by surprise. I'm cooking or doing dishes or something.
That is out of character for her. Completely. She never was an affectionate person. Showing feelings makes her vulnerable and uncomfortable. Used to anyway. Maybe her crusty interior is crumbling. Not the exterior mind you.....she still LOOKS crusty......but inside...getting a bit mooshy. Interesting.
Now the Dad.....he's not feeling too perky these days. Not sure what's going on there. He doesn't give in to anything though. Yesterday when I got there and asked my usual..... "How are my parents?" Mom gave her usual reply of " up hurting but I'm ok now" Dad's usual is " tolerable,tolerable...." but yesterday he said he was "sort of dizzy feeling". Hummmm.......
His sugar was a bit lower than normal for him so I got him some orange juice and he said he was ready to go to breakfast. "Can't make your Mom wait too much longer for her breakfast" he said. So off we went. He still felt dizzy afterwards but he wanted to go to the mall for their daily walk. So off we went. He felt a bit better when we got home.
This morning I asked the usual question....and his answer was " I didn't feel good last night...I almost woke your mother up to have her check my temperature."

Mom: Don't wake me up to read that thing cause I can't see it...and why didn't you tell me you felt bad?"
Dad: "You didn't ask."
Mom: "Well, what was wrong and how are you now?"
Dad :" I just felt all warm and sort of tinglie...all over...and my head hurt. I thought I might have a temp-a-ture" ( that's how he says
Mom: "you're fine now right?"
Dad: Well, not really. Are we ready to go?"
Me: Are you sure you feel up to going? Maybe we should stay here and rest."
Dad: No, you're Mother is ready so let's go."
Mom: Ok, let's go."

So, off we went. He was better afterwards. He said the grape juice gave him a boost. was Communion Sunday.....I thought of my blob!!

See, he just doesn't give in.
The Mom....she gives in alot.



The Queen said...

Nothing is going on with your Mother except,, YOU... you are wearing off on her.. You wear off on all of us.. no matter how crappy our day is.. we stop by here..pick up our shiney...and we are much nicer for it... it's that simple..

as far as your Dad.. hope he gets to feeling better..

Have a Great day girlie...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

You do give us all a lot TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tt said...

Queen: mwaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Gary: ditto sir...ditto!

Jay said...

Free breakfast for everyone in America at Denny's on Tuesday from 6 am until 2 pm!!! Just thought I'd let you know. LOL ;-)

tt said...

Jay: wouldn't cha know!!!! I think the maggot who owned the Denny's in Tulsa had a premonition....they're all closed!!! Turds!!

Jen said...

I was just going to remind you of Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast on Tuesday's is free from 6 AM-2 PM, but I see that Jay did that for me. AND that's weird that your Denny's is closed. Can they do that?

Bummer. (I still think people need to remember to tip your waitstaff.)

Anyhow, that was really very sweet of your mom to say. You need to hold on to that & try to remember it in the not-so-fun times. . .

Anonymous said...

Heh. I usually feel a boost after communion myself. ;)
I agree, you are wearing off on your mom!

My FIL got all sweet and mooshy on everyone after he had some back troubles. My SIL thinks it was the meds they had him on, but he was awfully sweet and mooshy after his double-bypass surgery, too. Maybe facing ones mortality makes us a bit softer?

I saw the ad about Denny's this morning. I have to drive nearly an hour to get to one, so I'll probably skip it. Still, what a great deal!

meno said...

Oh your poor dad. Stiff upper lip and all that must be how he was raised.

Dez said...

So glad to hear your mom is finally showing some appreciation of you! :)
Hope your dad feels better real soon!

Herrad said...

Lots of love to you and your mum and dad.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Hey, I hope things are okay with your Dad. That tingling feeling doesn't sound too good and we haven't heard from you in awhile.

Let us know, kay?