Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've been meaning to post these too ..:)

These are the flowers Pups and alli sent me for my birthday in July. Gorgeous!!!

This is Lovee on a ladder ( duh) putting some guttering on the North side of our casa. the rain was beating up my new flower bed. Couldn't have that now could we??!!

One of my small flower beds...I love my chicken..Sisterlittle gave it to me. Not sure why ;)

One of my flowers in the front of the house. It's a Hibiscus and the leaves look a wee bit like...grass....the smoking kind. {{snickersnort}}

And here is Lovee and Pebbles who's a whoppin' 6 years old now. She wanted o help her Dad mow the yard.

This is one of our Crepe Myrtles. I love these. Lovee wants a yard full of them.

This sort of speaks for it' self I think. Ever see 2 Ladybugs "doing it'???
ha :)

Me neither...I was fascinated actually. There was one lurking around and an ant showed up to see what all the commotion was about.

So, I think I'm about caught up in my picture posting for a while.
My sweet Sunshine Girl came up today for a visit and figured it all out for me. Thanks Sis!!!
Now, I've got to go help Lovee put the baseboards in.
Gawd......we've got a humongous job ahead of us....for the rest of the freaking year!!! but, It's looking great and all is well in TT and Lovee's world. Yay


gary rith said...

the cutest little dog!!!!

tt said...

Gary: she's a doll. And loves her Daddy!

Dianne said...

I didn't know Ladybugs "did it"! I learn so much here.

Lovee is a cutie but you know that

and Pebbles is adorable

you're surrounded by good lookingness ;)

love the post below too - I'd be losing my mind in the midst of all that

Gin said...

Pebbles is just adorable! I love your photos! The bouquet is beautiful. And I want a chicken statue like yours!!


tt said...

Ginni: if I find another I'll send it to you!! :)

Dianne: thanks doll ;) And you'd lose your mind? Do I have a mind left?? doubtful ..ha

CheekyMonkey said...

Yayyy!! Ladybug Sex!

This is officially my favorite porn blog. :)

tt said...

Cheeky: you crack me up! How many other porn blogs do you frequent? And where are they???lol

gary rith said...

looks like she'd fit into the pocket of my hoodie, like a little kangaroo!

Fortune Cookies said...

I'd love a yard full of crepe myrtles too, but for now, I settle for my one little baby that I planted last year. Those b-day flowers are splendid! oh, and happy belated!

tt said...

gary: when she was 'new' she actually fit into the palm of my hand and I carried her around in my pocket! ha I used to call her my little kangaroo!

fc:Thanks chica ;) If you've got one'll get more. I think they're addicting. lol

Jen said...

Man, you HAVE had some home jobs going on! You weren't kidding.

. . . waiting to see the finished tiled floor product. . . .

Pebbles is adorable!

I love my crepe myrtles too!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Holy Bleep! Did I like pass out at my bedtime reading? Cuz' I've been here and I "sware" I commented...must'uv dreamed it.

Actually, I think I dream a lot of mini-dreams in those "inbetween bein' wokin up sleep cycles?" And, i do have a hard time sometimes separating the reality from the sleepality. Ha! [Sounds funny, but seriously? It IS a problem sometimes.]

Anyhow! Cute Lovey! Cutie pup! Great flowers!

AND, as a Famer*swife? Ladybugs ROCK! They are a "beneficial" that eats all the crappy bugs that try to eat the crops!

Though, the pretty one's are typically the males (as usual, every species but our own -- the women do all the birthing so they don't have to worry about the looks and the guys are supposed to 'daunt us' constantly with their pretty colors!)

Is it at all fair? I'm still debating it! LOL!

Happy Thursday!!!

Allison Horner said...

Great pics, TT!!!