Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I don't think I've ever experienced that before so ..................ETK is the one who pointed this out to me on why I was so elfing tired. Hummmmm...makes perfect sence now that I think about it. ha

Anywho..........the other news I had is this.
Mom went to the Ortho place yesterday and got fitted for a lower profile boot for her broken foot. Well, it seems that since this one actually has 3 colors on it, not just solid black like the other one, she can see it enough to put it on by herself and take it off by herself!!!!!! THAT, ladies is the biggest and best news !! Why? Cuz now I can go back to my regular hours and actually have my Monday's off!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for me!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Mom!!!!!!!
Of course tomorrow will be fun.The Mom has a Dr. appt. for a physical. A COMPLETE physical...one that includes sturipps...or however you spell it...! yuck!! She insists that I be in the exam room whenever she goes....the visit to the Urologist was fun.......this should be equally fun.

TMI ??? Welcome to my world. lol

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Sunshine said...

LMAO!!!!!! Sorry Ma :) I'm sure thay will be lots of fun for you.

I'm glad to hear you will get Monday's off now!!! THANK THE LORD!