Saturday, April 12, 2008

A most humble thank you!!

One of my favorite blogs is Forks off the Moment. Dianne is one of the most talented people in this blogworld I've come accross. She ALWAYS, and I don't use that word lightly, stirs an emotion from me. She just makes me think. Sometimes she makes me teary and sniffley...or laugh...ponder...or...whatever. One emotion or another ALWAYS comes out when I've read her. If I lived closer to her I'd probably do some serious stalking....Lovee would end up putting me in some 12 step program to recover from it I'm sure...;).... but....I don't know. She's sooo good with words, which is something I long for. She's an expressive, beautiful, hardworking, gracious,empatheticly loving soul.
Anyway, she has graciously given me an award. It's to the right on my sidebar. Gratitude with Attitude.

“Gratitude …. It is not about giving in, lying down or accepting everybody else’s rules it’s about making your own rules!... Gratitude IS Attitude!"

She said that I'm a good soul and empathetic. I'm blushing here. Empathy is one of my absolute favorite words. That she used it to describe me gave me duckbumps!
I humbly accept.

Thanks Dianne!! You rock!!


Jen said...

Duckbumps! Love that!

From what I've read and heard, you ARE a good soul! Along with etk, you're one of the other bloggers out there I'd be honored to meet and greet! Since I totally love and know Brown-Eyed Girl who is one of the one's you both love too - this could quite possibly happen. . . .

Congratulations! Well earned.

tt said...

Jen: I love duckbumps to1 Can't take credit for it tho.. :( I stole it from Cheekymonkey. I'm humbled yet again. i also would LOVE to meet you...and it will of these days!! We'll all have to plan a girl weekend. woo-hoo!!

Dianne said...

Oh duckbumps! A new word to steal, I love new words.

You could stalk me anytime. We'd be a pisser together - you know we would.

tt said...

Dianne: a pisser together...I love that! Yes we would. How fun that'd be. If I ever get to your neck of the woods you know I'll be looking for you!!**wishes***