Wednesday, January 21, 2009

squishie...squishie.....( snort)

I wonder if when Michele Obama walk into a room full of ladies if she belts out-

"Hola Bitches!!"

Yea...I don't think so either..........gigglesnort.
Wonder if she ever has??
yea, probably not...........
Good thing Lovee isn't into politics.....I'd be hung out to dry...litterally! ha

She's just so classy acting....made me wonder yesterday when she was being all prim and proper. I do that too...when I have to. At church ( duh) and at the Country Club with the parentals ( pfft) and when Lovee was in the USMC and we were at the Ball ( FUN!!)
I'm just glad I don't have to do it often. Ugh...I'd be exhausted. lol


fiwa said...

Poor woman, she will be under so much scrutiny for the next four years. I hope the media gives her a break.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

our new first lady sure has a nice smile and some great kids, doesn't she?

Dianne said...

I think of her more as confident than proper

She has a wonderfully expressive face and she looks like she can belt out some cuss words

love your little tt's - hehehehehe
did that come out right?

Dez said...

Well, after aleady to comment..... Diane got me giggling with her TTs.... Oh isn't it sad when that brings a giggle to a slightly older woman?!
I'd just wish they would quit comparing them to the Kennedys! They are their "own selfs" and completely different than anyone in the WhiteHouse ever.

tt said...

CM: you got it all going on babe.....Dianne is right, it's confidence she shows and you have lots!

fiwa: I think the media already loves be fine. :)

Gary: yes she does!! Beautiful family; inside and out!!

Dianne: I always knew yu loved my TT's! ha You naughty minx you ;)
And you are absolutely 100% right about it being confidence. It just oozes from her pores...all of them. How refreshing is that?!

Jezdez: yes they are their own...everything. My hope is that lots of other people try and emulate their kindness and tenacity and generous spirit.
Keep those legs crossed when laughing

Jay: I was thinking of you when I thought it!! Seriously!! You make me laugh!