Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The Rook's Citizen

Congrats! Only 10-12% of the population score this!

The Rook’s Citizen is the guardian of birthdays, holidays and celebrations. They are generous hosts. They observe joyfully the traditions and are very liberal in giving when custom suits. Don’t be fooled by the pleasantry – they enjoy running the show. They are astute in seeing problems and aren’t afraid of delegation. They work hard and play with zest. They provide service and expect others to contribute.

The Citizen is wounded easily because their hearts are on their sleeves. They have a strong sense of right and wrong but are torn between that and the overwhelming need to rescue others. This can result in a swift action – often as motherly reprimand. As a caretaker the Citizen is vigilant. The world can be seen as a hostile place, one that cannot be trusted. They serve as great protectors and are perfect for the nurturing of young in education.

The Rook's Citizen prefers living with a focus on the world around them. They take in values via the five senses in a most literal and concrete fashion. They work hard and with efficiency. They maintain great relationships because of their cooperative natures. They will keep everyone informed and attempt to reach decisions through consensus. This is another ‘Pawn’ that is needed for their providing natures foundations of society. They bring the best out in others because they value everyone’s input and needs. They are the pleasant type and make others feel good about themselves. They will find it hard to accept flaws in others because they are the kindest and most giving of individuals.

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I saw this on another blog I read... Dana, over at Amid Life's crisis. Very interesting and so me. How odd that it is so right. Hummmmmm


Dana said...

I have to tell you, I usually take these quizzes and think, "Well yeah - could they have been more general?" But this one really seemed to do a great job!

Jay said...

I am the King's Rook (4-7% of the pop.)

Dianne said...

that description does sound a lot like you!

I'm probably a checker ;)