Thursday, January 15, 2009

??? maybe????

China and the United Kingdom. Yep........sound familiar to anyone??
I'm thinking I have blog-lurkers from there; according to my world map.
Really makes me curious. Are they poor souls trying to learn English from my terrible example?? Or....what? Maybe...possibly caregiver-beck and call girl-people?
I'm curious by nature so this drives me nucking futs!

I see Squiddly's dot down Cuba's way at Gtmo.....Hi babe!!!! Love you :)

but really.........write something...even if I can't understand it..
Not your regular peeps.....I saw that before where you tried being all sneaky and shit....I ain't buying it again...:)

So, I'm a bit on the bored side today. Can you tell?
Uh-huh......I'll go now.
No need to inflict it upon you.
Later all ya'll....................


meno said...

No habla engais??

Jen said...

I don't know why, but I don't even pay attention to those stat thingys. I even took my stat meter off my blog. I just don't seem to care like the rest of the blog world. Am I weird? ? ? What's wrong with me? ? ?

ETK said...

Just got all caught up - I haven't read bloggies in AGES! I love you! :) I'm here, but not in any exciting place, just boring ol' ATL.


Brad said...

It's intersting how people can find your blog. I got a few international hits when I put a post up title "Find Me" seems to have been a popular gogle search. I'm tempted to put up a post with nothing but news headlines of the day and see what happens. I do have one anon. commenter who seems to be learning english...poor lost soul found me!

tt said...

meno_ you cheated!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

who could they be? HULLO to you and Lovee today!

CheekyMonkey said...

Hi, my name is cheekymonkey and I'm from buttasscold chicago. I'm a Capricorn and I love long walks on the beach (mexico), a fine wine and my son in my arms. His name is monkey. His father is my soul mate, Babe. And I have lots of love to spread around! :)

Gin said...

I always wish they'd comment too, when I get "out-of-towners"! LOL Isn't the internet grand!!

Hey, there's something for you over at my blog!

Dez said...

Hi TT, Hmmm.... interesting about world travelers via the blog world. Haven't even looked into that yet. Still learning the rounds and trying to read new blogs every day that I can. Have a great day!