Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm missin' ya'll

I've been too busy this week. I haven't been able to read my favorite blogs and get my doses of inspiration and empathy I have a sec here so I thought I'd just say I'm missing on you people.
Is that silly? to miss people I've never met? To feel a connection with people I've never met but feel I know? To miss ppl that i would hang out with IRL if i could??
Hope not.


ETK said...




Dianne said...

we miss you too but Lord knows you have a lot going on

when you have a moment check out my Monday 4/7 post - there's a little something there for you.

Jen said...

etk is so funny!

I'm glad to hear that your dad is not in need of surgery right now! Big YAY for you and him!

I watched the husband stitch up a fellow bike racing teammate this past Sunday. The chin and upper lip - I think it was 14 stitches in all. You could almost see the mandible. . . . I held the flashlight until I got a bit nauseous and then I made my ICU nurse friend take over. Seriously. Why was I doing THAT? ? ?

Raw meat. bleh.

R.E.H. said...

I know what it's like. I haven't had the time for blogging much lately either...

You have been missed, though! ;)

tt said...

etk: go ahead MAKE ME!!I love it when you're forceful! ;)

dianne: for me??? hummm...I'll get there as soon as I inspire me so much...that's what I need now for sure. :)

jen: raw meat? you sound like Lovee...I showed him the pics I took..after dinner no less...;)...he daid bleh too.

reh:thanks for missing on me too. Where does time go anyway???

Anonymous said...

Good Morning T-T! I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately and thought I would check out the blog and maybe drop you a line. Very pleased to hear that things are better with your father (minus the golf oops) and that the laptop is getting some use. :o) You're always in my thoughts T-T. Stay strong and know that we love you. Pups

tt said...

omg!!! I can't believe that my sweet Pups left me a comment!!!! He doesn't read blogs....or so I thought. Thank you Pups!!!! Gosh...I'm stunned actually...Please feel free to read anytime. You may be able to help me with some issues I have from time to time. xo

Allison Horner said...

OMG! My husband posted! TT, he has never even posted or read my blog (that I know of). I am glad he read yours. (He already knows all that goes on with me anyway) :)

Wow. your poor papa. I am glad that he doesn't need the surgery. And oh my goodness! Stitches! sheesh. Poor TT's dad. I would have thought it cool to watch, too. :)

You and my Aunt should talk sometime. You are both in similar boats. She is the main caretaker for my Nana. Did you see the PBS special about kids taking care of their parents??? I didn't, but heard it was a good one.

tt said...

Alli: yes I saw it and got totally depressed!! I felt like a complete whiner afterwards though. So many ppl have it a million times worse than i do. It's all reletive i guess.
Can u believe he read it!!!?????
OMG!! Do we love him awful or what!
Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Diane J Standiford said...

You're dealing w/a lot---we'll still be here. Take care.

ETK said...

OMG. I just fell out of my chair. Did hell freeze over? Is it the apocalypse (sp? and too lazy to look it up)? WTF? PUPS POSTED A COMMENT????

Yay for Pups! He must love you awful!