Wednesday, August 1, 2007

?????? !!!!!!

I had a surreal, almost, out of body experience today. I have never, to my recolection, ever obsessed over something so long in my life!
I was at the nail salon w/ the Mom, reading my book ( 'I am the Messenger' which is great but that's another story...thanks sisterlittle!) . I heard the door open and looked up to see, possibly the most fashionably styled woman I have ever seen in this town. Seriously! Perfect walk. Perfect tan. Perfect lined, white pants ( I saw the lining when she rolled her pant legs up to get her pedi) Perfect shoes. Perfect makeup( flawless skin). Her outfit, from head to heel was black and white. Perfect. Then, wham! I noticed her hair! Ya'll know how anal I am about hair. Especially mine. I'm hardly ever satisfied with my style or cut. Anyway, I literally just gawked at her for so long I almost embarrassed myself. For real!! It was the most perfect short cut I've ever seen. So I had to study see exactly how it was cut. Long here, short there,spiked was nuts. I shut my book and didn't open it again. It was sort of like sitting in class ( Jr. high or H-school) and in walks the most popular girl in the school. Everyone in the salon greeted her as she walked in and I swear they gushed at her. " hi, Candy"" Oh, you look so pretty today"" Love your outfit,Candy". You get the picture. She just walked on to the back while smiling and saying " thank you" " Oh, you're so sweet, thank you"..yada,yada,yada. While she was getting her mani/pedi is when I really started staring. I couldn't help myself. She talked about her kids and husband and how she's got to take some more business trips and I hung on every word. Watching how she spoke and her expressions when she did. It was ridiculous! I watched her whole process.( pfft)
Well, when Mom was about ready to go, I got up my nerve to ask her where she got her hair done. I wasn't going to because I figured it was probably some swanky salon that I could never afford. But I decided what the heck....
me- Excuse me, you're haircut is fabulous. May I ask where you get it done?
her-Oh, thank you- I get it done at St. Barth's. Do you know where Akin's natural foods is at 31
and Harvard?
me- Yes
her- It's there. The owner, Allen does mine. I just love him. I'm almost dry here so if you'll wait a minute I'll get his number. I don't know it by heart, I've only been going there for about 6 months.
me- Ok. The cut is just really great. I'm in the process of growing out a bad cut so it'll take a while for me to get in.
So, I sit down and finally get my act together and talk a bit w/ Mom. She's ready to go before "she" is so I go up to her again and tell her I'm sorry but I have to leave now but that I can look it up in the phone book.
Her- Oh, you'll just love him. He takes the time to talk w/ you about your life style and what's going on in your life and plays w/ your hair so he can tell what it will do and stuff. You can probably get in in about a month or so. Tell him Candy Hart sent you.
me- Candy Hart? That's cute.
Her_ Yea.
And then it mouth and say something white-trashy........
Me- Are you anal about your hair?
Her- (laughing) Oh, gawd, I'm anal about alot of things.

Can you believe I asked her if she was anal?????!!!! Couldn't I have said picky or something else? NOooooooo...I asked a perfect ( literally) stranger if she was anal.
If I knew where she lived I'd stalk her just to see if she has 'regular' days like the rest of us. See if she ever has a bad hair day in public.
It 's ridiculous I tell ya!
Can you believe I did that?
I felt frumpy again all day.
But, the good news it I walked this morning ...again....and talked w/ myself and now I feel better.
Go get 'em tt!

I'm ridiculous at times......


Tweb said...

that made me laugh out loud... really hard. You asked her if she was Anal and the reason I laughed is because I don't see anything wrong with that! Ha... god I love you tt... just too much!

Candy Hart? Dude, she's a stripper.

ETK said...

totally a stripper. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking.

So, are you really going to go to the new salon? Is it near Ihloff? :) You gonna get your nails done? you gonna get a massage? Do you need me to make you an appt? I make a great admin.

Allison Horner said...

Oh my gosh!

Great post!

I love it!

Yes, that is totally a stripper name, totally.

Anonymous said...

no. Me thinkst former stripper. Now I think she's a high class madame.
Or a relative...last name Hart?
did ya think of that one sisterwoman?!?!
can't wait to see the new do!

Sunshine said...

Oh Ma. I just love you aweful!! lol Have a crush do you? hahahaha Too funny!