Friday, April 18, 2008

I found some answers...

Finally!! I found a web sight that's set up by a girl who escaped from a simular cult. There's a plethera of information here.
I think I understand all too well now. I've been going from being completely outraged to crying over this!! It's just so amazing to me that this type of thing actually goes on in this day and age.

I know, I know.....out comes Polyanna. I don't understand how I got to this age and still be so niave about the world as a whole. I admit I was a wee bit sheltered when I was young...even though I didn't think I was untill I joined Lovee in Ca. and we started out married life in the USMC. That was an eye opener for sure. Or so I thought. I've lived all over and had tons of different experiences and met so many different kinds of people. But...I don't know. I guess my grape just wouldn't let something so henious stay in there. Or, possibly i never had enough information to form an opinion. I don't know.

I'm just sick about this.


CheekyMonkey said...

Really? It's just crazy that you are so passionate about this. What's funny is that I don't feel anything about this. Well, not true. I think it's ridiculous on so many levels, but maybe it's just that I have so much to overwhelm me right now, in front of me, to be sucked into the details of this deal.

I can't keep my brain straight... jiggly gray stuff tonight. Guess I'm tired. But it's still strange to me to hear you feel so crazy passionate about something that I'm not! Make sense?

Jen said...

I was going to say that, from what I understand, some of these girls are giving birth as young as 13-years of age. They are forced into marriages with much, much, much older men - not teens, but men. They are taught that marrying and giving birth is their only business on earth.

Authorities have also found a bed inside a temple that was allegedly used to consummate these marriages immediately after the ceremony.

It is not about polygamy or even impingement on religious beliefs, but it is about child abuse on many levels. Teenage girls at the ranch believed they were marrying out of free choice, but they had been trained since birth to be obedient and compliant. Eternal damnation ensued if they didn't.

It's not that the parents aren't loving; it's that abuse and minor aged marriages abounded. Being raised in that culture, they knew no other way. These men outside the compound would be considered pedophiles on any other level & it wouldn't be allowed.

I live in Texas, so I may have a bit more information - I may not. I usually don't care what people believe or love, but doing this to children is wrong. In my eyes anyway.

tt said...

Monkey: strange huh!'s just that kids are involved I think. Passionate? I didn't think I was passionate about anything really...well, 'cept lovee and my urchins...hummm. ( must think about this one) It just grosses me out on so many levels. And...I just don't get how this type of thing has gone on for soooo lon and nothing has ever been done about it. I mean, all it took was a phone call?? why didn't someone...anyone... make a phone call years ago????

jen:here's what I can't find out. Were these girls9 young moms) 'raised' in the cult..from birth? Were the Moms( older women) raised in it too or did they voluntarily enter into this thing with their eyes wide shut!!??I'm just flabergasted!!!

R.E.H. said...

Yeah, that polygamy sect in Texas was some disturbing news. I've heard of many similar stories before, and it is always heartbreaking news.

It is terrible how they brain-wash people from a very young age to make them think this is how things should be - only for their own sick needs.

Dianne said...

I don't think you're naive tt. I think of you as idealistic. You look at the world and try to see what should be there so of course you're always shocked by what is really there.

I'm a bit like that - a lot actually.

You call yourself Pollyanna, my son dubbed me Norma Rae years ago.

I'd rather be outraged all the time than become immune.

tt said...

Dianne: I'm stunned right now. You seem to know me almost better than I know myself! I'm keeping you forever! Surrender're mine!!! are exactly right!

CheekyMonkey said...

Pfft.. you gots lots of passions. :)

I agree with you, it really is sick. I for some reason, have this tv-show type reaction, thinking that the feds were waiting for just one lead to "allow" them to bust into the compound and break that stuff up.