Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here's a thoughtful question for ya.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

Boy, lemme tellya, that got me to thinking. My grape went into overload when I read that yesterday.
Dad and I were at his eye Dr.'s appointment and I was flipping through a magazine and came across that. It stopped me.
Brick wall.
Then the grape started squishing. It was a mess I tell ya. I'm so easily entertained these days. :)
I'm so many ages during the day it's no wonder I'm exhausted by bedtime.
I've already said how I'm '12' most of the time I'm at the parentals. Of course there are times when I jump clear to 13..that's when we're talking about how I sprouted horns when I became a teenager...and how I was such a source of worry for them if I would ever become a productive adult. Seriously!
Then of course I jump back and forth between 16 and 18 when they talk about my dating 'preferences'.....I dated all shapes,sizes,ages....even colors( when they didn't know...racist A-holes!)....drove them crazy I tell ya. I changed boyfriends like I changed shoes. My thought was that if it didn't fit...change it. So I did.
But I digress..................Oh look.....a chicken. :)
anywho.....when the Dad starts looping( talking about the same thing over and over) I jump up to my real age at lightning speed and often after 20 minutes or so I've zoomed clear up to about 78. I'm seriously tired by then and just want to take a nap to escape. But obviously I don't.
In the mornings, when I first get up I feel about 65. Slow moving and a bit stiff...wobbling into the sandbox to do my morning scratchings. :)
On the rare occasions that I can get out and about.....walking the neighborhood or getting out to do some gardening, I'm about 30. Oh....and when I'm swimming or just hanging out with Lovee I'm 19 again.
When I think about the urchins...I'm in my early 20's. Sweet times there.
It's no wonder we're tired when bedtime comes. All that switching ages is hard on a body.
Have you ever thought about it?


CheekyMonkey said...

I think I'd be 6.

And then sometimes I'd be 46. Like my mom... I'd like to be 46 for 7 years.

"How old are you?"




tt said...

CM- You'd be real funny being 6 with bewbies! lol

Brad said...

I think I'm right about 30.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking. But I did have stranger hand me his business card with a wink in the bank last week!

Jay got a good chuckle over that one.

Dez said...

Hmmm... never thought about it that way. But, it works! That is exactly how I feel too! The oldest age begins in the a.m., then there goes that roller coaster!
I used to be 29 all the time, until my daughter turned 29. Now, I'm 36 all the time. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to round my age up. Yes, up. It was easier that way. I was feeling old and at least I didn't age every year. But my dh didn't like it, so now I'm truly 43. Sometimes 80. Sometimes 4.

Time with your folks is definitely challenging your grape!