Thursday, August 7, 2008

She just had to do it..didn't she!

My week was going along really well....all things considered. :)
The parentals have been keeping me busy with errands and cleaning and Dr. visits.
Well, yesterday...after I fixed their dinner, I went and had a smoke on the front porch waiting for my sunshine girl to come and follow me to the car repair shop. The parentals wanted their car tuned up and I had to drop it off the night before. So, when Sunshine got there, I went inside to tell them I was leaving and just before I walked out the door I said..........

How's dinner?

Now why did I open myself up to what I knew was coming?? I'm a glutton for punishment I think.

Mom: the meat needs more salt.
me; Well it's either too much or not enough. Sorry.

And then I left...telling them I'd be back in a bit to get my car.
When I got back, I went inside and the Mom says " I've got to talk to you"
Uh-O......what'd I do now I thought.
she said she was sorry she complained about the meat....she could have gotten the salt shaker and it's better to have it not salty enough as opposed to too salty. Then she said...when did you turn down my bed? I told her I did that while she was stirring the sweet potatoes....
She thanked me and said she didn't want me to think she was complaining. Hummmm....

You see, she's been telling everyone she can't see well enough to cook anymore...even though she cooks pancakes every fucking Sunday morning and french toast every fucking Thursday ( unless we're at Dennys )....PLUS...Saturday eves, when I'm not there, she cooks Pot Pies and Mondays, if I'm not there she cooks grilled cheese sammies and soup. Hummmm......again. I know that's usually not considered 'cooking' but she is using the stove.
When I cook, she's right there watching me.....every.fucking.step.of.the.way. That 'too salty', 'not enough salt' thing has been going on since I started taking care of them. After the first couple of times, I told her I'd have her do the salting. She gave up b/c it's too hard to see if it's on there. Hummmmmm...

Do you think it's possible for me to go a measly little week.....w/o her telling me I did something wrong or that wasn't to her liking??? Fuck no!
Fuckity-fuck-fuck ( got that from )

it's not the bitching she does that drives me so's that it bring out the little girl in me that never quite measured up to her Mom's expectations. She can't let me 'out do' her....she has to 'best' me. How petty can she get? Evidently alot!

It is what it is though.....and I came home to my Lovee and we went swiming.
Thank God for my Lovee! He saves me ;)


Dana said...

Ohhh ... maybe it's a generational thing? I'm headed out to visit my family (including the mother unit) tomorrow morning and *knw* the chances of me slamming into that little girl wall are pretty significant!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

"Effity, efitty, F!" LOL!

Maybe it's partly because she doesn't want you to think she's so dependent or needy...or, maybe, she's just one of those people who are NEVER satisfied.

DH complains sometimes and I tell him, "Add more to your food then, maybe the rest of us don't like it as salty as you do."

On occassion I also pull him back from his ranting with, "Well, it's unfortunate that the rest of us can't be as perfect as you..." LOL!

Anyhow, just sayin' -- I feel your pain!

[I'll get a pic up of me on my bloggie eventually -- maybe with my Mac Webcam. Thanks for reading!]

Happy Thursday!

tt said...

dana: I'll never go away will it? One more thing to add to my list of things to NOT do to my urchins

Fw: she is one of those who are never satisfied...unless others are around, then I walk on go figure. I used to try sarcasm on her...but it just made her mad and she'd tell me I hurt her feelings....I just `can't win.
And I've gotta read speeds my brain up! LOL Happy Thursday to you too! ;)