Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A wee grape squish.....

Well, Valentines day was totally fabulous!!!!! Lovee sent a quartet to sing to the Mom and me!!!! Can you imagine??? It was so cute. they sang "Let me call you sweetheart". I cried of course, cuz I'm a crier. Seriously...I cry during OnStar commercials.....McDonald's name it...I cry. It's just what I do. Fact, there are time I want to talk to someone and I can't because I've got that dreaded throat lump thing going on. Geesh....
Anywho......what else???...........

Friday I leave for Denver!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!! I hate...HATE to leave Lovee. But, I'm looking forward to visiting my Sisterlittle and seeing her new digs. Her divorce is final tomorrow. She's excited to have it done! Imaging that! Lovee will takeover the 'beck and call girl' duties for me with the parentals. He's just the most fabulous husband in the world.


My sunshine gal is finally done with her weight loss thing. Gracious sakes....she's down to a size 4!!!!! She came over this weekend so I could help her make an apron.....she's so into aprons these day....go figure.....anywho, she tried on her High School Prom dress and it's loose!!! She looks fabulous but more importantly she's healthier now. Her Diabetes risk is gone. YAY FOR THAT!!!!! I used to sew all the time. Not so much anymore. But it's fun to pass along my skills to her.
I'm still the fluffy one....sisterlittle is tiny too.......most days I'm fine with it...others, not so much. Like when I went shopping Monday looking for some new clothes...ugh!! Hated it!!! I haven't bought any everyday clothes in a long time. Now I remember why. All the meds I take have a tendency to sabotage my weight. Oh well......things could always be worse though. There are blogs I read that keep my bitching in check when it comes to body image and issues. :) Gotta keep my glass half full ya know.

I'm sure there's more I could share, but I'm just not feeling it lately. There have been several times recently when I've tried to read blogs when I'm at the parentals...but it just gets too hard. They always....ALWAYS....have questions or 'need' me to do something whenever I try. I think they can sense when I pull the laptop out just goes to shit. Whatever....:) then at night, when I get home, well, that's my Lovee time. Should I blog or spend time with Lovee???? Guess which one wins out? lol- my sweetie!!!

Have a good one blobbies. :)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

YAY TT and Lovee!
Forget us--spend time with your family first for sure!

fiwa said...

Blobbies? I'm going to assume that stands for blog-buddies? ;)

Of course time with your Lovee wins out. If you aren't feeling it - you aren't feeling it. No sense in forcing it - that's when something becomes a chore rather than something you do for fun.

What a neat valentine's day present - so romantic. I love it.


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Just glad you popped in to give us an update! Wow, all great news! ;-)

CheekyMonkey said...

Lovee should ALWAYS win out! We're okay with that.

And I can't believe he sent you a quartet... THAT is so sweet and romantic and that guy is just WAY too much! You're so lucky!

Have a blast in Denver, if I don't get a chance to talk to you by then!!!

Anonymous said...

I've hardly been on this past week, since my dh has been home on leave. We just finished playing some tennis and golf together on the Wii. He claims that the Wii has changed our retirement years... that we will be playing until we are too old to work the remotes!

Congrats to your Sunshine Gal! I bet her doctor is SO PROUD of her, nearly as proud as you are! ;)

I've never liked shopping, but I hadn't totally connected it with the clothing size thing. (I do have trouble since I currently need a women's tall, and they don't make those... it's hard enough finding Talls!)
Hope you have a wonderful time with your sister. Your Lovee is mister wonderful, isn't he? :)


PS: "Let me call you sweetheart" is the ringtone I assigned to my dh's cell phone, so I always know it is him calling!

meno said...

Your parent's have the same instinct about your laptop that my child used to have about our phone. I couln't pick it up without her needing something RIGHT AWAY! It's just basic instinct. :)

Dianne said...

a singing quartet!! how cool and wonderful is Lovee :)

enjoy the trip to Denver - it's a great city and of course wherever sisterlittle is it's a great city :)

love ya

Real Live Lesbian said...

Have fun in Denver, Sweetie!

What a wonderful man you have!!!!

Brad said...

I 've been so far behind lately it's good to be caught up with you - glad you've been having fun and behaving yourself as much as possible - BIG HUGS AND KISSES!