Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A wee grape squish....

The Holidays are over. Now I can look forward to a new and hopefully more uplifting year. The uplifting part will come from within.....I can do it....I's just within reach so I'm going for it.

Christmas with my sisterlittle was fabulous!! Her daughter and son were here too! We're all fairly sure that this will be the last time everyone gets together for the holiday. So many pics were taken....memories were made.....I loved every second of her visit.
Her divorce will be final in February...she's fine and happier than she's been in years. That's reason enough to celebrate right?

Since I was fortunate enough to have every Monday off....great scheduling on my part and I decided to dedicate Mondays to cheering up my beloved SIL. I adore my SIL' much as my own sister. I can't put into words the feelings I have for her. She's one of my Hero's for sure.
Anywho....#1 SIL ( there are 2 others whom I love also)has been taking care of her hubby for years now. Mulitple strokes took most of him away...the good parts of him were lost. Still...she did what all of us would do...she dedicated her life to caring for him. She's truely the strongest woman I've ever known. Mentally and physically. He's not a small man. Years of lifting him has taken a toll on her body.....still.......she kept on.
We made each Monday a special day...for her. We took a different gift each time along with a baked treat. The time we spent visiting was the best gift we gave her. Her sweetie was losing ground daily........a rapid downward spiral....she needed someone to talk with and make her laugh....give her a wee feeling of normalcy. Mission accomplished. :)

Last night about 7 p.m. he lost his battle. Lovee was there along wih all the grandkids and urchins. Lovee said the air in the room changed immediately. A sigh of relief was breathed. No more pain and suffering. They're both free now. Healing will be the challenge from now on.


Now for a different grape squish.........ready for some strong juice?

Mom: the gypsy told me I'd live to 84. That means I'll die this year.
tt: she told me I'd live to 72.
Mom: well, I hope you live to 84.
tt: why?
Mom: So you'll know how I feel.
tt: ( after a long pause)....I think I'll keep the 72......

Now, to the untrained viewer, that may seem like a good thing she said. Let me tell wasn't.
She suffering. Big her own mind. She plays the martyr card biggly...always has and always will. She can't see; she's always in pain; she feels sorry for herself continually......she's .....she's been a suffering 84 forever!
I do EVERYTHING for her and she suffers. She wants me to FEEL her suffering so I understand.
Her glass has never been half full...EVER! It's always had only a few drops in it....

Still, I'm going to work on the uplifting side of my life. Do all that I can to bring a ray of sunshine into peoples lives. I'm gonna wear my 'sunny-side-up' sun block for me! I'll put on some 'cloud block' or something....anything to keep me from becoming a suffering 84 year old.

I've got some great pics of the family at Christmas. I'll post those after things quiet down a bit here. Sisterlittle is sooooo gorgeous....I love her awful.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

the fact of the matter is, your parents have been very lucky to have YOU. And you and Lovee are just about the best couple too, aren't you?

tt said...

Gary:I know they're lucky....they know it too.
I's just going to be a puzzler for me I guess.
it is what it is :)

CheekyMonkey said...

You know, I sort of snapped at my mom this week for being so negative. I know she can't help it but I don't know how to handle that glass half empty thing. I like to be positive and hope things work out for the best. And still.. it's tough. And tiring. But you're handling it like a champ. Half the battle I think is knowing the challenge and knowing that you want to be different.

I can't wait to see pictures! I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!

And I'm sorry for your loss of the BIL. Obviously, it was for the best, but still it's never easy to lose someone you love so much. SIL is lucky to have such wonderful people around her!

Anonymous said...

TT, you definitely wear some strong cloudblock. I don't know what your SIL would have done without you & your Lovee all year long.
It's so hard when someone you love goes a long, slow, and often painful way.
And your mom reminds me just a little bit of my grandmother some years ago. I wonder what makes people choose the cloud over the sunshine? It's definitely a grape-squisher.
Hugs to you & your family.

The Queen said...

You are a much better person than I.. you see,, my plan is to toss my mother's ass in a carehome.. and buy her a bird that says nothing except...

You shoulda been nicer
You shoulda been nicer
You shoulda been nicer
You shoulda been nicer..

but that's just me...

boobie squishes to you and lovee and your sil today..

Gin said...

You go girl! You can create sunshine wherever you go! You're a special lady.

Dez said...

You are definitely an Angel to care for, and to show so much love, that everyone is very lucky to have you and your DH in their lives. Just think what it would be without you there. I share your pain for you and your loved ones.

Allison Horner said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Give hugs to Pups for me. I miss him already.

Love to you and the family!!!


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

MyOutsideVoice made me laugh out loud.

You have done wonderful! You know that! And, you always share rays of sunshine along with a few funny, S/F/D@mns! LOL!

Just don't let it drive you "nucking-Futts!"

Looking forward to all those pictures and glad you had such good visits for the holidays.

Oh, can visit me every Monday too? :-)

Brad said...

It's tough to stay 'up' when others seem to like being down. I have faith in you though, you can do it.