Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not for the faint of Heart!!!!!

So...I thought I'd share a really gross picture of Dad's golf cart injury. I'm amazed that he didn't have a lot of pain!! Of course he's insulin dependent b/c of his diabetes which makes pain not so bad, but.........lordie! He said the worse part was the shots to deaden it. Go figure. Only 20 stitches.
It's beginning to heal now....I need to take another picture to show how it looks now. These were before the stitches.

I thought Alli, my sweet DIL may appreciate these.... :)


Jen said...

Trust me, it's ALWAYS the shots to numb the pain that hurt the worst.

Hope he's feeling better!

Acrimony said...

GAH! Owie! Are you sure that golf cart wasn't lined with razor blades? I hope he's all healed up nicely now since I see it's been a few weeks since it happened. =-)

meno said...

ya know, i could have done without those pix.

Poor man!

Allison Horner said...

Good gravy! Poor Dad!

He must have been such a good patient to get through that suturing....although I am sure they numbed it up well.

ETK said...

I agree with Alli - good gravy! I can't believe it didn't hurt him more. It hurt me. :)

tt said...

jen: why is that??!! gracious...add injury to injury..

talisman: welcome!! The golfcart deffinitely won that round for sure...he's only half way healed side didn't like the stitches ..that's a really gross pic..he is on the mend tho..Thanks.

Meno: I know...sorry...I just felt the need to share ;-)

alli: he was great- never even flinched!

etk: doesn't remind me of 'good gravy' ..ha he's hanging in though. ;)

CheekyMonkey said...

Ohhh.. uh, that's disgusting. So much so that it made me laugh. :)