Friday, April 18, 2008

OK, I've got to add my 2 cents worth about all the hubbub going on with the Polygamy sect in Texas. I'm completely outraged on several levels. Yea, go figure. I'm so outraged that I probably won't be able to make any coherent sentences and my thoughts will ramble from idea to idea. Hope it won't be too painful to read. I'll try to make a point here and there. :) and if I'm misinformed please try to enlighten me.

Here's my main question and statement.
Supposedly this whole thing started when an anonymous call was made from a 16 year old girl saying she had been abused and was living in this sect. Has no one ever gotten that type of call before? How many 16 year old girls make 'prank' calls just to get back at someone? Do ALL of those calls get investigated before a 'raid' is put in motion? Why was this one different?

The news media keeps reporting about young teenage girls having babies there. is that news? Teenage girls get pregnant all the time. it doesn't matter what background they come,poor,abusive....pregnancy knows no boundaries. So why is this news??? Because the fathers may be older....grown men who are old enough to be 'their' fathers?...Again I say. Sooooooo.....this too happens in the 'regular'world. Why is this news worthy?

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't have enough expletives to describe how much contempt Ihave for this sect. The way the women are treated is totally disgusting. The fact that these women tolerate it is disgusting. The fact that many women freely 'join' a group like this is disgusting. The fact that the boy children are 'put out' when they hit their mid teens if they aren't deemed 'keepable' is disgusting. The fact that women are looked at as breeders is disgusting.

the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach!
But.....what was it about an anonymous call that led to this whole debacle?

If an anonymous caller who says she's living in a regular household would call and make the same claim....would the kid or kids be taken from all females in that house when the cops arrived? I'm not so sure.

I'm not a conservative .....I'm usually a bleeding heart liberal.....but the older i get the more I get some 'Republican' thoughts. I'm not sure which way I'm leaning on this issue. I don't really care. To me, it's just a right or wrong issue. I think the whole sect is completely fuck up!!!!!!
I think the men in that sect are completely engulfed with some type of "God" image of themselves. I also don't think they value women in any way.

Ok...........that's my rambles for the day.
I need to go find some yellow now. That'll perk me up. right Dianne?


Jay said...

"The news media keeps reporting about young teenage girls having babies there. is that news? Teenage girls get pregnant all the time."

Yeah, but here we're talking about 13 to 17 year old girls FORCED to have sex with older men and being impregnated by them. They are a cult. They were "trained" from the time they were little to be servants for men.

The girls were being held prisoner there! They were not free to leave and they were not free to refuse the advances of the older men. You can't really be comparing these girls to just your average everyday girls?

tt said...

jay: No-no-no...I'm not comparing them to average least that's not what I meant. I'm just .....i don't even just seems like there's something missing in the information we're getting. I know the young girls who are having the babies have been brainwashed...duh...but why are the little kids being kept from the Moms?? B/c of the Mom's brainwashing? the hell can those women defend their 'husbands"????

tt said...

AND....where is the girl who started it all????? Why can't she be it possible someone is hiding her...or is she being makes me wonder if possibly someone from outside the compound who had knowledge of what's been going on there may have made the call...I'm just wondering...I need more info..

tt said...
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Jay said...

The 16 year old is a big mystery. Does she even really exist? I have no idea and nobody else does either. I'm guess that what has been going on in that place hasn't exactly been a secret and they were just waiting for some kind of complaint to go in.

They seem to have had the whole thing planned out. Where to take the kids, where the hearings would be held. Who would be taken into custody and who wouldn't. So I think this has been coming for a while.

They're keeping the kids from their mom's because they don't think the kids will talk freely and tell the truth if their mother is there giving them that scolding look. None of those thing could have happened to the kids without their mother's consent and compliance with the whole thing.

Just my take on the whole thing of course. ;-)

Dianne said...

tt - definitely look for some yellow. this whole case stinks to high heaven.

I think the original call may have been a set-up or the girl does exist and is in protective custody.

As disgusting as the men are I'm actually more disgusted with the Mothers. How in the world can you have your young daughter 'given' to a man 3 times or more her age and watch her become a baby machine.

If these so-called Moms don't see that they abused and neglected their kids then they should not get their kids back.

I am all for religious freedom and lifestyle freedom and I make NO judgments about what ADULTS decide to do with other adults.

These kids never had a chance to decide what life they wanted. They were hostages of their own Mothers.

Go for the yellow sweetie :)