Friday, April 4, 2008

Update on the Dad...

Ok, it seems as though the Dad does have Hydrocephalus. But the Dr. won't know if a shunt is possible until he has an MRI. That'll be done today. If his brain has atrophied too much from the dementia then it'll be a no go. :( And that will be that. But......if he can do the surgery, then his walking will improve as will some of his brain function.

Yesterday while we were sitting in the exam room, Dad said " Are hillucinations when you see things that aren't there?" The Mom and I say yes...why? He said " Well, coz I do that".....
hummmmmmmmmm, like what we ask.

Well, on the way over here today I saw tigers.
Tigers? where?
On the side of the road.
What were they doing?
Oh, just running around playing
Did you see anything else?
yea, I saw debris
Yea, on the side of the road
Well, Dad, there IS debris...leftover from the ice storm.
No, it wasn't there
What do you mean it wasn't there? Maybe that was real?
No it wasn't

I told the Dr. about it and he said that's often an occurance in people who have Alzheimers.
I still don't know the difference in Dementia vs's a puzzle.

So, we wait... somemore. Dad is visibly worried about this one. He didn't seem as worried when he went through all the Prostate cancer stuff as he is now.
Of course several years have passed since that and as we know, his brain isn't the same anymore.
So, on we go.....


CheekyMonkey said...

Ohhh dad and his tigers. I hope things turn out that he can get the shunt. stint? Either way, I hope things go well for him. You're doing a wonderful job being strong for them, I hope you know that!
(being strong and spoiling... go hand in hand. It's hard to tell the difference at this age, just as it is when they're babies! :)

tt said...

monkey: It's a shunt. It would be inplanted in his head to drain into his belly. Weird huh. It is hard to tell the diff sometimes. I just know I have to do the best I can..

R.E.H. said...

I wish him all the best! It's got to be really tough on anyone - especially when they realize themselves that their brain isn't working properly anymore...

Take care!

Dianne said...

"and, on we go" - made me want to hug you. Actually I will hug you.

One day at a time I suppose although the worry must be so stressful.

I'm thinking of you and Dad and all your family.

Jay said...

That's very difficult to go through. For both your dad and everyone else. I hope he is able to get the shunt and maybe things can a little better for a while at least.

ETK said...

Awww tt!!!! I love you!!! Thinking about you!!!

tt said...

reh:thanks. I think it would be harder too..if you knew you were losing yourself. Ugh...I just can't imagine

Dianne: Ooooh....loved that hug! thanks for the thoughts

Jay: hey hot stuff! I hope he can get it too. any time being better would be better than no time...I think.
ETK: Love you too!! welcome back!

meno said...

I'm sorry. It is hard to watch the parents dwindle.

But you know, i would like to see tigers.

Diane J Standiford said...

My mom, 80, has been diagnosed with "water on the brain"(I can't remember how to spell it--enceha-what your dad has), she didn't want the surgery. She has never been happier. She outlived her mother and older sister; she has chosen and so it will be. She understands the future. Quality of life. I wish you and your dad all the best in his final years. Dementia is more common with old age than Alzheimer's; yet there is much Drs. don't know yet.

tt said...

Meno: that's the hard part actually. Watching their health go away. And i wouldn't mind seeing those tigers either..could be the bright spot of my day...who knows.

Diane: he may not be a candidate for the surgery. WE'll find out in a week or so...He's scared so I'm not sure what we'll do just yet.I'm glad your Mom's doing good and is happy. that's all i wish for my Dad.

Allison Horner said...

LOVE TO YOU, TT!!! You are so strong. I know this is tough. Keep letting it out here. It's so good for you.

OK, here is the PA in me... Alzheimer's is one type of dementia (the most common kind).

I hope the shunt situation works out for the best, too.

Pups & I are thinking of you.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging & reading blogs lately. Still love ya!!! :)

CheekyMonkey said...

Seriously, if you don't post soon, I'm going to stop coming over here.