Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm slow but I learn...eventually


Yep...i think this may be part of the problem. Our local paper has a horoscope with stars.

5 stars = excellent
4 stars = good
3 stars = average
2 stars = so-so
(1 star doesn't exist evidently)

She greets me each morning with " How many stars do I have today?" And each morning, silly me, I read it to her. Well, from now on I'm gonna lie my ass off if it's anything below a 4!!
The days that she drove me to 'medicate'....she had 3's.
She made a comment today about how she must be having a '5' because she felt 'pretty good'. so I looked and low and behold there were only 2 stars today!! Seriously...a big huge light flashed above my head and I said "'ve got a 5 alright". She said the past few days really felt like 2's or 3's...but not today.

She puts stock in that stuff! Who knew?? Evidently not me!

She's going to have a 4 tomorrow. I don't want to make her supicious.:)
I get to take Sunday and Monday off !!!! Yay for me!!
Lovee and I are going to start the tile jpb in the laundry room sunday morning. then finish with the grouting on Monday. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.
Mom said I could have the time off since "you do so much for us that I need to help you where I can".
Generous to a fault I'd say. :)
I'll take pics. I might even get around to posting them -lol


Jay said...

haha .. well on days that you feel extra strong and in a good mood you can even give her a three. Just to mix it up a bit.

Brad said...

You are cracking me up. Too dang funny. I think I'll have 5 star days from here on out.

Diane J Standiford said...

Funny the power such silly things have over certain people, now that you know...LOL Have fun with the tiles!

gary rith said...

I love that: so happy you have time off so you can do a big job around the house!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Good for you! My grandmother used to be quite a bit of stock in horoscopes as well. ;)

Dianne said...

I like Jay's idea. Actually call her Monday and tgell her it's a 2! that way you'll have several 5s in the bank.

Lord I'm getting confused.

Have fun with your renovating.

gary rith said...

so didja enjoy the time off?

tt said...

jay: Love that idea!! she has called me on Mondays to ask what her stars say...I'm going with that for sure! lol

djs: I know...silly. We're having fun!

Gary: you bet!!! Huge job but we did have fun. And the time off from alarm...was great!

ff: i did too...who knew!

dianne: You're confused??? Welcome to my world I like Jay's idea too. But I'm going to bank some 5's just for good measure! Thanks. ;)

ETK said...

OMG! What great ideas from Jay and Dianne - definitely call and give her a 2 on your off days (then turn off your phone). :) ha!

You're so cute. But - WTF - WHERE TF are the pictures? HUH :D