Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok, we had the 'brain' appt. today and after reviewing the MRI the Dr. says the fluid buildup isn't significant enough to warrant surgery. Can i get a big ol YAY!!??!! The Dad was visibly relieved as were the Mom and I. He said to just stick with the meds he's on and that's it. For now. If his symptoms get worse then he'll review everything later. Okie-dokie.

Of course yesterday he had a wee accident at the golf course. I say wee with a snide smile. 20 stitches and 2 hours later we were home with an antibiotic and ointments and wraps. I tell ya, the fun never ends here. I thought it was interesting raising the urchins but this is waayyyy more exciting. :) It seems as though when Dad tried to get back into the gold cart he slipped, lost his balance and his left leg scraped the side of the cart. Sounds innocent enough but the Pro called me and said it was a pretty nasty cut and was fairly deep and that he "might need stitches".... Can he walk he he in a lot of pain..... I ask. He said he seems ok and wsn't in a lot of pain. So I pick him up and get him to the minor emergency place. I'll try and draw you a mental picture here....I took pics but I'm not sure if I'll post them....Lovee said they were too graphic....we'll see. anyway...he's on the table, the Dr. unwraps the 'masking tape'( yea...masking tape..the club didn't have anything else ;)) from the towel, which was completely blood soaked and pulled the towel back. Well, I guess my mouth overroad my brain because 'HOLYSHIT' came flying out! I'm not sure what I imagined but that wasn't it! it's a huge V shaped gash; the skin and surrounding tissues and all up...crinkled actually. Gross. No broken bones though and the muscle wan't involved. i got to watch him getting stitched up tho...that was cool!!!!
gotta go for now.....seems the Mom has hurt her eye....gotta take her to the doc now.
Let the gmes begin. Who'll win this time??? Contest you ask? It's always a contest of who'll get the most attention.
More later...I hope
We're drowning in rain here. Floods all over. I think I may quack by tomorrow...I do see some webbing growing between the toes....later.........


ETK said...

OMG. What did she do to her eye? Is this a who can be in the most pain and injured and get the most attention contest?

Did i just say that out loud?

I'm off to take pictures of nothing. They will suck. I will cry. I need attention too you know. :) Kidding!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, The IT Help Desk.

Dianne said...

a big Yay! for Dad and and a giant Oh No! for Mom

hang in there! if only by your little webbed feet.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear that your Dad won't need surgery. Very good news. ER trips are never fun, I always love to watch the stitches or whatever. I'm not a squeamish one so blood is ok with me. I just gotta watch! Hope all is well with you. Don't know if you've seen, but I deleted my blog. I may get back to blogging someday, but it had to go by the wayside for now. Priorities, y'know?

Take care,


tt said...

etk: I sometimes think it is a contest...on her part anyway. Sad!
thanks for the 'help' too! you're the bestest!

Dianne: the webbing is starting to recede a bit.:) Now if my quacker would shut the duck up I'd be fine. ***snicker**

FMD:I'm a watcher too. ....and OH NO!!! say it isn't true!! I'm sorry you had to give up your blog. I understand priorities only too well. Dammitt!! I'm gonna miss reading you though...**snif-snif**

CheekyMonkey said...

\\geeze... one right after the other, hope your moms eye is okay!!!! \do keep us posted.. in mexico.