Wednesday, January 28, 2009


yep....elfing cold!! 10 degrees today! But...and that's a big but... ( teehee)....the sun has made an appearance. Yay!
Sleet, freezing rain, snow, sleet, sleet= icey roads everywhere now. Uck!

I've got to try and get to the parentals today. Didn't make it yesterday. Had me a pj day. Woot!

Gotta jet...........
wish me luck with the do-dah's out there. :)


Dianne said...

it's a big ole mess here - snow, then sleet, now rain and fog


be careful out there

Gary's third pottery blog said...

TT, there is this huge storm, stretching from your house to mine and spreading snow all over. We can share it!

Dez said...

"TT, You be careful out there!" I feel bad that y'all have to suffer the bad weather up there.
We are only getting to 32 degrees tonight (FREEZING - (no pun intended) FOR US SOUTHERNERS!)

Have you heard from your DH?

tt said...

dez; SORRY i FORGOT TO UPDATE YOU.. (oops..caps were locked)
he did fine. only took 2x as long to get there and back home...but no probs! :) He comes home every night :)

Dez said...

Glad he's fine and home safe! :)

Anonymous said...

Those were our temps last week, but without the ice storm (thanks for sharing, it got here last night)

Glad you & Lovee are okay. Drive safe, y'hear?

Real Live Lesbian said...

Be careful out there!

Gin said...

Hope you made it okay. I hate driving in that sorta crapola!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

YAY! I'm here...

Hey, where is everyone. Oh, bundled up, I guess. I'm late.

But, I made it! Stay warm and inside as much as possible. ;-)

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