Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rough Weekend!!

So, I get to the parents house Sat. morning and I walk in and say ( as always)" It's boogers" and my Mom says " come on in to the hospital". Huh??? I think......She's laying on her loveseat, as usual, only she has a rather pained look on her face. It seems she fell when she got out of bed that morning!! Huh?? She said when she stood up it felt like her right foot wasn't there. We're guessing it was asleep and when she stood up, she stood on the side of her foot and then fell. Anyway, Dad got her up and she hobbled to the bathroom. My B-inlaw was here at the time and he got some ice for her foot and a pain pill and her walker from the car. By the time I got there she was on her 'lovely' seat laying down, dressed w/ shoes on. She said she was worried she might have to miss out on Denny's breakfast and she didn't want to do that. Hell no, are you kidding me.....a Saturday w/o Denny's....that's just wrong! :) B- inlaw suggested she go the the minor emergency but she said no, of course.
(My B-inlaw had left for home (Colorado) by the time I got there. Darn)
Mom insisted she was well enough to go to breakfast so we went. She had several wincing pains during our journey so when we got back , I took off her shoe to survey the damage and Holy-Shit!!!!!! Her pinky toe is black all around; her second toe is black at the first knuckle to the tip and the side of her foot is purple!!! "Uh, Mom....we need to go to Minor emergency!" Well, she says, I won't fight you on that cuz it really hurts. I'm thinking...duh! Denny's so important that you HAVE to go there before you get your foot fixed?...evidently...yes. Poor thing.
So they took her inside in a wheel chair and xrayed her and sure enough it's broken. ( the 5th metasarsal for those in the know ;) )They put a half cast on it and said to see her Dr. in 3 to 5 days after the swelling goes down. He may want to cast the whole foot or put her in a boot or another half cast. But she has to use her walker all the time. She's too unsteady for crutches. Plus she has to stay off it as much as possible. Ice it about 4 times a day.
So, I spent the rest of the day there. Sunday..we didn't go to Church but I stayed there all day. I had to get there early to cook breakfast for them. Sundays are ALWAYS homemade buttermilk pancakes w/ link sausage. And don't forget the warm syrup! :)
It's gonna be a long 6 weeks friends!


Tweb said...

Awww... poor mom! Gotta pay attention to those sleeping parts! My arms fall asleep a lot now that I'm all knocked up. Luckily that only scares me into thinking that someone else has their hand on my face....

And uh... can I come over for breakfast on Sunday? PLEEASSEE!!!

Allison Horner said...

I feel her pain. I broke my 5th metatarsal during my FIRST SEMESTER of PA school (almost 2 years agao) and wow, that was painful (and embarassing). Getting around campus & standing during Anatomy lab was tough!

Momma needs to take her time getting out of bed in the morning or getting up and going anytime, huh?

tt said...

Yep....She moves real slow anyway but now she'll check to see that she can feel her 'parts' before she goes anywhere. :)

Tweb....any time babe...any time!!

ETK said...

Awww! That's terrible - poor you (and your mom!)!!!!!! Well - you know who to call to vent - anytime lady! :)
LOVE LOVE the new layout too! :)