Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The daily challenge

My parents. That simple phrase would probably be all I need to say and I'm sure everyone would get it. They're changeing, right before my eyes and there's nothing I can do about it. It even too hard for me to explain. I can't put into words exactly how their acting that concerns me...it's just that they are. My Dad especially. Sisterlittle and I are the biggest "Daddy's girls" ever so it's really hard to watch the decline. He's remembering stuff wrong. Not just once and a while, most of the time. When I try and tell him how it is he gts agitated a bit and starts to argue...sorta.
He did get a good report at the Diabetes Dr. yesterday though. That's good. He wanted her to look at his hand tho and tell him what was wrong. She told him she wasn't sure and that he should see his Hand Dr. He didn't quite understand why she didn't know what the problem was. She did see some pre-cancerous growths on his hand and face and she asked him if he wanted her to freeze them off. He said ok because it'll be a long time before he gets to the " hand Dr. for the surgery"...?????????? huh?????
See, little stuff like that. I told him he wasn't going to have surgery and he was like." oh, ok".
Puzzles....i've never really liked puzzles.
Tomorrow he thinks he's going to play golf. Uh...it's like 105 here!! He rides in a cart but still that's too elfing hot! We'll see.

Daily challenges. Gives me throat lumps. :(


Tweb said...

My biggest, and possibly my only, throat lump was talking to my gramps for the last time. He was at the Veterans hospital. Emphysema and Alzheimer's... It wasn't pretty. He is my favorite. He talked to me for almost 2 hrs about his wonderful daughter, her accomplishments and her kids... (that would be.. my mom and me and my brother he was talking about)

It was hard. But I listened, and fought back those lumps...

You're a strong woman tt. It ain't easy to put yourself in that position on purpose. Takes a very very strong person. Ohhh, I'd soooo hug you if I were in front of you right now! :)

Allison Horner said...

You are super strong, TT!

I am proud of you!!!


tt said...

Thanks guys......