Saturday, April 12, 2008


NOTHING!!!!! That's what I'm doing right now...besides blogging that is.........
Can you believe it? We did do our regular stuff; Denny's for breakfast,the Walmart afterwards for superfulous stuff and then home to cover the Azeleas...we're expecting a freeze in the morning. Lovee drove down there to take Dad's mower to get fixed. And then...home!!!
We just looked at ourselves and said..."Um...what are we going to do today?" Since we don't have anything important to do we decided to no absolutely nuttin'. Last weekend we planted trees...did a ton of yard work...all so it could rain and flood. Naturally. This weekend we're so sloshie that yard work is out of the question. So....we're doing nuttin! I'm not sure I remember how to do that exactly...but it's coming back to me rather quickly. :)
Last night, after we got home from dinner ( lovee took us out...:)) we were flippin' channels and guess what we landed on? A 'beauty' pagent!! I LOVE those! Always have. it was the Miss USA pagent, which isn't one of my favorites b/c I loathe Donald Trump but I watched anyway. I love the gowns, the makeup, the hair.....all of it. The question segments crack me up usually, but there's so much pressure...ha-ha...put on those gals ....with the most stupid questions on earth. Geez!!'s pure fluff but I need a bit of fluff every now and then.
Afterall...I'm fluffy....Lovee loves me fluffy too. ha ha....ummm, tt...that's a diffeent fluffy...I know, but it cracked me up!!
So, tonight, Lovee and I are making Pizza! When we were in greece for ETK's wedding, we had the absolute best pizza ever...seriously. There was this little, open-air cafe right next to our Hotel that we ate at as often as we could. Lovee and I talked to the lady who ran it and asked her what made her pizza so different from the one's we've always had. she told us that American pizza doesn't use the right ingredients for one thing and that since we were leaving to go back to the States , she'd tell us her secret..." It'sa, the gouda" she says. " I only usea Gouda cheese anda no reda saucea. Reda sausea is notah goud." We adored her. So I've got Gouda cheese and veggies and we're gonna 'makea da pizza'.
Plus, has anyone ever had Supai's???? I'm gonna make those too. We had a mexican restaurant in Tulsa when I was in H.S....waaaayyyyyyyyy back in the early 70's...ahem....anyway, they served the best dessert I've ever had....called a Supai. You roll out refrigerator biscuits, deep fry them real quick, drain on a paper towel then pour a mixture of powdered sugar,butter and milk( that's been heated in a pan) all over them. Yea, there's absolutely NO nutritional value and I'm sure it should be classified as 'artery glue' or 'once on the lips forever on the hips' but who elfing cares! OMG!!! It's sinfully delicious!!!!My Mom got them for me for my 17th Birthday. I remember thinking "wow....she DOES love me....hummm, who knew". sad but true


ETK said...

Ha! I just sent you a text asking WHERE your damn post was...and here it was all along. :) Stupid RSS Reader didn't know it yet (not google reader - a new one I'm tryin' out).

Anyway - I want a Supai! Yum!

Jen said...

Well, I want etk's greek wedding pizza! Sounds delish! Besides, I'm so hungry right now. . . . .must find food.

Enjoy your night.

tt said...

etk & jen: go eat!