Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumn is here..and that means....

I can cover up my upper-arm fat that falls over the back-fat, that almost reaches the muffin top above my capri's. I can layer on the clothes to cover up the bulging belly fat left over from my pregnancies 30 years ago. I tried all summer long to reshape my body. Well, I tried some days during the summer... it was hot a lot of the time so those days don't count. I was never able to totally detoxify my innards. If I had been able to only eat 'sunlight' and drink 'air' then I would have reached my goal. Alas that didn't happen. (My inner voice had laryngitis most of the summer)
I keep hearing that stress causes belly fat. The odd thing is I never hear what to do about it. Well, there's never an easy solution anyway. :) Hummm, conspiracy perhaps? The bigger my body gets, the more I have to shop. I scour the stores for those wonderfully comfortable 'soft' and elastic clothes. No zippers or buttons please. So I will now put the blame where it obviously should be. Where everything else that's wrong in the world falls. The Government!
Yep.......actually I think it's a global conspiracy I'm not alone in my plight. There are millions of people like me out there. Clothing manufactures keep changing the tags in the clothes so we won't feel so bad about ourselves. Remember all those stories years ago about Marilyn Monroe? Supposedly she wore a size 12 when she died. Uh-huh...rriiiiight! Her size 12 back then is now about a size 6 or 8. yep....
The government is in bed with all the clothing manufacturers...and possibly the Diet mongers. Those people who have no problems with their weight or bodies but can write a 'how to' book that keeps us hooked on an ever elusive goal. Keep changing those tags.....keep writing those books. I'll fall for it every summer.

Very soon ( although I'm not sure what year that will be yet) I will accept my ever changing body for what it is. Functional. It gets me from point A to point B without a lot of trouble. I still have my arms to wrap around those I love and give them squeezers. I still have my eyes to see everything I want to see...rainbows, birds, smiles on warm friendly faces, my grandyounguns,my beloved swimming pool :), my husbands loving face. I can still hear my friends and family whisper they love me. I can still smell the rain whenever a storm is getting close and smell the pie I just took out of the oven.
So,..........I'm on my way to being a wee bit happier and more gentle to myself.

But for now....bring on the sweats and jogging suits! Put Santa Claus back in the stores. I'm always smaller than him.....for now anyway..........;)
Woo-hoo! I'm feeling skinnier buy the day!


Tweb said...

I completely agree with your theory of the government in bed with the clothing industry.

I might be small, but I don't think that I'm TRULY a size 4. (as I stuff coffee cake in my mouth, dropping crumbs inside my shirt... pig)

Allison Horner said...

I miss wearing nice fall & winter clothes. :(

ETK said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. :)

Sunshine said...

HAHA! You crack me up Ma.