Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Squishes from the grape

I love watching Dancing w/ the Stars! Mainly because I've always LOVED Ballroom dancing. But this year especially because my man Helio is on!!!!!!! He's doing fabulous I might add!!


I had a huge fit of road rage yesterday evening...during a huge storm! Some elfing-buttmonkey-stupido-freaking woman was getting ON the hwy and apparently didn't look to see that I was right next to her. I had NO WHERE to go...couldn't change lanes coz someone was right next to me. The rain was like a wall of water...I usually call them 'voids' because you can't see anything!
Anyway, I layed on my horn because she was literally inches from me! Well, as you might guess, that evidently pissed her off. She fell in behind me then sped up and cut-me-the-fuck-off...seriously! In an elfing freaking storm from hell! Then, she slowed down and I could see her shaking her fist at me! I was talking to ETK at the time....I may have scared her..not sure..cuz I started screaming at the biotch....I had to have a bit of a release......I know it didn't make a difference but I was sooooo amazed that someone would be so utterly stupid...IN A STORM!!!
Baby girl moved into her new house yesterday!!!!!!
After a few snafu's everything went smooth. Lovee helped her and Jeanne move everything. He's really sore this morning as are the girls I'm sure. He smashed a couple finners moving the fridge into the house but other than that , it went great! It was done before the storm hit thank goodness.Look at running through sunshine's blog to see pics. She's sooo proud! As she should be!

Lovee told me last night, AFTER he drove home in that storm that the Cougar needs rear brakes! So, I get to take it in today for some new shoes. I usually love shopping for shoes but this won't be as fun. :)

Mom got some sort of good news yesterday about her eyes. The lens's she had put in when she had her cateract surgery have clouded. That's what made her vision go so bad just before I started caring for them. Well, the next 2 Mondays, the Dr, is going to lazer them to fix it. YAY!
He also said that her eyes are going from 'dry' to 'wet' macular degeneration. I don't know anything about that or that they even did that. But, evidently when that happens there is a procedure that can be done to help with her vision. YAY!!!! again.
More on all this when it happens. Keep those finners crossed (and anything else you can find) that it helps.

My BFF and I are going to the fair this weekend. Should be fun...
Of course I'll have to indulge in several sins.........funnel cake, fudge,corn dogs and a carmel apple. But that'll be it. I'll think about ETK with every bite. Maybe she'll get the pleasure of it all through osmosis?!

Have a good one ya'll!


Tweb said...

I am SOOOO Jealous of your visit to the fair. :( I love me some funnel cakes...

ETK said...

I thought the end of that road rage story was gonna go like this:
"...and then I hung up the phone with ETK, stopped the woman, drug her out of her car, and beat the shit out of her."

I'm so surprised it didn't. :)

Love you AND your funnel cake.