Sunday, September 30, 2007

I did it!

Baby girl and I went to Ihloff to use the gift cards we got for our birthdays. it was sooooo fabulous! Sis got a cut and foil and I had a mani. Such pampering they do!
I got so excited that I booked a haircut w/ the gal who did Sis. I was on a 'pampered high' and would have done almost anything they suggested...but thankfully...I didn't have to really test myself. I am looking forward to a new stylist. I can't believe I finally did it. I've been threatening to change but....never got around to actually doing it. I soooo glad the kids gave us those cards!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!! Now I've got to schedule my massage! I think that'll be in about 2 weeks. My wonderfully, fabulous 'long distance' kids gave me a GC at Christmas for that. Love my LD kids!!! ha ha ha ha ........that looks like I'm talking about learning disabled..... but obviously I'm not. I think I'll keep that moniker for them's making the corners of my mouth turn up a lot! :)

I got to leave the folks about 10:30 yesterday! Woo-hoo! I'm beginning to feel human again. ETK was right..I just needed some time off. My Mom is not-so-subtly trying to tell me that I spoiled them by being there so much last month because of her broken foot and that they sure miss that. I'm not gonna fall for it. She is getting around very well. I didn't even have to go down and fix breakfast this morning. That was nice, and she managed very well. Sisterlittle says she thinks Mom can do a lot more than she lets on. That's probably true. I know she can't see very well but she can do things for herself when I'm not there. She's spoiled, that's for sure.

I've told all the kids that I absolutely DO NOT want them to do this for Lovee and I.!!!! Put us in a retirement center or Nursing home or whatever...........go live your life and have fun. When it comes to that, hopefully I will have the gonads to admit that our life was fun and adventure filled and that we want them to have the same.
Now, that's not to say that I'm sorry I'm doing this for my parents. I just don't want that for myself. My mother and I are completely different. She is anti social most of the time and admits to wanting as much attention as she can get. I'm very social and can carry on a conversation with a tree stump... and I actually LIKE to be alone at times whereas she doesn't.
So.......there. It's in print.
Today is her birthday. She's 83 years old. I made her a German Chocolate cake.
If I'm lucky enough to reach 83, I hope I'll be 83 years 'young' and have a strawberry margarita!!

Have a great week


ETK said...

Well it's AFT. That's About __ Time and I'll let you figure out the ___ :)

Glad you enjoyed the pampering! Your sisterlittle is probably right, I bet your mom can do more than she lets on. Don't go getting yourself more committed. Be strong. Just because your mom wants "her time" doesn't mean you don't need "you time" (as well as Lovee time!) :)

Love you bunches!

tt said...

I totally agree!!!!!!!

Allison Horner said...

I don't know....I think if any our parents needed us...we'd have a REALLY hard time saying no. We love all of you so much. :)